3 thoughts on “Sky Angel (audio)

  1. WOW, Don,
    I wasn’t expecting to need tissues this morning.

    I’m sitting here on this foggy, chilly (42 degrees),dreary day in Northern CA, thinking I want to say more about that video. I look out my window to see my little flower garden (pots of plants on my patio). There are a couple of roses left and some coral colored flowers on a vine that I can’t remember the name of. I;m thinking how I know that God is with us always, but we tend to forget about Him until we really need something from Him. Anyway, here comes a little hummingbird zipping (they are too fast to call it flying!) right in to feed from the flowers still in my garden. What a lovely sight!

    Don’t know what that has to do with the video, except I love hummingbirds so I took it as a reminder from God that He knows us and what we need, even if it is only the presence of a small hummingbird in the garden on a gray day.

    You would think at this time of the year the humming birds would be gone. Amazing creatures, weigh less than 3 ounces usually, but fly 500 miles across the Gulf Of Mexico to spend the winter in South America or Central America.

    That is a heart felt video isn’t it, over 2 million people have reviewed that, and it still gets to me, each time I listen to it.

    You have a good day sis.


  2. It got me too.(Mainly because I’ve made a point of holding all my pets in my arms when I’ve had to have them put down because of illness.) You should have posted a warning; “Have tissues handy.”

    Your post the other day about the little girls in Mississippi also brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you!
    Deep In Mississippi is a good post, racism is a touchy, often very sensitive issue with a lot of people, and it must be covered carefully. But the response on the post was positive all across the board and that is good, it means I touched the heart of a number of people and possibly changed a mind or two along the way, and if it did that. Then it was well worth the effort. Next time I will give you a “heads up” beforehand, but a good cry is often good for the soul, at least that is the way I understand it.


  3. You are right-A good cry IS good for the soul.(It’s just nice to have tissues handy, as I can get awfully sloppy!)

    Apropos of something else all together and since you like some kinds of music, here’s a video for you.
    I saw this guy on Bill Moyers (PBS)last Friday, and thought that you might find the project interesting. Click on the “Stand by Me” video.
    That was great! Music is the opiate for the masses isn’t it? We were in Seattle Washington not long ago, and downtown at the Fisherman’s market and a group from the Republic of Chile were there, and they were playing their native South American music (guitars and flutes) and I listened to them for hours.

    Ended up buying a CD from them and bringing it home to Oklahoma. The thing that I really love about music, it is one of the few things in our world that is “free.” Most everything that makes you feel good … you have to pay for … or later on get shots.

    I like most all music, except Rap, rap is not music, but to each his own. You had best watch out on the Bill Moyers/Frontline PBS stuff, people will be calling you a closet intellectual or a elitist before you know it. Thanks.


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