I Don’t Get It

bloggerbuttonsHaving just finished, no correction, “having just tried” to read 7,864 words on “Why John McCain, having been born in Panama is considered a U.S. Citizen

I have to admit.  I just don’t get it.

Why does anyone in their right mind devote some 8,000 words to a subject as benign as this, and why does anyone bother to attempt to read it?

On top of that, this site receives all these awards for “being the best of the best” blah, blah, blah in 2008.

I mean really.

What is with this almost maniacal obsession with links or hits, it really doesn’t necessarily transcend to “good reading” (if you don’t believe that, then look at what you are reading right now, this very moment … I rest my case.) and often despite this hit count, there isn’t much there.

Most of the opinions I have been reading here lately, frankly, lack any sort of justification at all.  Almost as if it has reverted to “school yard bullying” or something like that.  Naner, naner naner, I have anon email, you can’t touch me.

Why anyone would attempt to do this (blog on a regular basis) is beyond me to begin with.  It is simply too big, too impersonal and it lacks any kind of intimacy or friendship potential in most cases.  The pressure of trying to claw your way to “the top” or get the maximum number of hits possible in a given time period is daunting to say the least.

Word to the wise:  “If you want to be miserable and unhappy doing this, just set your goals so impossibly high that you will never achieve them.”  That should do it.

Yesterday I received for instance, 19 messages from a girl wanting me to link her to this site.  She said that she had been reading it for quite sometime and finally had gotten up the courage to comment on it and went on and on.  But she never had commented anywhere that I know of. I get emails every day, people wanting to latch onto my star, link my blog to your blog, and together we will change the world sort of thing.

Because of the high visitor count.

But it doesn’t work that way, and b’sides if you are a regular reader, you would notice that I don’t do the blogroll thing anyway. It takes more than just suiting up for the game, showing up, it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to do this, most people would not want to even try.

Sitting in the garage, doesn’t make you a car … This takes a lot of work.  Linking up with someone else is fine,  and you might be successful in getting people to come to your site for the first time initial visit, but you have better have something there for them to read, when they do get there.

In my neck of the woods, you don’t invite folks over to supper, without having something on the table for them to eat, it just isn’t done.

As I stumble around in the mornings, fully charged with my daily ration of caffeine and read the blogs that are out there, it seems to me that most of them are so polarized and so filled with haters hating everyone and everything, that is hardly worth the trip on most days.

My circumstance may or may not be different; I didn’t set out to write a blog.  I set out to find a place to store my stuff, writing each day I had to find a place to put it and this seemed liked the right choice at the time.  At that juncture in time, I was literally choking too death, my high school alumni page at MyFamily.com and something had to give.  So I brought it over here to WordPress.

And the Creative Endeavors portion of it sort of morphed itself into a blog.  Writing for some 4 years a Union Paper I felt a void in my life, when I retired and that I needed to continue to write, so this was born.  Here it be in all its splendid glory, as they say in the Blogsphere or whatever catch-phrase they are using this week:  “Updated 24/7 a week.  Visit us daily at www.boxcarOkie.com” or something like that.

I am not good at maintaing a Facebook profile, I don’t know how to manage MySpace and other social networks, so I do this.  Recently a friend of mine invited me to do the “twitter thing” and I went over there, and just like the piece is entitled … I just didn’t get it.

I am going to bed now … I am back from the bathroom now … I just finished picking my nose ….. Huh?

The need to recreate the raw, immediate and intimate feelings of my life, are just not there.  If I have a Twitter it is because something is wrong in my medicine or I need to turn up the heater.  I am also by nature, not a mean, spiteful, vindictive sort of individual so a lot of places I just flat out, don’t fit in.  I mean I can be a “real sweet man, or an awful mean baby” but do you really need to sit through 7,400 words to find that out?

Does that complete your life … I-don’t-think-so-dot.com

Nearly every newspaper, radio and television channel now runs blogs and updates them faster than any individual blogger ever could. I recently started posting on an outfit called Allvoices.com in order to reach a bigger audience.  Instant news.  Over 100,000 links.  Look at Margaret & Helen, a site that virtually talks about “nothing” most of the time, but incredibly has over 52,000 links.

Amazing.  Both filling a need, and a niche.

So I guess that blogging is useful and versatile. In some cases extreme social interactions also occur.  Which is the part I am not all that fond of personally, the hate speech, the vitriol.  But as I said before, I don’t have all the answers, and most of the time I have forgotten the questions.

As my wife would be quick to tell you … Half the time, (a good 50% or better) I just don’t get it.