Sneak Into America (audio)

Sneak into America

Sneak into America (Nearly Neil)
(Parody of America by Neil Diamond)

There’s a felon named Juan
He’ll build you a home
And manicure your lawn
Cross the border late at night
He sneaks into America
Dodging dogs and big search lights
They snuck into America

They’ve come from a poor and impoverished place
To pick lettuce heads and champagne grapes
They came in a swarm
Didn’t fill out their forms

Took my job his name’s José
I’m not sure he’s American
Brought his kids they’re here to stay
They snuck into America
They’re coming to America
They snuck into America
Their home is in America
They made it to America

My country used to be
More chips and salsa please
And one more thing
Servasa the supreme

Special thanks to Bob Rivers Radio, KZOK, Seattle, Washington.