Number Six Hundred

Greetings.  If you haven’t been here before and this is your first time, welcome to Creative Endeavors, The Home Of  Today is a milestone for us, this is our 600th post this year, in the past 9 months we have posted to this blog-page a plethora of articles, some good, some not so good, a bunch of them were not even worthy of tossing into the fire.

But my, my they were so much fun.

In the past 15 days we have had over 160,000 people come by this site, which I certainly believe establishes it as a “Fast Growing Blog” and in this time span of some nine months, three quarters of a million visitors have come to this site, to stop, read, browse and comment. We might not be the best, but we are in the top 100 consistently and with wordpress, Live Journal or any other social networking site, that is a worthy accomplishment.

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We Need to Get the Bloom Back on the Rose

The United States has an economic imperative to develop reliable, affordable,
clean sources of energy and use them more efficiently.

We Have Bubbles, Lot‘s and lot’s of Bubbles

Post Falls Idaho Two new waterfall-style fountains welcoming visitors here are a tempting target for vandals. The city said pranksters most recently filled the fountains with dish soap, forming a wall of foam 10 feet high. A fund raising effort has been launched to pay for a $3,000 lighting upgrade.  Rubber duckies are an option.

Another Honor of Public Service

Raleigh North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Jim Long has bequeathed his title of “oldest rat in the barn” to Secretary of State Elaine Marshall – along with a hunk of cheddar cheese. Long is the longest serving Democrat on the Council of State. He didn’t run for re-election. Marshall, also a Democrat, was the first woman on the panel when she was elected in 1996.

Speaking of Rats

OJ Simpson is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday for his conviction of kidnapping and extortion charges, which could mean life in the slammer for the Heisman Trophy Winner and present holder of low-life of the year award in America.  His attorney’s are hoping for a speedy sentencing so that they might appeal and get the “juice” back on the street while appealing his conviction which could take upwards of a year or more.  No word on what the official line is on him at the Casino’s.

Trouble On Walton’s Mountain

Charleston West Virginia State officials are looking for someone to encourage West Virginia natives to come home. And they’ve decided that no one is better for the role than a real West Virginian. The Department of Commerce is sponsoring an essay contest to find a resident to promote the state to those who have left home. None of the Walton Family could be located, and John Boy hasn’t been seen in years.  Entry forms are at

Ahead of the curve

Once again, I pick up the paper and there it is “after” we have already run something on it.  Now they are saying that American’s are purchasing firewood and alternate forms of heating equipment in record numbers.  Shipments of wood stoves and fireplace inserts which can more efficiently burn firewood are up 54% in the first six months of this year over last year.  Some folks spent as much as $750 a month to heat their homes last winter, and there were even reports of desperate people in New England burning household furniture to stay warm.  As the price of motor fuel and groceries, other household staples continue to rise, Americans are seeking out alternative measures to insure they stay warm this winter.

A New Bail Out

Hillary Clinton is now in debt $7.5 million to consultants and vendors at the end of October according to election reports.  Her campaign committee sent an e-mail to supporters Tuesday inviting them to congratulate the New York senator on her nomination as Secretary of State and to also while they were at it, drop a buck or two in the envelope for the cause.  Why doesn’t she just declare herself a bank and get the way the rest of ’em are getting it, seems to be working pretty good for everyone else.

More High Numbers For The Slap Happy Xpress

Mr. Obama continues to get high numbers on his performance so far from the American public.  A Gallup Poll finds, even at a time the public is down about the economy, they are up on his performance.  More than three of four Americans, including a majority of Republicans (who generally do not like anyone period) approve of the job Mr. Obama had done so far.  He needs this kind of broad based support for the job ahead of him.

Meanwhile at the White House, Shorty was spotted off in the corner, muttering something about the difference between a chimichanga, and enchilada, and a quesadilla.  He is after all, headed back to Texas.

It’s an attitude thang Y’all … Doubt if you would understand.

#600 another one in the bag!  Stick around, we are just getting warmed up.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

Sneak Into America (audio)

Sneak into America

Sneak into America (Nearly Neil)
(Parody of America by Neil Diamond)

There’s a felon named Juan
He’ll build you a home
And manicure your lawn
Cross the border late at night
He sneaks into America
Dodging dogs and big search lights
They snuck into America

They’ve come from a poor and impoverished place
To pick lettuce heads and champagne grapes
They came in a swarm
Didn’t fill out their forms

Took my job his name’s José
I’m not sure he’s American
Brought his kids they’re here to stay
They snuck into America
They’re coming to America
They snuck into America
Their home is in America
They made it to America

My country used to be
More chips and salsa please
And one more thing
Servasa the supreme

Special thanks to Bob Rivers Radio, KZOK, Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Congressman(audio)

Broke? Going Bankrupt? Out of Business?

Call 202 – 456 -1111

(Just Ask For Dubya … We Have Money To Loan!)

Mr. Congressman

(Parody of Mr. Tambourine by The Byrds)

Hey Mr. Congressman
Don’t write no check for me
Cuz their ain’t no jingle jangle
In your bank account

Hey Mr. Congressman
Don’t pay no penalty
In my pocket pickin’ dollars
You been borrowin’ free

Take me for a ride
In your expensive limousine
With the bar and TV screen
Like the ones that I have seen
In financial magazines
Paid for only with the ink pen
You’ve been packin’

I’m ready to bounce anywhere
Among the privileged few
Dressing up just like GQ
Hot to trot and well to do
If I could only be like you
Then I wouldn’t have to pay like normal people

Hey Mr. Congressman don’t bounce no check on me
Cuz there ain’t no jingle jangle
In your bank account

Hey Mr. Congressmen

Ah, thanks Mr. Congressman, Gee, a whole 25 cents, you think you can spare it? Yeah, things are tough all over.

Thanks to KZOK 102.5 FM