Today In Musak History II

Today In Musak History

Today In Musak History



(Now all of you who, customer support people who as a reflex action, put your left finger in your right ear, please remove that now.  Look around the room and see if anyone noticed?  Fine.  Back to the post.)

As I have the headphones on, oldies but goodies playing in the deck, look out this could get a tad bit freaky.  Perhaps it should come with some kind of visible warning like a pack of smokes?

Welcome to part II Today In Musak History, the story of the Sunny Acres Sunshine Band.  We still have not located a saxaphone player for the band and that opening is still open.  If you feel like you are qualified, please drop us a line at the usual locations.

Once again our main focus is:  We are dedicated to the idea that old music is better, the Everly Brothers, “Kathy’s Clown” stuff like that ….. We think the main thrust for the Sunny Acres Sunshine Band should be massive dose’s of Vitamin E and older, more generational music.  We expect our CD to be released soon, perhaps to be in line or direct competition with Joe The Plumber.

After sitting back and watching not one, but both of the parties respective political conventions, I do believe that I can now declare that my mind is similar to or conditioned somewhat like a steel trap.  Rusted shut and illegal in thirty-seven states!  Not only were the speeches and the oratories horrible, but the music wasn’t much better either.  I can also conclude that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have any working knowledge of Rock Music.

That they could in fact, possibly have a “tin ear” for both rock and pop music.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is apparent that no one in either party, pays attention to the lyrics of rock songs.  Perhaps we should take time to search for the rainbow in all of this, the fact that they have not yet discovered “Hip Hop or Rap Music” to round out their respective music repertoires.

Tuning in each night to savor the festivities, there was this guy (I think his name was Lenny Kravitz or something like that) on stage jamming with his cohorts.  But he was not performing any old standard for the Democrats in the room.  He seemed to be attempting to play “American Woman” by Guess Who?  For those of you to young to remember, to old to have noticed, “American Woman” begins on a note of early ’70 romanticism and goes something like this:

American woman, stay away from me

American woman, Mama, let me be

Don’t come a-hangin around my door

I don’t wanna see your face no more

I got more important things to do

Than spend my time growin’ old with you

Which come to think of it, would make a pretty good anthem for my first marriage?  But then since the Guess Who were Canadian, a little rancor toward Canada’s neighbor to the south is introduced, not so subtly:

I don’t need your war machines

I don’t need your ghetto scenes

Colored lights can hypnotize

Sparkle some else’s eyes.

Interesting lyric’s and still timeless, even now, symbolic of its time.  How appropriate for a gathering of American citizens soliciting votes for their next president.  Now close your eyes and see if you can see Hillary or Michelle for that matter, bouncing across the stage …

American woman, stay away from me, American woman, Mama let me be … Kind of scary.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a woman president, I am not sexist.  Often I think about them in the role of Chief Executive:

Thermo-nuclear Holocaust, Free Trade, Open Borders, Immigration …… No problem.  But what if they see a spider … Then what …  I guess that is where Barack or Biden comes in?

If you play sax, we need ya … do it today.


Cuddling with Yangyang

Now that the election is officially over, what happens to all that money that is left over?  I was wondering, if they (the people that helped get Mr. Obama elected) will get a Christmas bonus.  It appears that everyone else is getting a wonderful package of something this year, everyone but the taxpayer that is.

I wonder how much NBC, CBS and ABC will get?  I am also noting that the stock market, ever since the election has concluded, has been in decline.  You know what the means don’t ya?

“The Stock Market is racist.”

Where is Joe Biden?  All of a sudden, he is nowhere to be found.  Could it be that because of the recent choice of Hillary he has decided to just sulk, wasn’t Old Joe picked for his “expertise in the foreign field?”  Barack Obama is “either shrewd or delusional” picking Hillary.  I don’t know what is up with that, but I cannot figure it out to save my life.

Thanks are in order.

Recently the Obama camp put out a note thanking the press for their coverage and John McCain thanked them also for that “one positive story” they ran on him last December.  I hear Ann Couter has fallen and broke her jaw, and it is now wired shut.  Rush however is reported to be doing just fine, on some days you win a few and you lose a few.

C’mon Orin are you outta your mind?

Senator Orin Hatch from Utah is proposing that outgoing President Bush give convicted felon (his new title) Ted Steven’s a pardon.  Now the door is officially kicked open to grant a pardon to a convicted felon, “for his years of faithful service to the country.”  What a crock.

The man should get probation for the rest of his natural life, he should forfeit his pension and/or benefits, and should be dismissed from the highest body in the land.  He is a disgrace, he is not a national hero.  Senator Hatch needs to sit back down in the cheap seats and be quiet.

Recently I came across this little eye-opener.

Several years ago I was in a training course on Capitol Hill in which we had an instructor from the Library of Congress. She explained that it was her job to answer any question posed by a member of Congress. She told us that the two dumbest questions she’d ever heard were printed out, framed, and hanging on her office wall.

The first was a Congressman who called one day saying he needed information “on the pros and cons of child abuse.” The second was a Senator who called at 11:15 one morning saying that he needed to know by 11:30 “what Abraham Lincoln did after leaving office.”

Dumbfounded, she told the Senator “he took a very slow train ride back to Illinois.”  For this the Senator thanked her and hung up the phone.

The instructor then turned to our class and said “THESE are the people running our country!” If she’s still alive our instructor is probably saying the same thing about Orrin Hatch today.  As much as I am afraid to say this …  “I don’t believe even Bush is this stupid to consider pardoning this guy.” … But I have been wrong about Bush before.

Don’t get sick … Man, don’t get sick.

I just finished a bout with some especially nasty stuff, at first I thought it was food poisoning but now, I am not sure.  Vomiting, diarrhea all the associated nasty stuff.  Made me think of all these poor souls in Asia, Africa, third world countries, that deal with this type of sickness on a daily basis because of bad water.  I cannot imagine how miserable life would be if this was an ongoing all the time thing, it surely was not fun for me.

And to top it off, it is very expensive these days to get sick.  Taking a look at the health care stats in the Bush/Rove era, it’s clear that most Americans have seen a decline in their health care at the same time that health insurance companies have reaped tremendous gains:

Since 2000, the ranks of the uninsured have grown by 7.2 million.  Health care premiums have doubled under Bush. Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums have risen from $5,791 in 1999 to $12,680.00 in 2008.  The fastest growing component  fastest growing component of health care is health insurers’ administrative costs.

Enrollment in Medicare private plans doubled. Through such plans, insurers “have increased the cost and complexity of the program without any evidence of improving care.”  The combined profits of the nation’s largest insurance companies and their subsidiaries increased by over 170 percent between 2003 and 2007.

Now there are two good reasons to live in Canada

First, they have socialized medicine and it is cheap, not the best, but it is reasonable.  And their courts have just ruled that if you are obese you are officially “disabled” and therefore have the right to two seats on an airliner for the price of one.  So go ahead, have that extra piece of Canadian Bacon this morning, it really doesn’t matter in Canada.

Bad Week to be a Russian

Global market forces are starting to apply in the Soviet Union and a recent survey has found that the average Russian is drinking about six times less vodka due to financial hardships.  The government has to to do something for these people trying to afford the most basic essentials of life.

And finally as promised yesterday (Tuesdays Funnies).

Anthropomorphism, after a Chinese college student climbed into a zoo pen so he could hug a panda  bear.  “Yangyang was so cute and I just wanted to cuddle him” said the student from his hospital bed.  “I didn’t expect he would attack.  I don’t remember how many times I got bit.”

Kind of reminds me of my first wife … she was so dog-gone cute and cuddly in the beginning … but towards the end … well it just brought a tear to my eye it did.