Risk Free – Buy Back

Unbelievable!  I am seeing this right?  Stores opening at four in the morning for after Thanksgiving Day sales?  Are people actually going down there in droves, much like lemmings rushing headlong to the edge of the cliff, in order to get huge discounts.  Some poor temp. worker at WalMart was actually stampeded and killed in a holiday rush throng, I read it in the news.  How tragic and sad is that?

Which makes me wonder about this.  “If they can offer these tremendous savings as they imply now, why cannot they offer them during the year?”

Chasing the buck!

Late night car sales, the promotions are running rampant, every channel.  Employee pricing, like that is a good deal?  Risk Free Buy Back, now that sounds interesting, Risk Free, yeah, I am sure.  Incredible deals, and I wonder, “If they were so incredible, how come they have all this stock left over?”



Huh?  What else would you do with the applications?  As for taking a credit challenge, that is pretty stupid, it doesn’t take much sense to take a “credit challenge.”  Thanks to the Bush Administration, “credit these days IS a challenge” even folks with good credit cannot get a loan.

The American Psyche:  Who can believe this?  General Motors is running a commercial that says to purchase a new vehicle from them, then flatly states “Restore Your Manhood.”  Yeah, I am sure.  72 months worth of payments to an outfit that may or may not be there at the end of the loan, would be enough to restore a woody to the best of men.

Going down the tubes for a $400-600 a month car payment is going to bring a testosterone rush and put me back on the Highway of Happiness.  Sign Me Up!

In the distance, I can hear the pipes of a motorcycle bark

I’ve owned five or six Harley’s,

All of them paid for, but I haven’t one to my name

I find myself surrounded by cheap junk

In a house full of the trash of man

Never the feeling of happiness or joy

My credit cards are eating my lunch,

I barely have enough money to make a trip outside,

To fill my days, I sit in quiet desperation

I have lost more battles that I care to count

Mostly beaten down and sad

Is what I am now all about.

My candle flickers as life passes me by

No more horizons within my view

No more mountains left for me to climb

No more adventures,

or valleys to pass thru

Nothing no longer remains simple I have found

Too many questions

No easy answers

This Friday night in the Big Town

I sit patiently in my assigned spot

Waiting for the numbers to roll

Emptying my heart

and soothing my injured tortured soul

Once again,

I feel so very lost,

As if there is no place for me to go

The ghosts of my past whisper in my ear

They taunt me

One single thought does not escape me

“I am truly, my own worst enemy.”

Buy something …. Be happy …. Unbelievable.

If only it were that simple.


Obama’s Interview

imagesThe other night during the interview with Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, I did something that is totally out of character for me.  “I watched the entire episode, from start to finish.”

Now I have to admit, when it comes to political types, I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.  And I have been known in the past to throw things at my television set, grab the remote out of the hands of other people, and change channels.

The mere sight of George Bush was enough to set me off on most days, and I thank my lucky stars for the feature on my remote that says … “Mute.”

Thankfully Bush is headed back to Texas where his most important question of the day asked of him will be “what is your zip code” at Lowe’s or Home Depot (don’t worry he will have his entourage of Secret Service to assist him).

Fully expecting to see but one more episode of Tom Cruise jumping on a couch or something like that, I was pleasantly pleased to see Mr. Obama and his wife.  So it was rather different around here the other night observing this man with the engaging smile and the propensity to “actually finish his sentences” on Barbara Walters.

Carefully I listened to what he had to say, and low and behold, a closet intellectual emerged before my very eyes.  Here is someone who actually thinks before he opens his mouth, who can skillfully address a point or an idea, and make sense.

What is this?

After eight years of down-home country wit, cutesy little folklore sayings, the occasional wink and smirk, it is refreshing to have something now that resembles a thinker in the White House.  Living in a country with a long attitude of hostility towards politicians it might not be all that smart however to illustrate early on how smart we are.  Bill Clinton deliberately played down his superior intelligence on occasion.  Bush however didn’t have that luxury, and for the most part, spurned any kind of intellectual thought that differed from his own.

Not even pretending to know the answers, I will venture this.

I find it somewhat curious that Barack is taking the “Lincoln approach” to his cabinet positions, filling them with enemies and known underachievers.  Leftovers from the Clinton administration.  Lincoln did this during his tenure and it worked for awhile, but at the end, it all came unraveled and ended up in a sorry mess.

A lot of talk about Ronald Reagan and his leadership style these days, but in most respects, he was hated and often criticized to the nineteenth degree behind his back.  Most democrats hated him with a teeth grinding fury and a lot of republicans were the same.

But it is so nice to hear genuine thought coming from a man, instead of some lame sound bite, written by some 19 year old college kid working on staff.

I don’t know if Mr. Obama has “the right stuff” or not.  If he will be able to transcend the ideology that seems to be gripping the country right now.  He may have the stamina because of his apparent youth and vigor, to beat them down, those who do not see it his way, which to me is the only way he is going to be able to pull this off.

Barbara Walters much like Andy Rooney has become an American institution.  But it is refreshing to see someone that is open minded and inquisitive in this new political role answering her questions.  Something that has been missing around here for a long, long time.

It has been an interesting week for sure.


Sleep Zoned

Heard a story told of how a preacher would talk about how his wife would wake him up in the middle of the night and say to him, “I hear something downstairs.  Go check it out.”

Over and over she would do this, and he never, ever found a thing downstairs.  But she would wake him in the middle of the night, get him up at all hours, to go downstairs and check it out.

One night he grabbed the baseball bat as usual, and went down the stairs and low and behold, he found this stranger standing in his kitchen.  Bold as all get out, an intruder in his house.  So he said, “Listen, I am not going to call the cops if you do one thing.”

And the intruder said, “Okay, what is it?”

The preacher said, “I just want you to come upstairs with me for one minute.  There is someone up there that has been wanting to meet you all her life.”

I should be so lucky.

The other night, I am lying in the bed, everything is cool, four AM in the morning and the wife violently shakes me saying ……. “Wake up!  Wake up!” and I come alive and say, “What’s up?  Smell smoke?  Noise, what is going on?”

Then she sez ……… “I have dream.  We are in middle of Arizona desert, you drive off and leave me!”

So as much as I cannot believe she has woken me up in the middle of a sound sleep I reply, “Oh hell woman, go back to sleep, I will drive back there and pick you up!”

Most likely she would have been alright … Most sand storms only last about an hour so I have been told.

Like I said … I should be so lucky.


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