Afternoon Delight

Now here is something amusing.  I just posted an article on a site with over 100,000 daily links, and now I cannot find it.  No telling where it went … don’t you just love the Internet.  Right now in Ethiopia or Tibet some guy is looking at his screen and saying out loud … BoxcarOkie, what is BoxcarOkie?  Sorry, but dog-gone it, that tickles me to no end.

Class Act

The American spirit is still alive and doing well in Idaho specifically in Stanley Idaho – Many residents in this mountain town have shaved their heads as a show of support for Andy Gunderson, the 51-year-old chief of the volunteer fire department who’s undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So far, 19 of the town’s 100 inhabitants have gone bald, while others have helped raise $10,000 to cover medical expenses.  There still remain, despite it all, small pockets of hope in this vast country.  Here is one of them, Idaho seems like a nice place to live (except for the weather).

The New Same Sex Rush

Richmond Virginia  – The state is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the advertising slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” – one of the most recognizable tourism marketing initiatives in the country. Gov. Kaine calls the phrase an American classic.  Could this be the next hot-bed for same-sex marriages?  Perhaps “hot bed” was not the right choice of words there.

Word games

Skywriter is always searching around for interesting words, so we thought today we might give her a new one to mull over.  Philaunderer:  He may hop from bed to bed, but he always washes the sheets!

Gender specific anyone? I came across a site over the weekend and it said that if you submitted a site to it, it could tell you if a man or a woman was the author of that site.  Submitting our site, it said there was a 52% chance it was written by a man (BoxcarOkie … That is me) and here is something interesting.

Submitting the web address of Margaret & Helen, allegedly composed and written by two maternal grandmothers, one of the most popular web pages in America, it turns out that there is a over 50/50 chance that it was written by a man (54%) …… Hmmmmm?

Now the other shoe drops.  I ran Creative Endeavors through the checker and it said there was a 52% chance it was written by a man.  Now my question is this, “Why didn’t it say 85% or 77% a man, when a man actually writes it.  My writing style doesn’t lean towards the feminine side.” As with Margaret & Helen, you would think the numbers would be more inclined to be higher in their favor.  Just thinking outside the box.

Running on empty

Corporate CEO’s from the nations automobile companies have still not received any cash to bail out there cash strapped almost bankrupt companies.  The word is now they are coming out with a totally redesigned flex fuel model … It can run on U.S. Tax Dollars.  European carmakers are now looking for a bailout, and as usual, the numbers are in billions of dollars.  Life in the passing lane has slowed considerably, world wide.

Don’t Look Ethel!

Greeley Colorado – A Catholic priest convicted of indecent exposure for jogging naked around a track at a high school in the town of Frederick has been sentenced to five years probation. Robert Whipkey must also complete 100 hours of community service and register as a sex offender under the sentence handed down in Weld County District Court. He is appealing.  Excuse me?  There is nothing “appealing” about a naked man running, nothing … Oh wait a minute, sorry.

Here is another one (Can you tell I just LOVE naked news?  Yeah I know, sick puppy, what can I say?) some folks eating a delicious, simply scrumptious meal at McDonalds leave their cellphone behind when exiting the establishment.  On the cellphone are some simply delicious, scrumptious pictures of the Old Lady taken by Mr. Hubby in the bedroom of the couple’s home.

Here is where it gets interesting.  Shade of Paris Hilton.

The people that discover the phone, also find it amusing to post the pictures of Nakid Mrs. on the internet.  Now the couple is suing McDonalds for some $3 million dollars.  Good luck on that one ….. Why is it when people commit an irresponsible act, they expect other people to compensate them for their stupidity.  I will never figure that one out.  Never.  Read all about it here.

What’s Cooking?

Spent a quiet weekend here at the abode, Cup Cake and I.  She sits in the backroom and watches “The Cooking channel” and I search for porn, uh, watch Speed Week or Discovery Channel in our TV room.  If you are well off and have loads of money, then that room is referred to as the “Media Room.”  I like Rachael Raye, she is so cute and perky, all bubbly and stuff.

I think she is the cat’s meow, but dog-gone it, that Paula Dean has stolen my heart, she is my kind of down-home girl.  That twangy Deep South voice and her mannerisms.  “We found this daid possum on the highway on the way to work this morning and we sautéed it for about two hours, it is now tender and juicy, we are going to smother it with barbeque sauce and serve it up ……….. It tastes just like Chicken Y’all.”

My kind of girl.

People on the net are always looking for that “perfect combination” of material and viewers (hits) to accomplish their lofty goals.  How about a “Cheap Eats Blog” that would seem appropriate right now, and I know with the economy in this sorry shape it is in, it cannot be anything but very popular.

Last Swan Song

Ted Stevens recently convicted felon and ex-senator has given his last speech on the floor of the Senate.  The chambers longest-serving Republican, delivered his final address to the members and yielded the floor for the last time.  The speech was a poignant coda to a four-decade Senate career.  Perhaps a quarter of the Senate filed into the chamber to hear the speech, which is ironic, half the time you cannot get the bozo’s to even show up for a vote.

He was of course “saluted by his colleagues and I suppose given a standing ovation” this country always treats its crooks with respect you know that.  Slowly they all filed out of the room and to their laptops and CPU’s to send all-cap emails:


Life goes on .. Wonder how much a loyal Washington convicted felon gets in pension these days?


Riding The Obama Wave

6a00d8341c4e6153ef00e54f1daa468833-800wiRight now in this country, a lot of people are riding the wave of euphoria that the Obama election has to offer, and it is a pretty good ride.  But with all rides, there will come a day, when it has to end and we will have to step back and face reality.

For the most part, even as America unravels at the seams and comes apart, it is still a fairly good place to live.  And with all things, we still have our fair share of problems to contend with.  One of them being racism which believe it or not, is still very much alive in this country.

Just because we have selected a black man for our Commander in Chief, that doesn’t mean that it will cut off the head of racism in this country.  It is still here, it has for the most part, never went away and it still has to be dealt with.  Unfortunately for a great many Americans it has to be dealt with on a daily basis because of ignorance and the outright stupidity of some.

If you think it is over and a thing of the past, then it is like my momma used to say …. “Mister, if you think this is over, then you have another think comin’.” Which I have to admit, even to this day, I do not understand.

If you want to change America, then you need to think about changing the way we handle our day to day affairs.  You need to stand up and make yourself heard.  You get a racist cartoon that says, “Check this out it is funny.” Send it back and tell them it isn’t.  You see something wrong and it is in your power to stop it … then by all means … Stop it.

Stand up!  Be counted.

A favorite haunt that I frequent has Tex-Mex and I love Tex-Mex food.  I cannot say or name these people because I do not want to get sued, and litigation happy folks still abound in this country, so I am taking the safe route on this one.

I am over there ordering my food and I happen to notice on the menu that there is an item on their menu and it is listed as “The Old Gringo.” So I ask to see the manager and I ask him,“Why is it you have a racial slur on your menu?” and he says, “What racial slur?”

So I point the offending item out to him, educating him to the simple fact that “gringo” is a Mexican term that disparages white people.

He cannot answer me, so I ask for the corporate address of his business.  He then informs me that he doesn’t have time to provide me this information, that he is extremely busy, although the store has only ONE CUSTOMER and that is myself.

I smile and reply, “I understand.”

But as we all know, almost every major corporation in this day and age, have a Internet http://www.address, so I come home Google them, get the address and then I write them a nice comment.  A nice long comment.  Explaining along the way how I just happen to write a blog page at and I have this wonderful following of people that come to it each day and it is read all over the world.  I then dutifully provide them with the address of Creative Endeavors.

Then I ask them about the “gringo” item on the menu.

Telling  them as a WHITE GUY I didn’t appreciate it at all, politely and in no uncertain terms, I suggested that they do something about it.  At that time, I suggested to them that it might be in their best interest to do this, or I might have to address this blatant racist menu item on the Internet and suggest that no one do business with them.

This is called the “implied threat” which surprisingly works rather well.

You know what?  I never received a answer to that email.  But there is good news on the horizon, I am happy to report that a “change” was made.  I was over there yesterday, some three weeks later, and the item is no longer on the menu.

Tell me you cannot do anything about all this anymore.  People will treat you in the manner that YOU allow them to do so.  It is just that way unfortunately, but believe it or not, you have the power to change things right on the tip of your fingers. racism

It’s The Internet.

Step out of your comfort zone and make a difference.


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Gobble-Gobble Y’all

turkeyGobble-Gobble, Y’all

That is Okie Talk for “pass me one of them drumsticks.”  If you haven’t noticed, they have started.  All the major stores and malls have put up their “Christmas Stuff.”

Being as I am one of those werewolf loonies that becomes somewhat moody and unruly this time of the year, I will ask the basic question:

“Got all your Christmas shopping done?”

Already my annual inferiority complex is moving in.  Every year it seems to start just a tad bit earlier than the year before.  It is caused by all these people who insist on making fun of those of us who have not yet completed their Christmas shopping.  Here it is, November, and the list of things I have NOT done is staggering.

  • No … I have not completed my Christmas shopping.
  • No … I have not picked out my Christmas cards.
  • No … I don’t know what everyone wants this year.
  • No … I have not talked to the wife about where she wants the tree.
  • No … I have not the little fake people on the front lawn.
  • No … I do not remember where we put the tree lights from last year.
  • No … I probably will not spend the weekend shopping.

It is getting harder to remember, but I believe there was actually a time in my life, when Thanksgiving Day came literally weeks ahead of Christmas.  It still does on the calendar, but in our minds it’s become sort of a target date for seeing how everybody is doing preparing for Christmas.

I don’t know exactly when this merging of Christmas and Thanksgiving began, but it was not an idea thought up by the Pilgrims, this much I know.  At least I don’t think so?  I think it was Sears, Lowe’s, Home Depot or China-Mart if you want to know the truth.  Last I heard, the Pilgrims took their Holidays, one day at a time.

Back in those days, the days of the Pilgrims.  The Pilgrims got together for a big dinner and then, while the women Pilgrims were cleaning up the kitchen, the men Pilgrims went into the den and watched the Cowboys lose to the forty-niners or something like that?  Nowadays, attitudes are different, much, much different.  We are in such a hurry to get it all over with.

A woman answered a knock on her back door and saw a beggar standing there.  “Lady” he said, “I am hungry.  I have not eaten in two days.  Could you give me something to eat?” The lady replied, “Well, I don’t have anything but these drumsticks left over from Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.” The beggar said, “That would be fine.” So the lady said, “Okay, drop by tomorrow, right now we are working on our Christmas Card List.”

It used to be that Christmas didn’t begin moving into the spotlight until around the 10th of December.  By that time of the month, it was permissible for children to start asking about getting the tree and later on it was considered all right to begin the job of purchasing gifts for the rest of the family.  And the other important people in your life, immediate family, friends, associates at work, the Cable TV guy.

Funny, I hardly see anybody anymore who admits shopping as late as the middle of December.  But it is common to know people who have all of their buying done by the weekend of Thanksgiving and many already have completed that annual task of revising the Christmas Card List, based on who dropped them the previous December by the 29th of November.

I sort of think that the very best way to observe Thanksgiving Day is not to discuss Christmas.  It takes some of the fun out of Thanksgiving Day when the whole family sits at the table and makes all the Christmas plans, before the pumpkin pie is served.

Thanksgiving is a time for homecomings, love and good tidings should abound.  Play with the Grand-baby in the pile of leaves in the backyard, pet the dog, sit down and really talk to the child who is home from college and with you on the Holiday.

This Thanksgiving, gather with the family and bask in the glow of all the wonderful things that God has provided for you.  Take a quick mental inventory of all the riches he has given you that you should be thankful for.  God’s word says, 2 Cor 4:15 … For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many rebound to the glory of God.

One last thing:  This year I have made up my mind, I will not do one thing about Christmas on Thanksgiving Day.  Not one thing!  Christmas will come soon enough.

God Bless.

Fifty Plates To Feed My Brother

If you are still here?  If you want to take a Turkey Test you can find one here … I got half of them.  Gobble-Gobble Y’all.