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OPEN ROUNDLauderhill Florida – Four years and more than 700,000 rubber bands since he began, Joel Waul has clinched the Guinness World Record for the largest rubber band ball. The ball, which sits under a tarp in Waul’s driveway, weighs 9,032 pounds and is more than 6 feet tall. The old record was 4,594 pounds.

Waul, 27, estimates he spent $10,000 on the project.  We did something like that up in Kansas once, drove 45 miles to the the Worlds Biggest Ball of String!  And of course the Worlds Biggest Prairie Dog … Which was constructed of Solid concrete.


Albany New Yawk – Two major pharmacy chains agreed to translate prescription drug instructions into customers’ primary languages in more than 2,000 stores statewide by March 31, 2010. CVS and Rite Aid will counsel and provide written translations in Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, French and Polish.  Now you do understand that when you travel abroad to these countries, they are going to extend to you the very same privileges.

And they wonder why no one can speak English in this country.  (What a bunch of prunes!  Inside joke, you have to read the comments section)


Medford Oregon – A woman pleaded guilty to theft charges and was sentenced to up to 90 days in jail and pay back more than $3,000 to residents. Carley Torres, 35, and her husband had their children go door to door, asking for donations to send their oldest daughter to a volleyball camp. But the couple spent the money at malls and monster truck rallies, authorities said.


Caldwell Idaho – Michael Hart, 29, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for an attack on his wife that included dousing her with lighter fluid and setting their bed on fire. Hart of Nampa pleaded guilty to attempted strangulation and arson for the May 6 attack on Jessica Holmes. Holmes survived and escaped with her two children.

Something for the girls …. Ladies if you want a good read, stumbled across one the other day, you might want to check her out.  The Resaurant Gal (this is not a typo, she is spelling it that way).


President Bush hosted the world conference on money matters this week.  The agenda for the meeting of 20 top economies in the world was one of the most important money conferences since World War II.  Items discussed were how to impose more government control over lending and create more transparency within money markets.  Bush holding an economic conference is something to the Wylie Coyote holding his annual “teach chickens how to fly” summit outside of Waco, Texas.

They want more transparency?  Most of these bankers have their head so far up their A** they need a plexi-glass stomach just to see where they are going.

One thing about Mr. Obama, he is a class act, he opted out of the meetings allowing the Lame Duck president to go through the motions and enjoy his waning moments in his quickly fading Washington sunset.  Face it, no lame-duck president can do anything meaningful after the successor is elected.  The time in-between election and installation is too long, it gives them too much time to issue pardons to convicted political pals.

Bill Clinton issued more than 200 pardons between November and January before leaving office.  Mr. Obama said he was going to do his best to wrestle the problems of the economy on 60 Minutes.  Let’s hope so, it is so dog-gone bad that when we called a plumber the other day, that sucker actually showed up on time!


Sarah Palin is in the news, discussing her future in the G.O.P ……….. haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- haha-haha-hahaha- Oh excuse me, I believe I just hurt myself.  Can Sarah Palin actually be harmful to good health?  Read it here.


A.I.G. (American Insurance Group) those wonderful parasites that are currently enjoying a nice high ride on taxpayer money, said that they are not going to apologize for their last exorbitant party and binge.  The CEO of that company which has taken a financial lifeline from the taxpayers (largest in history) said he isn’t sure if that will be sufficient.  Reporting a $24.47 billion loss this week, sure sounds like “party time to me.”

Just like I said, “Feed ’em once, and they will be back.”  Kind of like petting a dog.  You pet a dog and you have a job for life.  Personally I would rather have the dog, you can trust a dog, and of course, a lot cheaper to feed.


Nothing is sacred anymore, in Seattle this past week they announced the cancellation of the annual Nude Bicycle Ride in city parks.  Citing 23 people for indecent exposure and arrests of obscene exposure.  Which reminds me of the young couple who were on vacation with their two small children.  They were driving down the road and they saw a sign that read …. “Nature Park.”  So they decided to turn off the main highway and go see this park, not knowing that it was in fact, a nudist colony.

As they drove down this secluded road, coming around the curve, they spied a group of totally nude adults on bicycles approaching them with no way to stop and turn around.  As they slowly drove by all the naked people, who smiled and waved, the youngest child, a precocious 4 year old in the backseat exclaimed … “Did You see that!” and the mother said, “Yes we did.

Where he replied, “Not one of those guys had a helmet on!


One thought on “The Long View

  1. Yes, Ms Palin can be harmful to good health- mental and physical !
    She NEVER talked this much, publicly, before she went off on her VP-to-be tour.
    Between the constant upset stomach her endless dish of “word salad” gives me and the disorientation her double bind (lack of) logic engenders I can barely stand to listen to her.
    And listen to her, we Alaskans must! We are watching and -aghhh-listening very carefully these days…Thank heavens for Mudflats ! AKM keeps us sane… well, sorta. We’re looking for a door to push her through and lock so she can’t come back..!
    Generally speaking the public has a short memory (which is really swell if you are a politician) but she insists on pouring more gas on the fire. It will in the end prove to be her ultimate downfall, plus the fact, “that an empty barrel makes the most noise” and people are smarter than they are given credit for.

    Meaning if they have not got her number by now, they will.


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