Mid Course Correction

It’s not so much the direction of the wind or the speed, but how you set your sails in the morning … that gets you to where you long to be.  I am gonna put up something, maybe someone will read it, everyone seems to be pre-occupied with that silly audio file.  What can I say?

It has been nice to take a few days, kick back, get a little sunshine on my tired old wrinkled face and contemplate the finer things in life.  Having upset myself on the first of the week, I went to the doctor to check some issues.  I suffer from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, so I have to stay on top of it.  I sat on the bench thingy, he got out his stethoscope and then said to me …. “Breathe normally, as if your job is on the line, house is in foreclosure and the stock market is in a tailspin.”

Then he said I was my perfect weight if I was seven feet tall and cut me loose.

I checked out just fine, much to the glee of some and the apparent disappointment of others.  So, the nightmare is over.  This thing, that has been going on here, someone called it a “dog fight.”  It has been real hard, all of it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least, kind of like an e-ticket ride at Disney Land or something.

I was happy and then I would find myself sad.

Before all this came about it was pretty simple for me.  When I wanted to be happy I would always think about my sex life, and when I wanted to be sad, I would think about my sex life.  Been an interesting week or two week period for me.  Some high points and some deep, dark valleys.  Been a long row to hoe, but I have reached a point where I got my stuff together, and everything as my dad used to say is …… copacetic man.

Mark Twain said, “A cat that jumps up onto a hot stove, will never jump up on one again.  And he won’t jump up on a cold one either.” We learn from our mistakes and we move on, that is life.  I had sat here, night after night, trying to carve out this little nitch in the Blogosphere as one of you put it, and for months at a time, I worked hard to reach a self imposed goal.  Well, that sucker went into the ditch a long ways back, that goal is now history.

The new goal is a Pulitzer Prize for Humor or six million hits by February 14th … Tell all your friends.

Creative Endeavors went from 20k in hits, (20K in hits in 7 months is an accomplishment in itself right there) to 400K seemingly overnight, 127K in one day, and it never leveled off it just kept on coming.  Just today it is standing on 100,000+ which is incredible when you stop to consider I haven’t posted anything in two days now.

A good friend and I were talking about it over coffee the other day and we compared it to Winning The Lottery, something I believe, no one is ready for.  Same with this.  With all this apparent success also came another element, bottom feeders, social malcontents, people with primal social skills.  And I know some of you are confused and do not understand, but like an ice berg you are only seeing one part of it (the comments section) there are email features involved here that you are not privy to.

And to be honest, very blunt …. I was not ready for it.  But I am now.  Bet your last dollar on that one, you can take that to the bank. So, by a stroke of luck, I was transported to a place I never dreamt I would be, and it was both heady and I have to admit, scary for me.  And as I said, “I can truthfully state that I was not prepared for it in any way, shape or manner.”

But I am now.

If any pecker-head (Okie term of endearment) comes back here gunning for a pound of flesh (my flesh) they will be dispatched to comment oblivion Poste haste.  This is a fun place to come to, this is NOT where fun comes to die. So bring it on if you feel like it, because things have changed and they changed for the better.  I will answer comments “I” want to answer, we will post what we want to post, and we will delete without hesitation.  Whole new ball game now boys & girls.

Now listen guys, it is all laid out in the comment section link (top of the page) and in the “About us” link top of the page.  If you haven’t read it, read it now. And if you still do not understand, then there just isn’t much that I can do about that.  I wrote four separate articles on Baracks House, evidently a lot of people didn’t even bother to read them.  I tried my best go get it out there, and it just seemed like “no one was home.

Well I am home now … this is MY HOUSE and I am going to run it the way I want to run it and that is the bottom line.

And It is going to continue, hopefully, because of this, it is going to get better, much, much better.  If you haven’t noticed a change within a few days, you will over the long haul.  Significant changes are in the works right now, you got a vote on Baracks House, I didn’t have to give you anything.  Despite it all, I like to think of myself as fair.

Because that is what I am about.

As usual, I am getting “long in the tooth” so I will wrap it up.  The polls on Barack’s House, now closed, indicated clearly everyone wanted it back.  So I have reinstated it, the comments section is also open.

So that is it in a nutshell.  I may have won the lottery on hits (the envy of every blogger) but I am sure as ____ not going to be bankrupt a few years down the line.  I am going to be right here.  Telling all the news that is fit to print or causes fits in print. That is just who it is that I are …  What else do I have to do, it isn’t like I have a life or anything like that, ask my wife, she will tell you.

Rest assured I have considered your advice, comments and posts.  I appreciate all the kind words from the readership of a positive and endearing nature, like I said, “You guys are the Salt of the Earth.” (Most of you … anyway)  please come back tomorrow and I will have something for all of you.



The Mail Box 11/15 – 11/17


On the theory that you probably shouldn’t do anything on the spur of the moment that you might later regret, I’d do this… Ignore the idiots, until you get over being pissed off.

A lot of folks enjoy your blog.  By blog standards it’s highly successful — far more so than mine, for example.  Don’t throw away all that work (and your faithful readers) by doing something because you’re annoyed at a bunch of redneck a**holes.  They will always be with us.  Just ignore them and change the posting requirements if you want to keep the comments down.

Shut it down.  That’s my advice.


No good N——- loving S.O.B. rot in hell.


Don’t stop, it is a wonderful site.


I cannot load Baracks house, bring it back!


Just wondering why “Baracks House” was removed….Did it offend someone or what…I thought it was pretty cool and would like to know how to get a copy of it…I am willing to pay for it……!!!!


Good morning, Don,
I am so sorry you have been called racist by some visitors to your site.  I am appalled at the behavior of some.  It seems some people feel they can say anything when they can hide behind a computer keyboard.  I so enjoy reading your posts.  I find them to be articulate, intelligent, and thoughtful.  Please don’t stop.
A fan,Judy


what is the  web site for barack house ?? thanks


Wow!  You are going to wipe it all out?


I missed that dog fight, I guess.  I stopped blog-surfing for a while as a mental health exercise.  Rednecks, schmednecks.  A jacka** is a jacka**.


Take a day off and kick back.  Think about other things.


You have a great site going. I know it’s hard to not let it eat you up sometimes, but you just have to chill now and then.  Illegitimi non carborundum!


I know you said “leave me alone”, but I thought Barack’s House was soooo funny. Please send it to my e-mail address if you will.


God is your ever present help mate in time of strife ………


Why don’t you just quit.  Leave things they way they is, we don’t need your —-


I have tried to view this website from several links, but have been unsuccessfuul.  As a music teacher, I woud haved loved to have the creatively funny video that my friend also found amusing. I apologize for those people who have a different sence of humor than you and I do, but I must comment on one thing.    While it is true that some African-Americans have used their race as an excuse not to attempt to succeed, others have not.  There are two main factors that influence a person’s success, their environment and their personality.  Therefore, hopelessness breeds hopelessness, accomplishment breeds accomplishment.  Caregivers that tell their children that they can achieve anything that they want and help them find the tools to do it and refuse to accept less than their child’s best, will have successful children.  Children who are emersed in an environment that does the opposite will continue to perpetuate failure.

Some can pull themselves up by their own boots, but others are
greatly influenced by their environment.  AS Christians, it is our responsibility to help them create a secure future.  And to show that what is possible for them too!

At the same time, I don’t think that some of the citizens of this country realize the impact that the history of race relations has had in this country.  From the beginning, whites were trained to hate Africans.  Of all of the races in the country, which one is at the bottom of the totem poll in everything (except entertainment!)  The highest drop-out rate, greatest percentage in jail, etc.  It will take years to fix what has been broken.  I am sorry that our generation has to be affected by what happened century’s ago, but it is what is it.  I’m sure you know the story about David.  He was a man after God’s own heart, but his children’s children had to pay for his mistakes.  But as you stated in your letter, we have to be committed to change.  That’s why God selected Barack, to show all of us what is possible!


Put it back, who gave yu the right to pull it down, we has free speech in this country, you know.  Put it back.

My name is […..] from Hattiesburg, MS. I wanted to share this video my aunt from San Antonio TX has put together. I believe it’s worth watching. I know you’ll be emotionally touched. I’d also like to send one she did with me singing on as the video played. I believe her work is worth someone seeing and appreciating. I hope you will enjoy.


I spent the whole morning (after Church) on your website and didn’t find ONE single thought I didn’t agree with (NOT ONE).  I read Barack’s House a couple of days ago and found it interesting, filled with things I didn’t know, and not the least bit racist.  I’ve read as much as I can today on your site about your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what happened…

I said in my posts that you have the right to say or do anything you want at any time you want on your blog.  I said you are the owner, writer, author, whatever of Creative Endeavors and that I was WRONG to question you about your visitors…I said I was DEEPLY wrong.  I apologized (I thought).  I NEVER EVEN VISITED ANYTHING on your site until today except Barack’s House (& Eight Months) and I don’t believe I commented on Barack (I think I was on Eight Months when I commented).

Now, I know I don’t matter to you (and I can’t for the life of me figure out why you matter to me), but I feel very bad about whatever it was I did to upset you.

So I say to you (and this really is the end of it) that I’m sorry for whatever I did that got you so angry at me.  Lord knows I didn’t mean to hurt a man who’s trying so hard to help people to understand that life doesn’t have to contain so much nastiness.  After my visit today I really do know that you aren’t one whit different than me or from the very first time I came here…so, please accept my deepest sorrow at having offended you!

And while I was in Church this morning, I said a prayer for you…



Like they say “You can lead ’em to water, but that doesn’t mean they will drink.”  Ceste Le Vive!  Casa Rah, sa Rah … So there you are …….. Walk a mile in my shoes.


Out To Lunch

Out To Lunch

In deference to the good people that enjoy and understand this site, I have restored some of the posts that were deleted.

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they are eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside. “That laundry is not very clean”, she said. “She doesn’t know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap.”

Her husband looked on, but remained silent.

Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband: “Look, she has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this.”

The husband said, “I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.”

And so it is with life. What we see when watching others depends on the purity of the window through which we look.