Kismayu Somalia

This was reported by the United Nations this past week.  Rape victim was stoned to death by Islamic fundamentalists and brutally executed.  The 13 year old girl who was convicted of adultery for being raped by three men.

The girl was visiting her grandmother when she sought out the rebel militia that controls the city to report that she had been raped.  Which is viewed as a confession in the eyes of the Sharia court.  The evidence came from her side and she officially confirmed her “guilt” said the presiding cleric.

She was then reportedly dragged screaming into a soccer stadium in front of a corowde of approximately 1,000 people, buried up to her neck, and stoned for more than 10 minutes by 50 chose executioners.

The militia fired on those people who tried to intervene, killing an 8 year old boy in the process.  The rapists were not arrested.

One thought on “Kismayu Somalia

  1. Oh. my. God. My mouth is hanging open and tears are streaming down my face. What the H is wrong with people? What about the rapists? Is adultery a one way street in this case?
    I cannot think of anything to write; this is beyond horrific. I wish more people knew about these atrocities. I wish more people paid attention. . .
    Even worse, it is an ongoing “everyday” thing in that part of the world, and America looks the other way. Kinda sad huh?


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