Kismayu Somalia

This was reported by the United Nations this past week.  Rape victim was stoned to death by Islamic fundamentalists and brutally executed.  The 13 year old girl who was convicted of adultery for being raped by three men.

The girl was visiting her grandmother when she sought out the rebel militia that controls the city to report that she had been raped.  Which is viewed as a confession in the eyes of the Sharia court.  The evidence came from her side and she officially confirmed her “guilt” said the presiding cleric.

She was then reportedly dragged screaming into a soccer stadium in front of a corowde of approximately 1,000 people, buried up to her neck, and stoned for more than 10 minutes by 50 chose executioners.

The militia fired on those people who tried to intervene, killing an 8 year old boy in the process.  The rapists were not arrested.

This Cannot Be Good

If you are one of many that are thinking …This cannot be good … Then you are ahead of the curve and correct. First off, yesterday I kind of came uncorked you might say and I put up some stuff that should have not been put up. They have since fell beside the way.  I broke one of my cardinal rules in life … I allowed my emotions to rule and that is not always the right path as a lot of you understand.

If you happened onto this site looking for “Baracks House” you will not find it, it has been deleted and is no longer available.  Copies of it are readily available on the net, if you do your research, you can find it.  Other articles and videos have also been removed, more on that later.

I rarely, if ever, post on Sunday but today I am going to make an exception.

Over the span of my life, I have written a lot of items, some of them good, some of them not so good.  But I believe this is going to turn out to be the most difficult one I have ever approached.  You know, you can take a frog and drop him in a pan of hot water and he will leap out of it.  The shock of the hot water jolts every sensory nerve in his body and tells him that there is danger.

Take the same frog, drop him in tepid (room temperature) water, turn on the heat and he will stay there until he dies.  Do you know why?  Because his environment changes slowly, gradually over time, he will stay in the pan and he will literally cook himself too death. It has been something like that over the past eight or nine days here at Creative Endeavors.

Starting right after Mr. Obama won the election, traffic on this site picked up like you would not believe, this little piece of space that I call mine, leaped to the front burner of the stove.  What was once a sleepy little blog trying to eke out a chunk of the internet suddenly exploded to over 400,000 seemingly overnight.  Most people who do one of these things, sit around with high expectation of success and spend an inordinate amount of time devoted to what is know in the bloggin community as “hits.”

But as always … With success comes problems.

Much like the frog, I have been sitting in the pan, and slowly the heat was applied and I started out the cooking process.  Well, I am done.  I have left the pan and I am no longer under “the looking glass” but I am sure, in the shadows, the problem will still be there, waiting for me to come back.  As to whether or not I am going to do that (come back) that remains to be decided.

Unfortunately we have a part of society in America that figures it owes them something and they want their pound of flesh, and they are going to extract it.  Having written this simple little rag for over eight months, presenting a body of work that would be considered admirable by most standards, the finger came back to me over and over that I was publishing racist material, that I was in some cases a racist for doing this, and frankly I have just had all I want of it.

Having better things to do than deal with a massive herd of ignorant email critics, I just purged the system of everything that I could possibly find that was even remotely suggestive of this racist thing and went to bed.  Don’t get me wrong, mixed in there, I found great people, kind, sensitive, caring and intelligent individuals.  But frankly, I just got tired of being hammered needlessly by a posse of thugs, no talent bums too lazy to read.

This morning is a totally new day, and I am asking myself “is it worth it?  Do you want to keep spending all of your time putting out fires other people start?”  And as usual, as I am so fond of saying ….there are no easy answers.

Openly I thank my handlers in life, my counselors, teachers, all those folks who shaped and formed me into the person I am. Especially my teachers who at an early age, when experiencing difficulty learning how to read, helped me to do just that, read.  Even though over the span of several days after writing numerous articles trying to explain my position on things, it all fell on deaf ears.  It appears that no one wants to READ all they want to do is moan, complain, strike back at the demons in their lives that believe are holding them back.

Well, I got news for you folks, slavery was a long, long time ago, and I for one, do not plan on spending my life paying for the sins of my fore-fathers.  If racism exists in this country it is because a lot of you are bringing it to the table with you.  Get over it.  Move on.  Stop lashing out at every opportunity that you can find, if it is too damn hot in the pan, jump out of it!

So Baracks House, although amusing and greatly successful is now gone, along with all the comments and anything else I found remotely irritating.  Being a resourceful and talented sort of individual, I am not crippled by all these prejudices and carrying around a lot of excess baggage in life.  So it is easy for me to clean house, seemingly overnight.

I don’t know what the rest of this ugly herd of social malcontents is going to do, but I am going to pack it up, and move on.

As with all experiences in life, I did learn from the process.  “You can try and teach a pig to sing … But it won’t work … And all it does is irritate the pig.” One more thing, and then I am outta here.  As usual, the comments string is open and you are free to leave anything that you want.

With one new wrinkle …. If you thought it was hard the last time, be ready, because if you do come back and bring your bag of trash with you, you will find conditions have changed drastically and they are not in your favor.  If you come back and bring your current brand of vitriol and try and spew your brew of toxic garbage on this site, you will not find us as empathetic to your condition.

This site has over 4,000 links on it, to all of those people who were here before this other group of hateful people showed up, you have my apologies.  As always your comments are openly solicited and will make a great bit of difference whether or not this blog continues or not.  I am now going to take a couple of days off and make a decision or two and see what I want to do with it.

As you know … This is MY house and me and God are the caretakers of it.  It is not dependent on the whims of others.  I gave Creative Endeavors life and I can take it away.  It is a real shame that narrow minded people always seem to step up and ruin it for all the others in this country … a downright shame indeed.

God Bless America!  Take note, that isn’t hyphenated anywhere.  There are those of us who want change, will work for change and strive to see it happen.  And then there apparently seems to be legions of people out there that are NOT going to change, and that is sad.

And you are right … We really need to pray for Mr. Obama, he is going to need all the help he can get … If what I have seen in the past eight days is indicative of his “Army Of Change,” if this is the best he has … Then I am sure of it.  We need to pray for this man.  And today being Sunday, I cannot see a better day to start.