Today In Musak History


Today In Musak History

Today In Musak History

Creative Endeavors is now starting a new band.  After all this discussion here lately on Baracks House, it has moved me into a totally new area of my life, the creation of music and soothing the jagged edges of my ragged soul, with sweet melodic rhythms.

I am now seriously considering starting up my own Rock N Roll band, as I am in a “musak” kind of mood.  This is of course continuing with my public policy of irritating the general population of this country at large, and after careful consideration we have determined that this band will NOT be what you would commonly call a “good band.”

Right now, we are in the preliminary planning stages it appears that we may have to make some radical changes in our lifestyles in order to accomplish this lofty goal.  But as we are “movers and shakers” here … We feel this can be done.

Some really heady, serious stuff is about to unfold here in the Heart Land.

This however doesn’t come without its fair share of problems.  (nothing, absolutely nothing, I do, comes without its fair share of problems)  For instance, it is entirely feasible that we will possibly have to be in tune, and some of you, if accepted may be required to wear makeup.

How do you feel about that?

This will also be a band of people who are approaching Middle Age.  We will not accept applications from all you Face Page or Twitter types, sorry.  This will be a band who’s members often miss practice for periodontal reasons, and are always yelling at their kids for leaving Popsicle’s on the amplifiers.  I will be of course in the lead position and will be respectfully be referred to as the “Lawrence Welk” influence.

We still need a drummer …. Whadya think, interested?

Oh yeah, one last thing.  Let me know if you run across someone with a “moderate amount of soul” we are going to need a sax player for the first album.