Moment of Truth

This morning I am reminded of that old movie with Robert Redford where he is “The Candidate” do you know of which movie I am referring to here?  It is all about his running for the office, the long hard arduous trip to the prize, an office in Washington DC … A senate seat.  I am thinking not so much about the body of the movie, but the last scene.  Where he is sitting in the hotel room, he has won, and he looks at his campaign director and he says to him …. “What now?”  And the campaign manager says, “Figure it out, you are the Senator.”

So I wonder …  What is Mr. Obama thinking about this morning?

Another great day in history has passed.  On election day history is always made.  1842 … Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.  1869 … the First issue of Nature was published.  1922 …Archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the entrance to King Tut’s tomb in Egypt.  1924 … In Wyoming, Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected the first female governor in U.S. history.  1960 … Filming wraps up on The Misfits, the last movie for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.  Fast forward to 2008 … Mr. Obama becomes the first Black Man to become President of the United States.

History is made on election day.

It is almost as if we have been embroiled in the greatest novel of time for the past twenty-two months.  A page of it at a time slowly revealed to us, albeit too slowly in my case.  And like the OJ Simpson scenario, Rodney King, Watergate, we were slowly sucked into it.  Opinion surveys, robo calls, voter registration totals, survey after survey.  We were drawn into it like a Moth to a lite bulb almost to the point of being outright consumed or obsessed with it.  Now we seem to be standing at that point in time, where the book isn’t quite finished, we are standing at the final chapter, the future, and we know not how the end will come about.

There I suppose lay the mystery.

Barak Obama has spent over $250 million on local, cable and network television convincing us that he is the man for the job, he is up for the task.  But we also know that politicians are the same all over, they promise to build us a bridge, when we can clearly see there is no river.  He has spent more on TV ad’s than such giant brands as Burger King, Apple and The Gap.  He is in the cat bird seat now, and that is fine, but the honeymoon only lasts for a short period, ask Sarah Palin.

He will soon discover that a lot of this garbage is locked rigidly in place and he has a full plate before him.  What he has to deal with is a massive mess left to him by the Bush Wrecking Crew and a very hostile and shaky world to deal with at the very same time.

No easy row to hoe.

Personally I am glad it is over, I am free of it, and now I can collect my thoughts, and get back to other things that are driving me nuts.  Like e-mail.  I am so sick of being a slave to my in-box, I have to really do something about that.  I made a folder the other day, I labeled it “Cartoons” so I could unclutter some of my clutter.  So like the fool I seem to be, I put ALL OF MY BOOTLEGGED CARTOONS the really good stuff in the folder to store for sometime in the future.  That is what a folder is for, isn’t that correct?

Today I go to use it, guess what?  Yeppers, the folder is gone and the cartoons too.

So for starters, I am going to step away from the e-mail box, I am going to get the first things first stuff out of the way, and then read all this “pass this on to every person you know in the entire world” emails.  I am going to give it time and not leap to answer everything that I find in there.

Having convinced myself that this is necessary to good mental health. Not thirty minutes ago I killed the alert feature and now I am not disturbed or distracted by this constant beep!  You have mail!  I can wait to respond, especially to those massive mass e-mails.

The best, the absolute all time winners on e-mail was one that arrived in the box earlier on in the year, during the spring.  Nothing much about it was special except the last line … At the conclusion of the informational missive was this profound statement:

“If you do not get this e-mail let me know.”

Recently I have even learned how to lie about my whereabouts.  Fortunately, e-mail systems allow you to “create an outgoing message that says you’re out of the office.”  Which is cool, you can use it to give yourself an e-mail break.

Like this for instance: I am not actually writing this, this is being written by Don’s refrigerator, Don is not here, he took a break to go to the drugstore for a refill on his Prozac and a new blood pressure monitor.

Hump Day for a five day a week wage slave In Oklahoma … Hang in there … You almost have it made.