Once A Great Notion

Here is a little gem that a lot of people in this great country never stop to think about.  America was a notion, democracy had never been tried before, we were the first.  At least that is the way I remember it, if I am wrong, I will gladly stand corrected.  Take a shot at it, do you feel lucky, do you?

America was an “idea” and now some two hundred plus years, that idea is being tested to the last dime.

Sonny Bono is one of my hero’s in life.  Why?  Because Sonny was up and down, and he always came back  fighting.  Whatever Sonny needed to do in life, he did it.  If it took re-inventing himself, often, over and over, then Sonny brought the bacon home, time and time again.  Whatever it took, he was prepared to do it.  Now strangely, as a nation, we seem to find ourselves in the same circumstances.

We are standing on the precipice, a new threshold in politics and social norms.  We are poised to enter a totally new era, and for many, a sense of that new era arrived this week.  This is the only place in the world that this could have happened.  The day was a long time coming, and when Wednesday finally arrived, a lot of people could not believe their eyes.  They had a Black America Elect for their next president.

Who would have ever thought in their wildest dreams we would have a “Hawaiian” for president?

Martin Luther Kings’ Dream has come to pass and I am sure a lot of black people feel like they are living it right now.  The really good thing, the thing that put the lump in my throat was suddenly, a nation facing wars on two fronts, a sinking economy, a warming planet not fit for man nor beast, a rotten health care system, significant energy needs, was again, optimistic and upbeat.

Mr. Obama ran a brilliant campaign and like it or not, energized the masses.

I was 99% sure he would pull it off, and 100% sure I didn’t want John McCain, so my vote was locked down early.  Unfortunately my wife voted the other way and she cancelled our vote out.  But I have taken care of that …….. She is off the Christmas List and possibly for the next four years … I will let you know.  I will email all of you from the “dog house” in the backyard.

It has often been said “that politicians will use every trick in the book” when it comes to getting elected.  Mr. Obama masterfully used the news media, the internet, text messaging, blogs and U-Tube video sharing to raise massive amounts of money.  He also brought into the arena, millions of voters to process and spread his message of change.

Moments before delivering his victory speech, Barack Obama sent email and text messages to millions of his supporters with an electronic thank-you note.  Like no other presidential candidate has ever done, Obama touched the people of this country by the use of high tech tools of a modern day America.

Winners talk and losers walk … “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our fathers is alive in our time, who still questions our democracy, tonight is your answer.” Hey.  I am sold, bring it on.

As I sat in my TV Room and watched it all unfold on my built in Japan, Sony Color-tron, widescreen television munching on a bag of chips made in Canada I found myself glued to the results.  The 44th president of the United States of America was going to be a black man.  Just like Jesse Jackson (and believe me, I am NO FAN of Jesse Jackson) I felt a lump and the emotion start to rise.

It’s about time I thought.

When I first came home from the service and went to work for the Santa Fe Railroad I was shocked to find “Colored Waiting Rooms” and “Colored Drinking Fountains” in numerous trains stations.  It was to me, absolutely revolting and I could not believe that this was still allowed in the country I lived in.

Not after the Civil Rights Act of the Sixties.

So when they announced my next president would be Mr. Obama, like I said, I forgot about the wars, job layoffs, outrageous grocery prices, high gas, none of that seemed to matter.

Instead I thought about what a great time it is to be living in America and how exciting it is to see history being made in my lifetime.  I cannot fathom how a black man would have been looking at it, which I must say is beyond my comprehension at this time.

The Honeymoon is going to be short and sweet, and Obama has to get ready for one of the most pressing transitions in modern history.  As he won over anxious voters with his calm reserve on economic issues, he must now also make quick decisions that will affect this country (economy and business) and consumers for years.  This president will go into office with more expectations of any president in recent history.

Now I know that a lot of you are going to be quick to point out that I have for a long time referred to Obama as “Obammer” and have not given him a lot of respect.  That was then … this is now.  I say give the guy a chance, it is his time in the sun, let him bask in it, and if he extends a hand grab it and help him up if he needs it.  One thing people and in this country should remember:  “Never forget the hand that helps you up … Or the boot that shows you the door.”

I am sick of items like I read today … “If Barack Obama wants to show he meant what he said about bridging the blue state-red state divide, there’s an easy way to do it.  Ask the best of President Bush’s appointees to stay on and adopt some of Sen. John McCain’s better ideas.”

In my part of the country, we have an expression.  There are two ways you can buy oats.  You can buy them before they have been run through the horse or after.  The above quote is definitely …. After.

Why don’t all of you “sore losers” shaddup and let the peoples’ choice get about their business. From this point on, you are kicking the wrong dog, and we are all tired of hearing about it.

As I have rambled far too long, it is now time to let you go, those of you who hung in there to the end.  I need to find Cup Cake and ask her about that dress Michelle was wearing.  I mean “What’s up with that?”  But then again, what do I know?

I am just another stupid dirty-yellow-dog-Democrat.



Still Going


Still Going!  Still Going!

On November 12th Creative Endeavors will be 8 months old and today we passed the 20,000 mark.  I want to thank all of you that made this possible, we could not have done it without you.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

New Shoots

Bamboo is a very interesting plant.  If you visit any bamboo grove, you will usually find bamboo culms of varying sizes. Regardless of the size, whether it is 1 foot or 60 feet tall, it grew to that size in 90 days or so and will never get any larger. You can put a steel band around a bamboo culm and it will not girdle the culm as it never increases in diameter.

Now to explain why it will not get 60 feet tall next year.  The simple answer is leaf and root mass. There is a saying about newly planted bamboo:

The first year it sleeps
The second year it creeps
The third year it leaps.

Bamboo grows more rapidly than any other plant on the planet. It has been clocked surging skyward as fast as 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period.  I said all that to get to this (beating around the bush again) blogging and bamboo have a lot in common.

A lot of things we do here at Creative Endeavors and other blogs across the net are reminiscent of bamboo.  We plant, we water, and we hone and trim, often to no avail.  You will put up a post and it will lie there and just stagnate.  You will go through long periods of no hits or a few hits, no comments, and often, for some bloggers, this leads to discouragement.

For lack of a better descriptive I often I refer to this as “withering on the vine.”

So as you can readily see in a lot of ways, we are just like bamboo.  Bamboo lies in the ground for a long period of time, and just when you think nothing is going to happen, here it comes!

This week Creative Endeavors has seen an almost phenomenal amount of traffic because of one post.  “Baracks House” which is a parody that has been languishing around the site since July of this year.  Up until recently the most popular post was a parody of “Sneaking Into America” it had enjoyed that spot all year long.  Now since the recent win of Mr. Obama, the Barack thing has just zoomed off the scale.

Traffic on the site hit an all time high today, with over 3,000 visits just since this morning.  3,113 to hear Baracks House and much to my glee, 380 people stopped and hung around to read some of the material.  We topped out the day at 3,675 … a personal all time one day high total for this blog.  Not too shabby.

Where does all this energy come from, you ask.

Frankly I do not know, and I have no idea as to how long it will sustain these levels. People have discovered Baracks House and I suppose the email and link has been flying all over America, which is good, it entertains, it increases site traffic and some folks stick around and read the material and we get some of that too.

So it is a win/win situation.

Mr. Obama and his supporters are well known for their use of the Internet and this again proves it.  Personally I am happy that it is amusing people and they find it so interesting they are telling their friends and stopping by to view the post.  I hope that the Obama camp will be able to generate and sustain this type of fervor and interest as we approach the problems of the next few years in this country. Which are many and are formidable.

It is my sincere hope that this popularity, this energy, this administration, is a new catalyst for a rebirth of a mighty nation.  Like McDonald’s is so fond of saying … We deserve a break today.


A special thanks to Margaret & Helen for the boost, we appreciate it.

The Pulse

A little sampling of the mailbox and what is been going around the web in the past week.

FLORIDA:  It seems as though I ought to write something about the election, but I’m darned if I can think of anything that hasn’t already been said.  The historical angle, the racial angle, the political angle – all are obvious.  It has all been said, is pretty darned clear to those who care to see, and will be repeated many times over the next couple of centuries, for this is a millennial event; the most powerful country in history is for the first time going to be led by a representative who is not only of it, but also of a lineage that has become one of the least-enfranchised on Earth.


OKLAHOMA;  Well, voting Democratic in Oklahoma for president is always an exercise in futility.  I checked this morning and found that NO state in the U. S. had a higher percentage of votes for McSame than Oklahoma.  Thank you, Daily Oklahoman.  I hope I live long enough to see that rag go tits up.


TEXAS:  “If you do not get this e-mail let me know.”
:D Thanks Don, I think I will make this my new signature line.


FLORIDA:  We have proven that Yes, We Can.  Now we must show that We Can Continue.


WASHINGTON STATE:  First and most important of all… You Voted! Be proud of that fact. Second, you voted your feelings. Be proud of that fact too.  It is nearly impossible to vote for political candidates based on straight and honest answers from them. And it’s a mistake to vote based on their intellect and skills alone. This leaves those gut feelings. Our feelings, in the end, are not always right either but they belong to us and they tend to be right much more  than anything a politician says.

As for the country looking pretty grim, that’s the ole half empty glass again. Beginning with it’s very inception, the revolution,  our democratic country has been tested numerous times with the grimmest of out looks. And yet the American fortitude prevails.   No, I don’t believe for a minute the ‘sky is falling’ or the ‘glass is half empty’ but I do believe in the US Americans fortitude to make things right in the end. Japan’s attack on Peal Harbor is a good example of that test. After 6 straight years of total domination by the Republicans, I have soured on the after effects of their control.    This does not mean that total Democratic control is going to be any better but we sure do need some counter-balance for a while. I pray, this will help bring the USA back to some sort of middle ground.


WESTCOAST:  Too much Liberal, too much conservative…Too much of any one thing is always bad.


OKLAHOMA:  “Living in a small town in Oklahoma (population 714) and being just about the only Obama fan on the horizon is not all that good, you are about as popular as a turd in the punchbowl … but I am glad we won it.”


CALIFORNIA:  “Smith, bite me” now that put me right back into the late 50s, guy is a little hard on his little brother, he is kidding isn’t he, he couldn’t be that big of an a** all this time, could he. What the f— just happened, are we all socialists now  I don’t feel any different but I guess it takes awhile to set in, wallet hasn’t gotten any fatter, or thinner, pretty thin to start with. This share the wealth thing?  Was thinking of sending Milt an email with my address so he could send his payment directly to me, lets get some of this money flowing.


GEORGIA:  “Hey man, what the —-?  You printed part of my email!” … (Read the “Email Note” at the top of page .. It’s right there … Any mail we receive we reserve the right to publish, Emails we find worthy or interesting may be used, unless you instruct us to specifically not publish it. Email that is published will always be anon.  You miss that part?)


WASHINGTON:  This is going to several friends and family.  I was very much undecided about the presidential election.  I mustered some intestinal fortitude and placed my vote for McCain.  I don’t vote on a party basis, rather who I think will get the job done. The main reason for voting for Mac was how he would handle the Mid East crisis.  Being he was a military person, I thought he would handle it better.

As it stands now, it looks pretty grim for the country.  The country we grew up in will no longer exist.  We’re going to decline toward the European model, Russia and China will rise as the dominate powers in the world.  God help us.


One more on a positive note.

CALIFORNIA ….. If you read the front page story of the SF Chronicle, you would have read about a female humpback whale. Who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth.

A fisherman spotted her just east of the Faralon Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her … A very dangerous proposition.

One slap of the tail could kill a rescuer. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.  When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them.  Pushed gently around-she thanked them. Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives.

The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same. May you, and all those you love be so blessed and fortunate … To be surrounded by people.  Who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you.

And, may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude.  I pass this on to you, my friend, in the same spirit.


See you all on Monday.  I now return to the cave, where I will be taking it easy.


Sour Grapes … Computer Rage


I have a little time on my hands today, going to the Doctor’s Office and he is going to say, “How are you doing?” and I am going to smile my best toothy smile and reply, “Great!  I am doing just fine.”  Then he will pull out his pad and write me even more prescriptions.

Which is frustrating to say the least, I am now currently taking a Ford Crown Victoria Hubcap full of lug nuts every day.  Why do they even bother asking.  I got news for my doctor, he doesn’t know it, but every day, every dog-gone day, I beat my previous record for staying alive.

Just finished reading my email and found some folks unhappy with me again, it doesn’t seem to take much these days.  But being the kind sort that I am I prayed for them.  “Lord … Please help me to love those who do not love me, and those that do not love me, teach them how to love me Lord, and if they cannot learn to love me, then could you please break their ankles, so that I will know them by their limping.  Amen.”

Never hurts to lift up a prayer.

Did some surfing on the net and visited all those places that I know of that have all that education that I seem to lack.  This is where I get my daily dose of the big words and plenty of quotation marks.  I bet that the folks that write these blogs have a dictionary and a thesaurus handy, right there next to the monitor.  Here is a word that I am starting to notice a lot … “Visionary.”

I suppose we will be seeing or hearing more of that in the days to come.

Lot of folks are starting to get sour because their particular political savior didn’t make the grade and are getting kind of nasty.  Mellow out people.  If the frustration of losing an election have driven you to this, you could be suffering “political computer rage.”  This morning I was visiting one blog and the main conversation was on Rush Limbaugh and the sentiments and comments were less than measured.  Y’all need to remember that radio personalities such as Limbaugh are there for a reason, to stir you up, hack you off, ruin your day. I am firmly convinced that “AM” on my radio dial stands for absolute moron.  I will not begin to tell you what “FM” stands for.

As I said before:  “Lot of folks are starting to get sour because their particular political savior didn’t make the grade and are getting kind of nasty.  Mellow out folks ”  This is hate speech.  Which is the electronic equivalent of “Road Rage” on the nation’s highways.  If you suddenly find yourself using metaphors such as “jerk” or the F-word more frequently than usual, then you are most likely suffering from computer rage right now.  You are not adding anything pleasant to the mix, you are muddying up the waters.

And if you are in your home, and there is no traffic other than internet comment sections, then who do you take it out on?  The family cat?  The computer?  (I know!  I know!  Let me have this one!)  83% of all American’s at one time or another have abused their own computers or the computer of their employer.

Breaking a keyboard is a problem, shattering a monitor, or the outright murder of a mouse!  I suppose if you got totally postal as the kids say, stood up in your chair and kicked the sucker, that would give a new meaning to the word … Reboot.

This article I read on this subject said that the #1 item to suffer the most was the keyboard.  Mice and monitors tied for second place and hard drives came in a lowly third.  Who hasn’t ever, in a fit of frustration “slapped the fizz out of the monitor” to loosen a stuck cursor.

Raise your hands, C’mon, be honest.

I believe it was Albert Einstein that said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” And I am fairly sure he was right on the money when he said it.  Recently I read an article that stated that “seniors are more likely to stay sharp (in the mind) by surfing the net” and applying this technology in their daily lives (USA Today).

The biggest lie in the world.

It might keep you sharp, but it is going to Pi** you off from time to time and raise your blood pressure higher than your I.Q.  Manufacturers will tell you this stuff is plug and play, download it now, and then you start the process …. “I don’t know what is going on here, why isn’t this working?”  Hours and hours of frustration, doesn’t make one sharp. …

Plug This!  You no good ##@$%*!!# son of a mothers son!

“What is going on in there?” from the kitchen.

“I just downloaded a new gadget, darling, and I am just uh, err, sorting it out.”

Might be easier to just be a visionary, besides, have you checked the price of a new keyboard lately?


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Thanks to DanaMckay for the heads up on the utube video.