Mysteries of life

A great many things in this life just do not make sense.  I was thinking about that this very morning and I thought I might share some of it with you.

Take those birds, Swallows, every year, they just keep coming on back to Capistrano or some other place out in California.  That is a mystery to me.

Or those horse’s that are born white and then they turn coal black when they reach maturity.

Recently Radio Girl turned me on to an interesting blog site that is entitled  “Margaret & Helen” and they are a mystery to me.

Are they really eighty years old as they claim and writing this blog with the help of their grandchildren or are they conning everyone into believing they are so.

Immensely popular they are a good read and a mystery to me, I shall follow them in the future with some skepticism.  But that is nothing new, I am suspicious of everyone and everything, just ask my birth mother she will tell you.  I enjoy their page.  It makes me ever mindful of the conversations and musings in the late afternoon that I shared with my grandparents who are now long gone. Get some time today, trot over there and give their read a glance over, some good stuff there.

Back to the mysteries of life.  The roots go down and the plant goes up, life, that is a mystery.  This guy, Joe The Plumber, as I understand it, he doesn’t have a license, so why do they say he is a plumber?  That is a mystery.  How can the cable company remember to send me a bill each month, but cannot remember the password on my site?  Here is another that just irks the ____ out of me, why does this sucker change fonts in the middle of an article, does it all the time! surely a mystery if there ever was one.

“Pick a number between one and five.”  Got it?  Is it three?  Nine times out of ten, when you ask someone to do this, they will pick the number three.  Why?  Because they perceive the number three as the middle, another mystery of life.

A word of precaution here, this number thing only works with adults.  If you do it with your five year old grandson, give him the choice, ask him to pick the number, and then ask what the number is, he will most likely reply, ‘It’s MY number Grandpa, go get your own.” You have been warned.

More red cars are sold in America than any other color.  A red used car will sell for MORE money than other cars.  Red Is For Lovers

Women in red has always been a mystery to me.  A new psychological study has just been released about romantic attraction and it suggest that red attire makes men unwittingly more attracted to women. To study the effect of color on behavior, psychologists as the University of Rochester in New York conducted five experiments and analyzed mens responses to photographs of women in various situations.

They would in turn frame the photo’s in red or have the women wearing red in the photo’s as they were displayed. In every case, men rated the women in red frames or wearing red as considerably more attractive and sexually desirable than the same women with other colors.

So if you want to attract your man …… Put on that red dress baby, ‘cause we goin’ out tonight, put on that red dress baby, case some fool might wanna fight

Sampson and Delilah were a mystery.  So was Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.  Two strong and robust men, brought down in their prime by a woman.  Which brings me to Sarah and McSame, a broadly satirical political comedy of sorts with an improbable plot, this truly is a mystery to me.

I can remember the first time I was given word of it and my measured response was … Are you kidding me, what were you thinking?

Wonder if Sarah was wearing red when Old man Mr. McSame took her down by the creek, under the stately Cotton Wood tree in Sedona Arizona, to ask for her hand in their unholy alliance in the mysterious world of politics.

I guess I will always wonder about that one for sure.


2 thoughts on “Mysteries of life

  1. fantastic, unbelievable yet true
    Thank you for droppin’ by, when you comment you are automatically linked back to your home blog.



  2. Mr Smith-
    Followed you over from your visit to Margaret and Helen’s… I knew I’d heard this/your voice before.
    Bingo! Right away, I’m hearing my dad, over 40 years ago, telling me to be skeptical of everyone and everything, most especially of those I agree with.
    I enjoy Margaret and Helen’s blog- much needed respite from the day to day public mess we have made of ourselves here in Alaska but folks are getting a bit giddy in the ladies’ parlor now too- thanks for a blast of fresh air!
    Like most blog writers I have this reoccuring nightmare, I dream that all of my readers, all of them mind you, make a comment and I am required to answer that comment. Fortunately, I wake up in a cold sweat and head for the kitchen and the coffee pot and do my best to get busy on something.

    Margaret & Helen have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and their comment section is boisterous, opinionated, and somewhat caustic. If that is your bag, then I say go get some of it. My first visit, I found it to be not so enjoyable, but that is just me. I fear it is just another nice blog that is being taken down into some kind of cheap flame contest and not what Margaret & Helen intended it to be.

    By the way, I have never been accused of being a “sheep lover” before this, that is a new one. But as I am a somewhat rustic, crusty old fossil, I will just continue to do what it is that I do best ….. whatever that is? (I forgot!) If you wish to read a lively comments section trot on over there and check ’em out, don’t let me discourage you. The link is right there in the Mysteries Of Life Post.

    Thanks for your comment and come back anytime, bring a friend, we won’t flame you if you make a comment. And you don’t have to call me Mr. or Sir … I was enlisted once. (Say Hi to your Dad for me)



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