Gender Bender

USA Today, the nations’ newspaper is running two articles about women in the home and how they are ruling the roost these days. Which is true to a point. Speaking from a strictly personal point, I am however, still The Master Of This House (I have my wife’s permission to say that) contrary to popular opinion … I still carry a lot of weight here at Frustration Central.

Elsewhere, the statistics are much different … read on.

Women across the nation according to these articles in today’s edition are the boss. Around the house, women rule. And men aren’t putting up a fight about it, according to a study from the Pew Research Center that examines how gender and power play out at home and in the community.

Of 1,260 individuals surveyed this summer — either married or living together — women wield more decision-making power at home. In 43% of couples, women made more decisions — almost twice as many as men — in the four areas Pew surveyed: planning weekend activities, household finances, major home purchases and TV watching. The survey also found 43% of men don’t have the final say in any of those decisions; they either share decision-making or defer to their partners.

“I was quite surprised by the percentage of men who made none of the decisions in any of the areas. A significant percentage of the men were just bystanders.” Older couples are more likely than younger couples to make decisions together, the study found. More than a third of those 65 or older said they share decision-making in at least three of the four areas; in couples under 30, 42% said they don’t share any of those decisions. Just 8% of couples overall said they make decisions together in all four areas.

“We’d all like to believe we’re moving toward gender equality — not just in the workplace but in the home. There’s evidence that men are doing more around the house these days, but when it comes to absolute equality in decision-making, it’s the exception, not the rule, in the typical American couple.”

So during a lull in the festivities today, we threw together a few additions that we personally thought might also be appropriate.

How to Make a Woman Happy It’s not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:

1. A friend. 2. A companion 3. A lover 4. A brother 5. A father 6. A master 7. A chef 8. An electrician 9. A carpenter 10. A plumber 11. A mechanic 12. A decorator 13. A stylist 14. A sexologist 15. A gynecologist 16. A psychologist 17. A pest exterminator 18. A psychiatrist 19. A healer 20. A good listener 21. An organizer 22. A good father 23. Very clean 24. sympathetic 25. Athletic 26. Warm 27. Attentive 28. Gallant 29. Intelligent 30. Funny 31. Creative 32. Tender 33. Strong 34. Understanding 35. Tolerant 36. Prudent 37. Ambitious 38. Capable 39. Courageous 40. Determined 41. True 42. Dependable 43. Passionate 44. Compassionate.

WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. Give her compliments regularly 46. Love shopping 47. Be honest 48. Be very rich 49. Not stress her out 50. Not look at other girls and/or women.

AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself 52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself  53. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: 54. Never to forget: 55. Birthdays 56. Anniversaries 57. Arrangements she makes.


1. Show up naked  2. Bring food


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The King Of Babylon (audio)

This morning is a tough nut to crack, our King Of Babylon (George Bush) was on television last night explaining to the American public the current banking malaise. At this time I would like to comment. I believe it is high time that we pass some kind of federal legislation concerning the use of teleprompters by moron’s. I don’t mind someone breaking in on Dancin’ With The Stars for a public announcement, but they should be able at least to give it in an understandable manner even when they are reading it.

So Ol’ Numero Uno came on to explain to people rather ineptly how we somehow find ourselves in this financial quagmire, and how it is that we are going to have to spend an ocean of money in order to extract ourselves out of it. It must be hard on Ol’ Dubya, watching his banker buddies go down the tubes. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and now they want everyone to bail them out of the mess they seem to be in.

Do not pass go. Do not go to jail. Collect two-hundred dollars.  Please pass me the dice.

Especially enduring to me was how he tried to “pimp off McCain and Obamma” as two national hero’s because they were voluntarily stopping politicking and coming back to Washington in this time of crisis to ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOBS something the American people elected them to do in the first place. They have been for the most part, running all over the country campaigning for the last two years or so, on the public’s ticket.

I remember not too long ago, I was reading a media piece on some financial institutions out on the westcoast, and they were giving out home loans to Mexican’s and all they had to prove to the bank in order to get the loan was “that they had a checking account.” I thought to myself at that time ….. “Uh? This cannot be good.” and low and behold, it wasn’t.

Not wanting this morning to be sued, I won’t say which bank it was, other than it was an AMERICAN bank and you can figure out the rest of it for yourself.

This has to be good for several pages, but to tell you the truth, I am just kind of sick of it, all of it. Is this is just another WMD’s witch-hunt, media spin, or the truth? You see, King George has lost his credibility with the American people a long time ago.

He has lied to us one too many times.  There is a strong possibility he is lying about this too.

So once again, the Free Money Xopress has rolled into Washington, DC and the Chief Conductor wants to toss off money sacks in the tune of $700 billion more. The lawmakers are grousing over it as we speak, and I am sure it will look quite different by the time the solons in Congress are through with it.

Me? I am okay with it.

We just recently rented out our house to a family of illegals, who pay their rent on time (in cash money), and they have agreed to allow the wife and I to live in a 5X7 pup tent in the backyard. Everything is working out just swell for us.

Except for one thing. Their dog doesn’t seem to like us much, but I think we will get by.


“The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)