Good Ol Boys

Wrote a piece over the weekend on the election process in America, shaped it molded it, breathed into it life. Then I get an Email that says … “God, you are one of the good ol’ boys” and that was it.

So dutifully I answer the thing and of course it is a bogus address.

I may be a lot of things in life, but a dues paying member of the “good ol boy network” I am not.

Bridge to nowhere … News on the community of he weird. Media is reporting that these bozo’s spent over $96 million dollars last month on advertisements. This job must have a really good dental plan, to spend that much money trying to achieve the prize. Recent polls now show Obammer is falling behind McSame and that his only hope now is to somehow try to “outlive” McSame.

A new report is now claiming that Adiam Gaddan the American spokesman for the AL Qaeda network has died in a U.S. air strike, suspicions were raised when he did not show up at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Meanwhile, the National Enquirer is reportedly under fire for falsely reporting that Sarah Palin had an affair.  I mean if it were true, that would like totally disqualify her from running, right.

Joe Biden in a surprise move to capture the “sympathy vote” has announced he is pregnant. Bill Clinton, not to be left out, has proposed a new federal office and will have Hillary lobby for it. It is the office of First Laddy.

Whatever it takes right?

Today is the first day of fall, the summer season officially ended yesterday. We are into the equinox either of the two times each year when the sun appears directly overhead at the equator and day and night, everywhere, are of equal length. After the autumnal equinox arrives in late September, temperatures will start to drop in most places north of the equator and Radio Girl in Canada, will dig out her sweaters.

The fall migration of monarch butterflies has started and it is nothing short of spectacular if you happen to be on their flight path to Mexico. They are coming thru here in droves, and they are nothing short of a navigational miracle as far as I am concerned.

In September and October these orange and black light winged beauties flit the 3,000 or so miles south to Mexico from the U.S.A.. One of the largest migrations of an insect from Canada to southern wintering grounds. They say down in Mexico that they have several acres of millions of the creatures, what a sight that would be to behold, eh?

“Hi honey, I am on the way home, is there anything that I can pick up for you on the way?” “Yes dear, there is. Maybe you could pick up a loaf of bread, some paper towels, a jar of pickles and a controlling interest in Lehman Brothers.”

The United States seems to be bending the rules on free markets, I don’t know who we have bought out this week with our newly printed funny money, but it has to be someone. Our nation sadly isn’t practicing what it preaches to other countries around the world. The only apparent difference between what the Fed.recently did and Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela is Chavez doesn’t put taxpayer dollars at risk when he takes over companies.

He just takes them.