Cuttin Thru The Clutter

End of another week, and there is no plea for succor forthcoming nor is one being contemplated at this time. One more feeble nefarious attempt at reaching out and massaging the things that hurt, bringing attention to those items that need fixing, a plea to amuse and confuse you.

Just finished up with the Email, and one person sent me the same thing three times, it must have been important. A picture of Obammer’s air force one, with the American flag missing from the tail. Which could be a big deal or not, depending how you look at it. I know of no federal requirement for this person to fly the American flag on private aircraft, so what is the problem? We all know how he feels on the flag, apple pie and yo’ Mama, nothing new here as Solomon would say.

In all fairness to either party, it is my opinion that neither of the two will be effective in government and they steadily erode confidence in their mighty hopes and schemes on a daily basis. Let everyone with a dog in this fight, meaning either Obammer or McSame … be obliged to make the case for the other side for about fifteen minutes. That should make the majority busy if not amused for the next quarter of an hour.

Won’t be long until the thing I truly despise comes into play, and that is the electoral college, which I feel has served its purpose and should be abolished entirely. Special interest groups have basically a stranglehold on U.S. Politics’ and the entire political process in general, and their collective impact into this process should be halted.

Sadly as much as we talk about “change” in this country, nothing of substance ever seems to happen. All we seem to be good at it is attacking other folks and racking up massive financial obligations that will in realty swallow us up in the end.

Last election it was the “Chad thing” down in Florida, so this past week I got in touch with my friend in Florida and checked on it, did they fix the problem? What is going on with that now. He said: We went from a punch-out ballot (the infamous hanging chads/butterfly ballot) to touch-screen, which was never popular amongst thinking voters because of the lack of any way to do a recount.  In fact, under Florida law they weren’t even legal.  Then they hooked up little printers, and they caused a lot of problems mechanically, and it occurred to people eventually that (a) they could still be attacked and (b) they were made by Diebold Co., the pres. of which had said openly that he would do anything in his power to get a Republican elected.

We now have a paper ballot system that uses an optical scanner to read markings made with a pencil, sort of like the things we used to take standardized tests on in school.  They’re the ones that are causing the current problem with “lost” ballots here in PB County.  And the saga continues, although in the current case it sounds like lousy organization rather then anything mechanical or electronic.  They’ve got it down to a 12-vote difference now. I think the current ploy is going to be to disqualify voters rather than diddle with the machines.

Because I think we’re watching something important, quite aside from the fate of the nation and the future of The World’s Greatest Democracy (except for possibly Florida). It is historical if not anything, but the significance of it all, should be left up to future generations, it is lost on myself. I have after months (years?) found myself slowly but surely “burning out” and have found myself disassociated with the majority of it here lately. I am sick of the lies and the cheap shots, it is for lack of a better word, a circus.

Sister Palin our beloved Moose Gooser from up north, is on television tonight advocating what a “educational opportunity this is” for all those down the line, future generations, that will somehow benefit from all of this (not really sure about that one). I have to admit, “her re-education” into the party, certainly has been interesting. My only ray of sunshine in this entire thing, was the fact that they did not pre-empt “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I was allowed to view the entire show in its’ full glory and splendor. Do what you want with our non-existent foreign policy, but don’t mess with my television!

I am an American hear me roar!

Did you know that elections in this country are run by your Grandma and Grandpa? And sadly, for the past thirty years when we have been investing all of this sweat equity in countries that most of us cannot locate on a map, no one has been purchasing NEW electronic election equipment, equipment that actually “works.” We are still using “horse and buggy” technology to elect our most important office in the land.

On behalf of beleaguered election officials everywhere … who wrestle with outdated equipment, understaffed polling places, cheap county commissioners, geriatric helpers (bless their hearts!), and an endless set of other travails … Let us strike while the iron is hot and do something about the way we run elections in this country. We don’t need ballots tainted with the smell of Geritol, we need new computerized machinery in order to tally the votes in an “accurate manner.”

We need to invest in a first rate system .. That might be worthy of our consideration right there, a few less shuttle launches, a step into the 21st century in the right direction for a change. Some things have changed, and we no longer have to worry about the weak civilians in Florida who are unable to muster up enough physical strength to force a hole in a piece of paper. But we still have a ways to go.

Nuts! Like I said, I just guess I am apathetic about the entire process at this stage in the game.

Did you notice the sign in the midst of the other political signs that read “Nude Beaches?” (check the photo at the top of the page again) … Thought so …. part of the problem, we are so saturated with this garbage, we seem to just blow it off, and miss the entire point. Like they say in the advertising think tanks of Madison Avenue. “You have to cut thru the clutter if you want to reach them.”

Unfortunately these days, it is all clutter and not much substance.


Hat Trick

The road she calls to me … Like a sultry lover in the dark

She whispers my name … I want to go ….

My retirement or my life for that matter … Did not turn out the way I thought it would

But then again, does anyone’s?

So in order to beat the pain … I have learned to laugh often, long and loud.

Laugh until you grasp for breath … Laugh so much that you can be tracked in the store by your distinctive laughter.

It is all about attitude. … If it good … preserve it

If it is unstable … Improve it. … If it is beyond what you can improve … Seek help.

Whatever you are feeling and thinking this day is creating your reality. It is all keyed predominately to your thoughts and your feelings.

Feeling good is really important.