Six Month Anniversary

Today is our sixth month of publication and there will only be one post today … this one. Our thanks and heart felt gratitude to all of you who have supported this endeavor and have encouraged its success. Those omniscient folks who having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight, possessed of universal or complete knowledge who show up each day at this watering hole, to check us out, gather up a smile and depart. We salute you.

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Most people who visit this website do so deliberately, but others stumble across it while searching the Internet for esoteric topics. Noting from time to time, people are always looking for high numbers, how many hits, who is where and total residents on board. It seems to me that the quality of the posts is what brings them in, not the population that resides, that kind of thing.

Some bloggers or writers are looking for ways to attract more people to a site, when they ought to be cultivating interesting people who will “add to it” sort of like that Hollywood adage … “If you build it, they will come” idea. At least that is my take on some of this. At times we have had our fair share of interesting people to comment on the site and add to the mix. Currently it has been kind of slow, but that is the way it goes, first yo’ money and then yo’ clothes … but we are not discouraged or deterred.

I always thought if this was a popular type of watering hole, and it was an enjoyable experience (visiting the site) that word of mouth would support it, and so far, that has been exactly the case.

The last time I checked our statistics they were:

Total Views: 14,803. Our busiest day: 06-13-08, on that particular day, we had 385 views. We see about 40-60 new visitors per day on average. Total posts to the site in the past 180 days was 411, comments were 413, tagged items 1,028. Posts per month 50-65 average.

Top posts were Sneaking Into America and Bikini’s Speedo’s in Utah.

Creative Endeavors has a web marketing score of 80% (100% possible) it is written on an Elementary level (about six grade, we employ the KISS principle … Keep It Simple Stupid … Of which I am a graduate scholar). We have a Google page rank of 5. Indexed pages on Goggle are 912, traffic rank (worldwide) is 14.08%, links (RSS feeds) almost 1,400.

It has a blog rating of 0.55% back in March when we put up the first post, our rating was over 5,000,000 and we are now currently at 387,706 world wide.

So I guess from a statistical standpoint, we are doing okay.

I have in the past invited twenty or so people to come over here, join in the discussions, add to it and support it, but they have for the most part declined. It appears that the majority of the subscribers or readers are just that, “readers” of the material and not commenters. Most people are happy not being a contributor and I now understand that. From a personal standpoint I feel that comments are great and most welcome, they are for the most part, what makes it interesting to me.

Unfortunately if you are a regular reader of this site, in my often off the wall style or loopy way, I can discourage comments. I will sit down and write that I believe my parrot is a direct descendant of Satan or an emissary from hell, and most people (in their right mind) wouldn’t dare to comment on something that bizarre. So I understand.

Now, some six months down the line, Creative Endeavors prospers and grows, continues to be a place where you can come and get away from it for a short while, and is hopefully entertaining and a healthy experience. Every now and then we will even link you to or throw in some edumaycayshunial stuff to amuse and confuse.

At times I have thought of this as “Daid as a doornail” as they say down in Texas, and that no one gave a hoot about it one way or the other, I now know that is not the case. It is, or has become, rather popular and at times, even tho’ I thought of it as comatose, brain dead, gone, checked out, missing in action, having kicked the bucket and expired, I just kept on pluggin’ away and it has slowly but surely found its little niche on the internet.

More than likely this site will never see up and coming fastest growing blog fame or any other prominent recognition and that is okay. We like being #2 it makes us try harder.

In the future Creative Endeavors will stay basically as it is. A fun place, warm and welcome, and we hope that you will tell others about it or comment from time to time.

Some people I suppose actually miss a site where everyone is flaming each other, where the flow of material is coarse, rude and full of hate speech. Swing a dead-cat in any direction on the net, and you can certainly find a lot of mean spirited sites these days.

Creative Endeavors will never be that way.

Beats me why people seek out activity like that, it is a unsettling, sign of the times I suppose. So if content is not an issue with you and you have a little time to spare, drop by and stay awhile. Sift thru all of it, pick out what it is that you can use, and throw the rest of it away. As long as you continue to drink upstream from the rest of the herd, I see no way where it can hurt you.

Six months aint nuthin’ … We are just warming up …. We are just getting started. Thanks for your support and encouragement the past six months y’all (Okie Talk) … it surely has been fun.