Goin With The Flow

While on this election crap is going on, noticeable “real world news” seems to have taken a back seat to most everything else. Other than the recent hurricane in the gulf, another significant thing occurred this week that did not get any attention at all.

A huge chunk of the Arctic broke off, a piece of the ice shelf roughly the size of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island which is in Canada’s northern arctic. One more dramatic indicator of the changing global weather patterns that the Bush administration and our senator Jim Inhofe says is simply not happening.

The 19 square mile chunk of ice is now adrift in the arctic ocean. Also two more large formations of ice broke off the Serson Ice Shelf, shrinking that feature by about 47 square miles, and representing about 20% of the total ice flow. Earlier this year another 160 square mile chunk of Antarctic ice broke off the southern pole and disintegrated.

2008 is proving to be the hottest summer on record and also the wettest. The hurricane season seems to be in high gear and things are a changing. Bet your last dollar on that. It is time someone, anyone, give serious thought to what is happening.

On issues where we’ve already made up our minds, I can’t say a “picture is worth a thousand words” – often it might be better just to skip the words altogether, but nine times out of ten, it conveys what needs to be.

The handwriting is on the wall … We need to pay attention.



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