Checking the mirror

You ever wonder why the hair on top of your head goes away, and the hair inside your ears, starts to grow? Just doesn’t make sense to me. When your eyebrows start looking better than the rest of your body, then I would say you are in trouble. This week I sent away for a free information package on the Burt Reynolds Toupee, maybe the answers are there.

I will post a picture later, right now you will just have to settle for a mental image. Just picture in your mind, if you can, a slightly balding old guy sitting in his chair in his underwear typing and singing and softly humming a catchy Garth Brooks tune …….. Yeah, that should do it.

Speaking of answers? If you are all caught up in the election debacle going on right now and need your daily dose of it. Here you go. Everything that you ever wanted to know about Sarah Yummy-Mummy. Everything you could possibly want to know here. Just pick out a topic and let ‘er rip!

I have sort of been out of pocket here this week, with all the recent rain from the hurricanes in the gulf, the grass has been growing in the backyard to beat the band. I have had to contend with that, and I have also been spending an inordinate amount of time out there practicing my Big Foot Mating calls. Never did hear the verdict on that, was it real or fake? Isn’t all this weird?

Yeah, well YOU try living a normal life in OKLAHOMA during football season.

Watched the news the other day, I am sort of like a Meth addict with 600% more tattoo’s than the rest of society. I know that this stuff is NOT good for me, but I find I still need it anyway. Afterwords I am depressed and down in the dumper, I should know better.

Every time something happens of a negative nature in this country, we seem to blame it on oil. I wonder if anyone might suspect these OPEC and other foreign oil fields may be producing close to their capacity?

If this is true, they cannot possibly continue to feed the world at these levels for much longer. Now if someone would just invent a car that would run on B.S. we would all be set. Plenty of that around here lately.

Think I might get out of the house today and see if I can locate some new CD’s and some music. I have signed up for a new class at the community college next month, “Perverted pumpkin carving for the criminally insane” thought I might find a sharp knife, some new tunes for my I-Pod and check that out.

I am not going anywhere and seem to find free time on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Grandson is coming over later on today; he has been showing me how to hot-wire a Dodge Mini-Van. We are so proud he is picking up marketable skills since he got out. Times are tough; it pays to have a skill these days. I am reading where a lot of cities are going to start charging us more for water, garbage pick up, all this stuff keeps going up, and we (our lifestyle) keep going down.

We keep hearing or have been told we are going to have pay more for less, and that kind of irks me.  Man that __________ me off!

In the past year, road user fee’s in the state of Oklahoma generated some $980 million dollars and only $520 of that actually went to the highways. I hit a pot hole the other day as big as the state of Vermont for cryin’ out loud. We produced 66 million barrels of oil for the nation last year, we are the third largest producer of natural gas in the nation.

Why are we being asked to pay more.

Now take a look north. Thanks to Alaska’s oil wealth, every man, woman, and child in that state will soon receive a check for $3,269.00. $2,069.00 is their cut of the state’s annual oil revenues, plus a special bonus this year of $1,684 to off-set soaring fuel costs.

What did you get?

If you are like the rest of America …You got a “promise” of change … that should tide you over, get you down the boulevard a mile or two.

While “change” was the most used word by speakers at the Democratic convention, the Republicans top word was “taxes”, mentioned an average of 46 times per every 25,000 words spoken (and that was only Joe Biden, we don’t have he statistics on the other speakers). The next word that was extremely popular was the word “business.” The tie for third place tie was “God” and “change.”

It appears that both sides are disingenuous here, and when they talk business, the rest of us take it in the shorts. I spotted a bum downtown yesterday, lying in a pile of trash bags with a sign that read: “If you lived here, you would already be home.” I guess he didn’t get a check either. Meanwhile McSame says he believes that the economy is fundamentally sound and in great shape.


Checking the mirror I see … A life lesson for me. Never forget the hand that helps you up … Or the boot that shows you to the door. No matter what it is that I have in life, it is never gonna be ‘euff .. I am always going to want more.


Parting shot: “Politics is a serious matter that needs NOT to be left to just only Politicians.  A Conservative Government is in reality a semi-organized body of hypocrisy.”

Goin With The Flow

While on this election crap is going on, noticeable “real world news” seems to have taken a back seat to most everything else. Other than the recent hurricane in the gulf, another significant thing occurred this week that did not get any attention at all.

A huge chunk of the Arctic broke off, a piece of the ice shelf roughly the size of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island which is in Canada’s northern arctic. One more dramatic indicator of the changing global weather patterns that the Bush administration and our senator Jim Inhofe says is simply not happening.

The 19 square mile chunk of ice is now adrift in the arctic ocean. Also two more large formations of ice broke off the Serson Ice Shelf, shrinking that feature by about 47 square miles, and representing about 20% of the total ice flow. Earlier this year another 160 square mile chunk of Antarctic ice broke off the southern pole and disintegrated.

2008 is proving to be the hottest summer on record and also the wettest. The hurricane season seems to be in high gear and things are a changing. Bet your last dollar on that. It is time someone, anyone, give serious thought to what is happening.

On issues where we’ve already made up our minds, I can’t say a “picture is worth a thousand words” – often it might be better just to skip the words altogether, but nine times out of ten, it conveys what needs to be.

The handwriting is on the wall … We need to pay attention.



Were Screwed, David Letterman

Scientists Predict Another Busy Year for Hurricanes

The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)