Lying In America

Not long ago I was watching “A Few Good Men” with Nicholson and Cruise and the line they have in that movie a scene which resonated with me, it always does. While under extreme cross examination Cruise asks Nicholson to “tell the truth.” Nicholson replies, “You want the truth? Is that what you want Danny, the Truth? You cannot stand the truth! ”

In First Timothy I believe it says, “Towards the end that they will tickle their ears” (tell people what it is that they want to hear, not what the need to hear) and that “the truth shall become a lie, and a lie shall become the truth.”

Perhaps we are already there and do not realize it.

Recently I read where the TVA was going to raise rates some 20% because of increased costs associated with fuel and the drought conditions in Tenn. Not so. Yesterday I read where the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority a regional power company) has paid two contractors $42 million dollars in bonuses and other fees for a job that ran $900 million dollars over budget and was brought in late.

Now I am wondering, when they put out the first media statement, were they lying and hoping to not get caught, or is this just a slight mistake on their part.

There should be at some point, a place where the people in Tennessee would demand that this firm or firms be held accountable for this shoddy work, but more than likely nothing will happen. There was a time in America when someone was caught in an outright lie such as this, there would be an uproar. But this is probably not going to happen.

What if you tell everyone that there are Weapons of Mass Destruction and get them involved in a six year war that is depleting your country morally and financially, would that be a lie, when the weapons are not found? When you take data and clearly cherry pick it and cast aside the information that isn’t to your advantage, isn’t that a lie?

Do you actually believe anything that all of these candidates are saying?

Conventions are part of the grand scheme, and I think their time has come and gone. Who is running this country when our elected officials are out campaigning 12 to 24 months in advance? Why does the campaign with our system of government for electing presidents begin more than a year ahead of the event?

Politics are joke right now, clearly out of whack, so why aren’t we in an uproar when we find out that this candidate said this and the other candidate said that … And they are found to be lies.

Why aren’t they being held accountable?

When Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and that wrecking crew were clearly caught in their lying ways, and all of us, sat back and said nothing. Just accepted it and moved on, business as usual. Now it seems it is happening all over again, different bunch of clowns, but it is the same old circus.

I dunno, maybe it is me, but the truth once again seems to be in short supply here lately. Spend ten minutes of your time watching anything on either the Democratic or Republican Conventions and it will become apparent that the truth isn’t to be found most days in the U.S.A …

And rest assured you can bet your last dollar that this is one of the primary reasons the rest of the world looks down on us with disdain. They see us for what we are turning out to be, a petty little debt ridden nation full of liars and thieves.

And sadly no one seems to care.