Man what a crock this is…

Global Dashboard fastest growing blogs … Item #2 … My first post and an old joke. This guy posts “TWO” posts and he is listed in the fasted growing wordpress blogs? Even has the mark of the beast in his address, incredible.  At least now we have an inkling of who is actually in control of this piece of _____________ . — Sunset Dreaming or something like that.

You have to be kidding!  This is a slap in the face of the multitude of people who post worthwhile daily posts, who labor hard to furnish good reading on this system and are totally ignored.

Fastest growing blog my butt. Who is the idiot that came up with this one?

Don Smith

3 thoughts on “Man what a crock this is…

  1. Good for you! It is about time someone started holding accountable for a lot of these so called features that do not actually work.

    Keep after them.
    It is a shame, but there appears to be very little room between the truth and an outright lie on the internet and society in general. WordPress has something less than a stellar record for the past six months that I have noted.

    If this is what it is, then that is fine, when it is bogus (as this case was) I am going to tell everyone I know about it. Personally, I feel like the time I spent going to this site (Fastest Growing Blogs) was a total waste of time. Not that I don’t have a lot of it to spare, but that is not the point.

    Rest assured I am gonna keep on choppin’ and take note of where the chips fly.



  2. Strange combination of circumstances. It’s all done by the system. No human hands.
    Naw, I cannot buy that Bill. If it was “machine generated” and no human hands came in contact with it, or connected with it, then why did they remove it? After I posted this bogus fast growing come on, they went in and changed the site completely, removed it from the #2 spot on the list, and replaced it with something else.

    Incidentally the second post was about condom’s too. Must be some kind of strange fetish that I do not understand. The second site is now written in some language other than English. My comments on the page were also not posted (Big Surprise there, No?) and are not to be seen anywhere.

    That takes “human intervention” a machine doesn’t selectively edit or remove posts as far as I know.

    I wrote a post on it this morning it is called WordPress SNAFU.



  3. They must make statements like politicians. Technically, they could be right. For example, if on the first day the website owner had one person visit and the next day he had three, he had a 300% increase overnight!!!

    That’s kind of like being the commander-in-chief of the national guard of the largest state (in land area) in the entire U.S.A. The fact is the entire Alaska National Guard is only 4,200 people and Governor Palin has NEVER ordered the Guard to do anything. But, she still get to be the commander-in-chief!

    Maybe someone owed the website owner a favor and juiced the numbers for him/her, or just made it up outright. Stranger things have happened. Total honesty is a rare commodity these days.
    This is just another typical ruse put on by and it should come as no big surprise to anyone in general, they are doing it all the time. And when you come onto them about and hold their feet to the fire, they run and hide behind FAQ’s or something like that.

    This clearly was a ruse from start to finish, no honesty in it whatsoever. It is sad, but instead of being the exception to the rule, it has now been fully accepted as the norm. Put it out there, it doesn’t matter if it is shaded or not, no one cares and no one will say or do anything about it. When you approach them on it, they just fart you off. “You can try and teach a pig to sing, but it will not work, and all it does is irritate the pig.”

    Your comment is most likely right on the money (IE: Maybe someone owed the website owner a favor and juiced the numbers for him/her, or just made it up outright. Stranger things have happened. Total honesty is a rare commodity these days.) If it was not bogus, it should still be there, but it is gone.

    What does that tell you?

    Palin ought to stop making all of these inane statements, and just shut up for crying out loud. Everything that she has said so far, has come back to bite her in the tush. She is proving to be just like the rest of them …… pretty sad.



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