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[09-01] Trash Talkin … I guess I could start off with something on McSame and Wonder Woman, or maybe some Obamma blabber, but to tell you the truth, I am kind of sick of all of it.  This has turned out to be the most bizarre “dog and pony” show in recent history … and there will be plenty of more of it before we see the end next month […]
[09-02] Bridge To Nowhere … Our newly cloned Vee-Pee canidate sez … I championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress – I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on that bridge to nowhere. If our state wanted a bridge, I said we’d build it ourselves. Uh huh, sure.  Is this a big lie or small white one? […]
[09-02] Deep Freeze …. American shoppers are buying freezers in record numbers.  Across the country, shoppers bought more than 1.1 million freezers during the first six months of the year; this represents a 7% increase in sales over last year at the very same time.  That doesn’t sound like much, 7%, but it is about $400 million in freezer sales […]
[09-03] Reverse Migration … Here is the “no brainer” for Wednesday.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) want to rent ad space on the controversial U.S.-Mexico border fence. PETA’S proposed billboard would depict obese Americans and warn in English and Spanish that “if the Border Patrol doesn’t get you, the chicken and the burgers will – […]
[09-04] Territorial Loons … I don’t do windows … A strange invention. Clear Tech self-cleaning glass.  The glass is coated with titanium dioxide, which is photo-catalytic, meaning that it has a chemical reaction to light. When sunlight hits the glass, it breaks down material on the window into smaller and smaller particles. The coating is […]
[09-04] Man what a crock this is Global Dashboard fastest growing blogs … Item #2 … My first post and an old joke. This guy posts “TWO” posts and he is listed in the fasted growing wordpress blogs? Even has the mark of the beast in his address, incredible.  At least now we have an inkling of who is actually running this ______ […]
[09-05] Lying In America Not long ago I found myself watching “A Few Good Men” with Nicholson and Cruise and the line they have in that movie a scene which resonated with me, it always does. While under extreme cross examination Cruise asks Nicholson to “tell the truth.” Nicholson replies, “You want the truth?  Is that what you want Danny, […]
[09-05] WordPress SNAFU Old Army Term:  Situation Naturally All _______ up!  Been a good week, only had a few problems with and I am sure they are tired of my chivy attitude and my comments concerning their lackluster performance. They need to learn, that if you put lipstick on a pig … It is still going to be a pig […]
[09-05] Life goes on … Let see? My virus scanner says that my system is squeaky clean, I don’t have any Spyware, any Trojan anythings, my malware is not there, I am doing well.  I am somewhat concerned about this ugly rash in my right armpit, and may have to stay on top of that. But all in all, I am in pretty good shape […]
[09-08] Down and Dirty … Some of you may have noted that I did not post over the weekend as is my custom. I was somewhat removed from it all on Saturday and as I was decidedly depressed and down in the mount, I chose to not share that with you. It is bad enough that I have to endure […]
[09-08] Happy Place … At the end of the week, with all of this starting to wear on me, I decided to go to a shrink and make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. I told him, “Doc, these people on the net, I think they are driving me crazy. Easy going folks that used […]
[09-08] Men Should Never Be Depressed … When you are a man …Wedding plans take care of themselves.  When you get married your last name stays put.   The garage is all yours  Chocolate is just another snack.   You can be President.  You can scratch that what itches and not be all that worried about […]
[09-09] News Flush … I have been using the time to think about the course that America is taking on this Ship of State Presidential Race. And I have come to the conclusion that it really isn’t going to matter. This thinking could be brought on by current low emotional rating on my bio-rhythm chart, I dunno. But […]
[09-10] Skinny Dipping With Grandpa ….. Mail has run and the box was empty, last weekend being Grandparents Day I had waited for the kids to send their Mama something but they didn’t.  I had fortunately, had the forethought to go to the HallMark Store and purchase a card for her and I gave her a grandmother card. I cannot stand […]
[09-10] Wake Up America … Hurricane Ike is barreling down on the Texas coast, should be coming ashore there sometime today or possibly tomorrow, and I suppose we will be in for some rain.  Yesterday I was somewhat amused when they reported that “the hurricane is now passing over the western edge of Cuba and residents were being encouraged to […]
[09-11] Any Questions … If you vote for Obamma you get this And this If you vote for McCain you get this and this Any questions? Now if you will please excuse me, I am back to my required reading.
[09-11] Case Sensitive … Do Not Use !!#@#%!! Browsing the net this morning and I come across this site that says:  “passwords are case sensitive, you cannot use !!#@#%!! in your screen name.”  And I thought back to the days of my youth, when my mother would stand on the front porch and scream …. “Don!  Get your !!#@#%!! butt in this house, […]
[09-11] The Simpatico Jogger … Ran into a friend at the Mall the other day, I went out there to carouse the book store and get some chinese, I like that Chinese Food.  He said “How you doing, I notice you have put on some weight.” Which I thought was rude and I just told him that “I was my perfect […]
[09-11] The Silly Season … Beyond Stupid 55 more days!  If I get one more Email on Sarah Super Mom or hear one more soundbite on “Lipstick and Farm Animals” I believe I will just go join the French Foreign Legion or some other sane organization. Here is one for you boys … “You can try and teach a pig to sing, but it won’t […]
[09-12] Friday Meltdown … Palintology The study of Middle Aged Soccer Moms in America and their influence on the political scene. Monday this hard-hitting USA documentary dives deep into the mystic of the American Pysche concerning matters of impotence in the United States today. Check your local listings for time. PANGUITCH, Utah (AP)- One Utah community is cheering a special […]
[09-13] Leader Of The Pack .. Coalition of the Defeated President Bush is recalling 8,000 troops from Iraq by February,which we all know is …”too little … Too late.” He is more than likely running short on bodies for Afghanistan, another false Democracy in a land of ungodly non-democratic believers.  The legacy of George Wubya Bush. Not much time left for my favorite rapscallion of the […]
[09-13] Eyes Only For You A few unflattering emails concerning the bathing suit picture of the prospective VeePee yesterday. Some found it inappropriate, and chastised me for it. Hey? If you don’t want a picture of a pistol-packing Yummy Mummy on the page, don’t post one on the internet. Currently the only thing worth talking about is her glasses. Palin’s glasses […]
[09-13] Swaggin In South Beach Remember back in the “Old Days” when a little butt crack was cute?  Well, not anymore.  At least that is what one Florida Judge had to say about it. (You can tell it is a slow day in Oklahoma when you find yourself sitting down to write about butt cracks!  And yes, I know South […]
[09-13] Catching Pigs This has to be the Email of the week for me. There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab, the Prof noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as […]
[09-15] Busted Flat in Baton Rogue Hurricanes and natural disasters are supposed to bring out the best in people, unfortunately in the USA it seems the exact opposite.  Gasoline in the gulf states has jumped to over $5 a gallon in the wake of Hurricane Ike.  Thank God I have an Oklahoma Economy car.  Reports circulating out of the Gulf States […]
[09-15] Change in the air Stepping outside you can almost feel the change in the air, fall is just around the corner.  There seems to be an “air about it” if you will pardon the pun.  My old bones are starting to creak in the wind, they do that every fall season, nothing much you can do about it.  Still […]
[09-15] Into The Mix A wealthy Manhattan mother posted a Craiglist ad for a nanny that began, “My kids are a pain in the a**,” and went onto describe in 1,000 words, why the job would make most people miserable. Fifteen people applied, and a 25-year old woman accepted the job without ever meeting the children. I am staying […]
[09-16] Goin With The Flow While on this election crap is going on, noticeable “real world news” seems to have taken a back seat to most everything else. Other than the recent hurricane in the gulf, another significant thing occurred this week that did not get any attention at all. A huge chunk of the Arctic broke off, a piece […]
[09-16] Checking the mirror You ever wonder why the hair on top of your head goes away, and the hair inside your ears, starts to grow? Just doesn’t make sense to me. When your eyebrows start looking better than the rest of your body, then I would say you are in trouble. This week I sent away for a […]
[09-17] I Don’t Understand I don’t understand why Runway Models walk the way they do. I don’t understand how a black cow, can eat green grass, under a blue sky and produce white milk. I don’t understand the phrase … Settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar … Why are we not allowed to send in pennies … […]
[09-17]  Lawn Mowing Sucks Can you say “Lawn Mowing sucks” on the Internet? I guess you can, it is after all “my blog.” A couple of days ago, I was just lying there in bed, minding my own business, staring up at the ceiling. I do that a lot in the morning, watch the numbers roll on the clock, […]
[09-17] Wednesday In A Nutshell Watching the fabric of society and I suppose democracy, unravel is a scary thing. I have a question. “Where are those deep pockets of sanity in America, where people live “normally” and are immune to this apparent political madness?” The wife and I would like to move there. Somewhere that is devoid of “political handlers” […]
[09-18]  Six Month Anniversary Today is our sixth month of publication and there will only be one post today … this one. Our thanks and heart felt gratitude to all of you who have supported this endeavor and have encouraged its success. Those omniscient folks who having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight, possessed of universal or complete knowledge who […]
[09-19]  Something Stinks Yesterday, being the six month anniversary, I was busy with other things, so I only had time for one post. The set-up team came by for the publicity stunt, and I had to do that. We all have to give our best y’know, I am no exception. But I did have reservations about it. […]
[09-19] Mr. Congressman (audio) Hey Mr. Congressman Which way are you leaning? Take the quiz here. “The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)  KZOK 102 FM audio, a special heads up to Neva Jo.
[09-20] Random Musings Just finished reading some 1400 words some guy wrote on why he wants to commit suicide, and I thought to myself, “Man, talk about writer’s block?” There has to be something better than that to keep a guys fire stoked than that. Friday Nite in the Metroplex, should be starting out for a night on […]
[09-20]  Hat Trick The road she calls to me … Like a sultry lover in the dark She whispers my name … I want to go …. My retirement or my life for that matter … Did not turn out the way I thought it would But then again, does anyone’s? So in order to beat the pain … I […]
[09-20] Cuttin Thru The Clutter End of another week, and there is no plea for succor forthcoming nor is one being contemplated at this time. One more feeble nefarious attempt at reaching out and massaging the things that hurt, bringing attention to those items that need fixing, a plea to amuse and confuse you. Just finished up with the Email, […]
[09-22] On Some Days It appears that it is going to be “one of those days.” I am doing it again, as my wife is fond of saying. Like a small errant child, I find myself somewhat bored, perplexed and anxious. Little House on the prairie is my only saving grace. A chance encounter on video of Ponderosa […]
[09-22] Good Ol Boys Wrote a piece over the weekend on the election process in America, shaped it molded it, breathed into it life. Then I get an Email that says … “God, you are one of the good ol’ boys” and that was it. So dutifully I answer the thing and of course it is a bogus address. […]
[09-22] Monday-Monday Man, I love dumb crooks. Police in Hillsborough, North Carolina, responded to a call from a bank about a man who was acting suspiciously. Capt. Dexter Davis confronted the man asked if he had a weapon. “He pushed his book bag off his shoulders, opened the bag up and held it open to […]
[09-23]  Ephemeral change A friend of mine asked me yesterday why I don’t do a piece on the current buy-outs of the investment bankers and the general condition of the U.S. Economy. I just told him that it depresses me too much when I think about it. I remember a time in my life when I was upside […]
[09-23]  Do We Have A Deal For You. Credit cards are on the move again, they stalled out for awhile.  I guess they were sitting back and waiting on the dust to settle? In today’s mail, another offer of a matchless pristine greatly reduced, no interest, you don’t have to pay until all the Icebergs melt, offer of a credit card.  Which promptly […]
[09-23]  Suiting Up For The Game Coffee is good this morning, I was supposed to cut back on it, but dog-gone it, “there has to be something left for me in life.” I gave up smoking, McDonalds French Fries, drinking, carousing; cheating at cards, lusting after another Monkey’s Monkey, there has to be something left for me. This past weekend, I […]
[09-23]  Thank You America My fellow Americans: As your future President I want to thank my supporters, for your mindless support of me, despite my complete lack of any legislative achievement, my pastor’s relations with Louis Farrakhan and Libyan dictator Moamar Quadafi, or my blatantly leftist voting record while I present myself as some sort […]
[09-23] Off The Shelf So what are the effects of over-consumption for many years? The more you have the more you want, which of course leads to unhappiness and insecurity often initiated in the quest for wealth. I recently read a study on this. It mainly dealt with kids, in these three studies with adolescents, they showed that those […]
[09-24]  Something to think about A friend of mine in Kansas City sent me this … I’m a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight….. * If you grow up in Hawaii , raised by your grandparents, you’re ‘exotic, different.’ * Grow up in Alaska eating moose burgers,  you’re a quintessential American story. * If your name is Barack you’re […]
[09-24]  No Shoes .. No Shirt .. No problem. Ordered a couple of DVD’s from Best Buy yesterday, for the convenience of not having to contend with traffic, I used the Internet. I don’t know why, just thought it would be easier than driving out to the store. Next time, I will drive out to the store. First thing that went wrong […]
[09-24]  Enslaved Democracy There is an old expression, “History has a bad habit of repeating itself.” My father never talked a great deal about politics’. But I do remember one time he came in the door and I asked him what was up and he said that he had just come from voting. So curious I […]
[09-25]  The King Of Babylon This morning is a tough nut to crack, our King Of Babylon (George Bush) was on television last night explaining to the American the current banking malaise. At this time I would like to comment. I believe it is high time that we pass some kind of federal legislation concerning the use of teleprompters by […]
[09-25]  Gender Bender USA Today, the nations’ newspaper is running two articles about women in the home and how they are ruling the roost these days. Which is true to a point. Speaking from a strictly personal point, I am however, still The Master Of This House (I have my wife’s permission to say that) contrary to popular […]
[09-26]  Water Woes All day I face, the barren waste, without the taste of water, cool, clear water. Old Dan and I, with throats burned dry, search the sky, for water, cool clear water.” Did you know that “Dan” in that song was a donkey? Yup, true. The last time I ventured into these familiar waters (pardon […]
[09-26] Washington Crap Shoot It appears that the Congress has come to “an understanding” on this billion dollar legislation, it is save the bank and burn the houses.  Nice try but no cigar, and it is anyone’s guess what is going to happen from this point on. This morning I have been reading postings by bloggers who are thoroughly […]
[09-27] Too Much Stuff Another Day In Mt Trashmore America Man, I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. I had two crazy dreams last night. The first one was that everyone who had an RSS Feed on this blog wrote in and had a comment, and I had to answer each and every one of them! […]
[09-27]  Buy Back America I found this post this morning on my old high school web page, and I thought I would lift it and bring it over here.  It makes a lot of sense, so therefore, I doubt if the U.S. Government would even remotely consider it, but I wanted to share it with our readers. This is in […]
[09-27] Back Off (audio) Went to the doctor on Friday, part of my yearly check up and planned maintenance schedule. You see life doesn’t begin after forty, maintenance begins after forty. Recently my sister said “that sixty was the new forty” and I love my sister, but she has that wrong, she isn’t even close … Sixty is […]
[09-27] Back Off (audio) Went to the doctor on Friday, part of my yearly check up and planned maintenance schedule. You see life doesn’t begin after forty, maintenance begins after forty. Recently my sister said “that sixty was the new forty” and I love my sister, but she has that wrong, she isn’t even close … Sixty is […]
[09-29]  Salacious – Sad – Sunny Welcome to the Creative Endeavors home page and gift shop … How may we serve you? Trusting that you had a marvelous weekend and things were pleasant and comfortable, it is now time to once again to face the new week. What will this week bring? Sarah Palins email got hacked and someone got into her […]
[09-29]  Head Cheerleader Haven’t heard much from our head cheerleader here lately (Bush), he isn’t getting a lot of media play and even his own party isn’t courting him any longer. His approval rating is lower than Popsicle freezing temperature and he is sinking fast. He is just now starting to realize after eight years, “that if everyone […]
[09-30] Winners and Losers I like that subject, “Winners and Losers” there are so many avenues available to you on something like this with a heading like that. Sit back, sip on your morning coffee, and wade your way thru this, you will be glad you did. Loser: Anyone with teenagers living in the house, especially in the groceries department […]
[09-30]  September Wrap Take it to the Car Wash. Seattle Washington is considering the banning of washing cars on the driveway. They say that all the pollution and run off (chemicals, brake dust) is harmful to the Puget Sound environment. I find this kind of hard to believe (must be my day to be a skeptic huh?). […]


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Trash Talkin …

I will lay you 6 to 5 he is really smiling now.

I will lay you 6 to 5 he is really smiling now.

I guess I could start off with something on McSame and Wonder Woman, or maybe some Obamma blabber, but to tell you the truth, I am kind of sick of all of it.

This has turned out to be the most bizzare “dog and pony” show in recent history … and there will be plenty of Media Over-Kill on the six o’clock news tonight, I will again get my fill of it.

It seems to be the talk of the town, every other blog on the Internet is talking about it.  I am going to take a pass on the deal.

We will instead, find something else to talk about.

On May 1, 1886, 350,000 workers went on strike to protest low wages and poor working conditions.  The event ended in a riot that left two people dead.  the following year, President Grover Cleveland thought a May 1 Labor Day holiday (May Day was already celebrated in many other countries) would be a good way to commemorate the riots.  But at the last moment he moved the holiday, which honors the nation’s workforce, to September 1.


He didn’t want it to appear that the United States Government sympathized with the International Socialist workers’ right movement.  Happy Labor Day!  It should be a great day, if you are not stuck on some cramped, smelly bus, headed North out of Louisiana.

Hurricane Gustav is growing into “a monster Category 5 storm” as it heads towards the Gulf Coast. The storm is moving into the loop current, a deep bed of hot water in the Gulf of Mexico that is helping to intensify the storm. In May, climatologists reported that the Gulf has been experiencing warmer waters than usual:

Off St. Petersburg, water temperatures have been 2 to 4 degrees above the 80-degree average for this time of year. In Fort Myers, temperatures have been similar. If that warm water continues to deepen and spread, it could be disastrous if a hurricane enters the gulf. … The gulf, with its loop current of deep, warm-water pools, is a hurricane minefield. If the water heats up enough, it can end storms spinning headlong into the coast.

ABC News writes, “Many scientists predict over the next decade we’ll see stronger hurricanes — Category 4 and 5 hurricanes even more violent than Katrina. The cause, some argue, is rising sea surface temperatures caused by global warming.”  It appears that “all of this changed science on the part of the Bush Administration” is now coming back to bite them in the rear.  The storms are MORE intense and considerably STRONGER which is what the scientist’s were saying all along.

The slowing economy has hit another unusual peak.

The collection of trash nationwide is down, because of several factors.  First a high percentage of trash collected is from new home starts or construction, but that is down too.  Waste collection in Seattle is down some 7%, and nationwide it averages about 3% to 12% and continues to decline.  So we now have a new economic indicator …. Garbage.

Oklahoman’s toss out nine times the national average in trash alongside the interstates. Now if you want some real garbage, down and dirty, read this one. In Tulsa a woman has been accused of “having sex with dogs” and has been charged with crimes against nature.  Remember you heard it first here, I cannot wait for Jay Leno to get ahold of this one.  One look at her photo and you might possibly understand.  More —

Is this a great state or what?

In San Clemente, California (President Nixon’s old stomping grounds) a judge ruled that visitors to a secluded stretch of San Onofre Sate Beach can sunbathe in the nude unless someone objects.  Now who could possibly object to something as natural as this?  Don’t forget to take along Rover!

Email of the week: 

The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment:  Each child was required to get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it.  The next day the kids came back and one by one began to tell their respective stories.

‘Little  Billy, do you have a story to share?’ ‘Yes ma’am. My daddy told a story about my Aunt Karen.

She was a pilot in Desert Storm and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy Territory and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol and a survival knife.

She drank the whiskey on the way down so it wouldn’t break and then her parachute landed right smack dab in the middle of twenty enemy troops. She shot fifteen of them with the gun until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands.’

‘Good Heavens’ said the horrified teacher.  ‘What kind of moral did your Daddy tell you from this horrible story?’

‘Stay the hell away from Aunt Karen when she’s drinking.’