Boring and not important …

Crazy mean men are usually played by Dennis Hopper.  Weird men are to be played by Robin Williams.  And then we have the political candidates …

Obammer is back from his palooza world tour after declaring himself as something akin to Emperor at Large or some kind of Rock Star. In Germany he described himself as a “citizen of the world” ….. People of Berlin … People of the world … This is our moment!” I believe the quote was.

John McSame was currently behind Obammer in a few southern states, Colorado and Michigan last I heard. But not to worry, Obammer was said to be way ahead of him in Belgium, Germany and France. Meanwhile back at the ranch … When Mr. Bush was asked what he thought about this latest new development in the campaign, Mr. Bush responded that “he thought the bad spellers of the world should untie!”

Still writing bad checks and blaming everyone else.  In totally non-reality-based news, the Bush administration announced this week that this year’s $600 per person tax rebate busted the budget. But we all know that is false, the biggest culprit was Dubya’s determination to launch a war in Iraq, which has cost hundreds of billions of dollars while he sat back and blithely cut taxes. When this guy dies, he ought to leave his body to science fiction. We KNOW why we are broke George ………..

Now the bill is coming due, and the American people and the next president are stuck with it.

Here is some progressive thinking. A New Jersey senator, Jennifer Beck, wants to automatically strip politicians convicted of crimes such as public corruption of their retirement benefits. Finally someone with a modicum of sense, got elected to an office.

By the way, she is a Republican.

Recently I wrote that the good folks in Colorado didn’t want any drilling in their area. Now I have found another stellar example of “The Not In My Backyard” phenomenon. Baltimore county officials plans to take its opposition to a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal to the Supreme Court. AES Corp. wants to build a terminal at a former Bethlehem Steel shipyard.

Critics say the plant would harm the environment and be a terrorist target. Hey I got news for you, according to the Bush Administration; this entire country is a Terrorist target.

Yesterday I mentioned Bear Scat (Bear poo-poo) and today I came across this. Scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division traveling by boat on a research mission to study whale habitats, managed to capture what they believe is a historical first photo: the water pattern that results from the bubble when a hug whale releases flatulence. Said researcher Nick Gales, “We got away from the bow of the ship very quickly.”

I always wondered why Gregory Peck was yelling … “Thar she blows!” …. In that Hollywood classic, now I know.

Here is something else that I found personally amusing.  “ has announced that support will be open 24/7 as of this month.” Which is kind of like drilling for oil, 15% of nothing is still nothing.

A convicted killer is on a hunger strike in a Colorado jail because he can no longer play the drums. Prison staff shortages and a spate of fights among prisoners, canceled rehearsals of the prison band and the drummer is not all that happy about that. His mother said that she was very concerned because he has lost 32 pounds in the first week. 32 lbs in one week (almost 5 lbs per day average)

Yeah right, like I believe that.

I have at one time or another been on every cotton-pickin’ diet in the world and NEVER lost any kind of numbers like that. I have been so dog-gone hungry that even cat food commercials on TV made me hungry. The last diet I was on was that Grapefruit Diet, where you eat nothing but Grapefruit all day long. But I had to give it up because every time that I went to the bathroom, I found myself squirting myself in the eye!

32 lbs in one week …… yeah sure … And all Desperate Housewives look like that.