Critic’s Corner …

Thought for the day: “Man needs more to be reminded than instructed.”

An Arizona radio station that “caters to Latino Immigrants” (what we are calling them this week) has announced that it is going to close down at the end of the month.  It appears to be the latest victim to a faltering economy and ongoing crackdown on illegals, and is now shutting down and going out of business.  The station in the Phoenix area broadcast each day in Spanish only.

Guess they figured there isn’t any sense preaching to an empty choir.

Dirty-Yellow-Dawg-Democrat. A jury in Nashville said it was difficult to reach a decision in the corruption trial of a former democratic state senator John Ford.  He was charged with wire-fraud and failing to report some $850,000 in payments from state contractors.  The jury ultimately decided that their right to extended honest service from him was apparently not forthcoming.

My little granddaughter will sing this crazy little song to taunt her brother … “Anything that you can do, we can do better.  Anything that you can do, we can do better” A feminist in our ranks, and she is only 5 years old.  She would fit right in down south in Atlanta.

Officials there have agreed to scrap road signs warning of “Men At Work” or “Men Working Ahead.” After some complaints that the signs were sexist … So now they are going to read …. “Workers Ahead.”

It just seems like the right thing to do, said an Atlanta official.  Now someone stick another Politically Correct Pin In The Map to signify a major hollow victory for another special interest moron.  I mean what is the big deal really?  I mow the lawn and do all the yardwork, week after _______ week, but I don’t go around demanding that someone bestow the title of “Lawn Care Specialist” on my dumb butt.

Pull up yo’ Snoop Dawg-Dog drawers!  Now here is some “progressive legislating.”

Flint Michigan is the latest city to crack down on the wearing of outlandishly over-sized jeans, in a memo to officers last week, the police chief said to his officers “that anyone who was wearing the baggy trousers so low that buttock skin is visible should be arrested and charged with indecent exposure.  And those exposing underwear only, could be charged with disorderly conduct.” I suppose some people call it a fad, but I believe you could find some that would agree that it is a national nuisance.

Good News and Bad News.

USA Today, The Nation’s Newspaper, is reporting that a Continental Airlines Flight made an emergency landing at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport after a loss of cabin pressure.  That is the good news.  Now here is the bad news, the flight had approximately 120 passengers of which, nine were Texas Lawmakers (legislators) on board, that is the bad news, they made it off okay too and continued on to Washington DC. on another plane.

A silicon based intelligence, (that is a fancy word for a computer y’all – Okie Talk) a computer system named “Polaris” beat several of the world’s top poker players recently in a match in Las Vegas, Nevada.  To prep for its confrontation with humans, the system first played 8 billion games with itself.  And you thought warming up before exercising was a bad idea?

Who writes this stuff?  The U.S. Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA) is reporting that the price of a gram of pure cocaine sold for about $118.70 in the spring of 2007, and the cost of the drug is now escalating because of recent improvements in border patrol, yada-yada-yadda -blah-blah.  Last I heard, “we gave Mexico some $141 Million to clean up THEIR DRUG PROBLEM, can’t get a better deal than that.”

$118.70 per gram?

  • “Hey man, you wanna buy some —-, it has only been stepped on once.”
  • “Uh how much is it?” … “$118.70 per gram”
  • “Okay, here is $120.00”
  • “Thanks, and here is your change sir, One dollar and thirty cents.”
  • (Yeah, like I am believing that one)

More good news … “The War On Drugs is Over ……. We lost.”