Bikinis (The reason men are pigs)

Summer Time In America

Headed into the Dawg Days of Summer. You want to sit on the porch in the cool of the morning, then you had best get up early. Oklahoma is known for its heat, and the unfortunate thing is, it heats up here and it doesn’t always cool down. Even at night, in the middle of the night, it is still hot in Oklahoma.

Good time to go to the beach if you can get away. You can talk about your sunsets in the evening time. The sight of a new born puppy or a kitty, the wonders of a baby. But all of it pales in the company of young women in Bikini’s.

There is just something about the sight of a woman in a skimpy outfit that discombobulates men to the point that their judgment is impaired. Which of course leads them to do stupid things, when it comes to money, alcohol, and other short-term rewards.

English Girls on Holiday

English Girls on Holiday

Belgian researchers let a group of men fondle womens bras and shirts and look at photo’s of women in bikini’s. As their sexual arousal climbed, the men became more likely to seek immediate satisfaction through any means available to them.

Wonder how it is a guy gets himself chosen for one of these survey’s anyway? I asked Cup Cake (my wife) about it and she seemed especially interested in the fondling of the womens articles of apparel and all. She even allowed me the pleasure of some discovery, and I got to do all of the household laundry last Saturday.

So much for science and survey’s.

It turns out that there is a region in the brain, that is stimulated by the sight of women skimply dressed and this region registers rewards for pleasurable activities such as sex, eating, drinking and winning money. I suppose the very same thing happens with a woman, but it is pictures of money, jewerly and or cash.

So when men are stimulated but not rewarded with any of the above, they will crave an alternative reward.

This might be the reason that every time you turn around you see some kind of “sexy advertisement” on the local bookrack or when you glance at a commercial on television, you will find a seriously good looking woman and often she is wearing a bikini.

This could be the reason men are influenced into what stock they invest in or what candy bar they happen to buy. I bought a vac. cleaner from a gal at Sear’s one time, mainly because she was foxy and good looking. And at the time, I really didn’t need a vacuum cleaner. So it kind of makes sense to me.

Lot of mysteries in this old world, y’know it?

Tomorrow we will talk about being sixty plus in America, and dead-zones.

Don’t miss it.



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