Mapo Tofu ….

WORD FOR THE DAY: Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a NEW car, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.”

Yesterday Creative Endeavors went over the 10,000 mark, which was impressive, when you stop to consider our first post was back in Mid-March of this year.  And of course, that posts some of the material some of the time, and at other times, posts it three weeks late on the date, buried deep in the catagory page or NOT at all.  Which was the case yesterday.  So when you look at it from that perspective, it is kind of amazing anyone actually found this page at all. Thier official answer was that “the author was the problem, and they farted it off to some kind of tag surfer issue, which is a joke, in itself.”  You cannot surf a tag that has not been posted … anywhere.

So this may post and it might not, it is kind of up in the air right now.

So far it has been a slow week and that is fine I suppose.  The long hot Dog Days of Summer have arrived in Oklahoma and next month, August.  It will really heat up in August.  My life has been too complicated here lately, and this respite from the grind, is most welcome.  I am trying to learn the nuances of this new program, ScribeFire and it is giving me problems, mostly making me do a lot of repetitive chores, which I do not like.

If you are using it, and it is not “wrapping the post” I have found that if you take it to a “Word” editor and then post it, that will get rid of some of that problem.  Just passin’ it on for what it is worth.

That is life I guess.  The lawns need mowing, but as the City has not been around, I can blow that one off until at least the middle of the week, which is what I fully intend to do. It is not easy being “low maintenance” but someone has to do it.

Just finished reading an article where it says that “sending your children to summer camp” is a good thing, and that it strengthens the child and prepares them for life.  Which I believe is true.  Right after I graduated from high school, for my class trip, they sent me to Viet Nam and believe me, that changed my life, like you would not believe.

So there is certainly a grain of truth in that article for sure.

Payday! My money doesn’t even slow down when it gets to me any more. Things concerning the economy are still perceived to being rather “tight” although it did show some growth the other day. If you desire a healthy economy then it is necessary to have a plentiful, steady supply of energy, this has been shown to us over and over. Achieving this goal is somewhat elusive it seems, but that is the key to it all.

Believe it or not, the last thing this country needs right now is more oil. Oil is poisoning our climate and our geopolitics, it is ruining our planet. We need to start weaning ourselves from our addiction and finding alternative sources of energy. Wind power readily comes to mind here, we need to be developing more wind power generating fields in the wide expanse of the American Heart-Land. The wind in the Oklahoma Panhandle blows on average, about 12 mph every day, we need to put this to our best advantage and utilize it for power.

High oil prices are actually a good thing, because they’ll help drive conservation, open the door to new sources of power and energy. They will eventually be the trigger for massive investments in renewable sources such as wind, solar, and solar thermal.

What we don’t need is another politician oil whore, who eschews good times are just around the corner, and encourages us to take one more toke on the middle eastern oil pipe, to ignore the problems we face. I for one find myself tiring of the “wink and a promise” out of Washington D.C., and the cliché that “next year we will go straight.”

It is time to pack your bags, head south to Texas, and eat your Okra.

I read where Starbucks is closing 600 stores nation wide, I suppose that means the one right across from the other over there by the Interstate.  You are charging $3 for a cup of coffee and over $7 for a Latte (which is milk and coffee) and you cannot post a profit?  Give me a break.

Speaking of food and drink? Ran into an old school chum this weekend at the store, she commented on my recent weight loss, asked if I had used the Atkins South-Beach Diet, or the Grapefruit Diet, and I told her it was the “We cannot afford the cost of food diet.”

One more and I am outta here.

China has cleaned up some of their restaurant items on the menu, as you know; some words in Chinese do not translate well into English.  Being somewhat image conscious, they have figured out some more appealing ways to name traditional dishes just in time for the Olympics later on this year.

“Husband and wife lung slice” will now be referred to as:  “Beef and ox tripe in chili sauce” and “Bean curd made by pockmarked woman” simply becomes “Mapo Tofu.”

Ummmmmmmm Yummy!