Jaws … Don’t Go Near Recent Catagories



Okay I give up!  Something within the confines of this electronic world is eating my posts and I do not know what it is, nor do I know how to stop it.

Dutifully, as is my habit, I put the post in “Recent” and it is there, I come back a couple of hours later, and it is not.

It is really frustrating.  I have tried everything that I know to correct it, and I now just fully accept that it is something on their end and not mine, and I am moving on. 

That kind of sucks, you pay for something and you expect it to work, and when it doesn’t, well you just are not a happy camper.

I am just going to keep throwing them out there on the front porch of life (one at a time) and if the cat comes by and licks it up, well that is fine.  If it doesn’t, that is okay too.  Life is just too short to mess with it, and I am not going to allow it to upset my applecart.

I am also considering cutting back to one post per day, the workload to provide two items per day is just too much.  I feel overworked, stressed out, and basically, half way burnt out.  My PTSD is acting up and I am bitchy here lately, and I could possibly be morphing into my sister or my Ex-Wife, something, I dunno.

This morning [7-14-08] I put up another post, and it was posted, and then promptly eaten by some unknown electronic grinch or something … don’t tag anything “Recent” if you want it read, because it is not gonna be there long, and wordpress.com doesn’t seem to want to address the issue at all.

There it is, the audacity of bloggin pragmatism.