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I got this Email yesterday that states, “matter of facilely” that Obammer is the Anti-Christ! I will spare you all the gory details, but here is a quote from it:

According to The Book of Revelation the anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything .”

Maybe it is me, having read the Bible on occasion, I don’t remember any mention of “Muslim” (descent) in there at all … The word Islam cannot be found in the bible and certainly not the word “Anti Christ.”  I don’t think I have seen anything in the book that is in all CAP’S either.

Someone needs to help me out on this one, I must be reading the wrong bible.

Kind of similar to “locking the barn door after the horse has got out.” This guy is already here; he’s in office right now, all of it except that “Muslim” part that is. You figure it out. We will give your three guesses and the first two, don’t even count. If you are a regular reader of this page, then you know how I feel. If you are not, then most likely, as you have astutely gathered I am not a big Obammer fan, but I don’t believe he is getting a fair shake on this one at all.

Now I did some research on it and this is what I found.

Illinoisans (that is one of them there fancy words for people who live outside of Chicago) were less likely to interpret the Bible literally. While 33 percent of all respondents said the Scriptures were the “word of God, literally true word for word,” only 27 percent of those in Illinois agreed.

Illinoisans (those folks who live outside of Chicago) were also more likely to agree that “there is more than one true way to interpret the teachings of my religion” and that “many religions can lead to eternal life.” And while Illinoisans (people who moved there from Dearborn Michigan, after GM shut down) pray as frequently as the rest of the country, they were less likely to report receiving answers to those prayers.

Now that has to be “true” ‘cause I read it on the Internet.

Meanwhile back at the Eastern Ponderosa …. The Senate was expected to approve possibly sometime this week, the biggest government program yet to tackle a deep housing market slump feared to be dragging the economy into recession. The legislation would create a $300 billion fund to help up to 400,000 troubled homeowners refinance costly, exotic mortgages into more affordable, government-backed loans.

It easily cleared a Senate test vote by an 83-9 vote on Tuesday. It was rumored that even Hillary was there for this one, but I am not sure.

“The most significant concern that we have with the bill is that it would provide for $4 billion to states to purchase already foreclosed homes,” Bush administration spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters. “And our concern is that that just helps the banks, that it doesn’t help the consumers.”

So if you are some poor slob in Omaha, up to your rear in debt with a traditional mortgage and just trying to put some groceries on the table, this isn’t going to help you at all.

It is another perk for the rich. Biz as usual.


2 thoughts on “Obamma Spamma

  1. (New International Version) “Antichrist”
    1John 2:18
    1John 2:22
    1John 4:3
    2John 1:7

    But as Islam was still to be invented, some 400 to 500 years later, no mention of any Muslim in the Holy Bible.

    yet you are still correct, Don, the email is bombastic.

    LM, thanks for the reply, I do not read the NIV my bible is a King James and it is the “old style” …. The point of the post was as you astutely noticed, it was bombastic and ridiculous. Which is what I seem to be pre-occupied with pointing out here lately.


  2. Actually, there are four references to “antichrist” in the New Testament. They are I John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3 and II John 1:7. However, none of these references is applicable to Obama that I can see. As far as the “Muslim” reference, it is important to keep in mind that Islam came about originally in the seventh century, some 500-600 years after the Christian New Testament was written. So, if there was a reference in the New Testament to muslims, it would be miraculous indeed. Of course, those who generate such crap and put it out for the unlearned to swallow, don’t let minor things like facts stand in their way from making a good story. And those who swallow such bilge deserve to be fooled for not taking the initiative to check out an unsolicited story.

    Awhile back James, I got an email that implied that UFO’s had landed, had sex with earthlings, and that is how our current round of candidates were born or conceived. (UFO Blather was the name of the item)

    It is just flat out ridiculous the stuff that people feel the need to pass around.

    I am not a big Obammer fan, but they ought to cut the guy some slack. I will say this for him, “he is a quick learner.” Lately the Democratic nominee has been acting like everyone else in Washington DC. Worried about his patriotism? He now wears a flag-pin everywhere he goes. Worried about his church? He dropped that guy like a hot potato. Seems like to me, he is covering the bases.

    Should have said “MY BIBLE” as opposed to “the” bible. As everyone is so set on “holding my feet to the fire on this stuff” I guess I am going to have to go out and get myself ordained.

    I hear that the Themonastery.org (Universal Life Church) performs online ordination for free, and it is instantly gratifying to know that you have achieved your own personal nirvana of spirituality. Spiritualhumanism.org will ordain at no cost but you have to send in an email within 48 hours. Amfellow.org charges $25 plus a $3 fee for ordination.

    And last but not least, there is Dudeism.com the online shrine of the unconventional Church of the Latter Day Dude. Its philosophy blends ideas from Taoism with principles from the the film, “The Big Lebowski.” That is ……. If you don’t mind the frequent use of the word dude.

    And I thought last week was bad? This week aint doin’ much better ….. uh, is it? ….. Dude.



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