A Shocking Development

Hey! Creative Endeavors was listed as the Featured Blog on 6-27-08 at WordPress.com. Wow, how about that, this was a pleasant surprise.

A Grand Junction man was behind bars Wednesday on suspicion of attempting to coerce his girlfriend into having sex by threatening to zap her with a stun gun. Christopher Morgen Taylor, 30, turned on a Taser three times early Tuesday morning after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him, according to an arrest affidavit for Taylor.

When you are 30, you are sometimes what we call “young and stupid.” It should be our duty to inform this poor misguided soul that … You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar; anyone with half a brain knows that.

Taylor‘s girlfriend told police that Taylor turned the Taser on and said to her, “I don’t normally do this to anybody, but …” His girlfriend said she told Taylor to turn off the Taser because it was “freaking her out,” and she uttered a profanity and left the room, the affidavit said. She told police she was scared her boyfriend was going to use the device on her.

Officers with the Grand Junction Police Department located a stun gun on Taylor‘s bedroom nightstand after Taylor gave officers permission to search the house, the affidavit said. Taylor was in custody at Mesa County Jail on a $60,000 bond, on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault and unlawful use of a stun gun, and I suppose anger management classes are next.

He sure isn’t going to “get lucky” anytime soon, using this approach. Absolutely shocking the things men will do for a little uh … Naw, … Best I leave this one alone for sure. The PC word police will be all over me, if I go any further with this one.

Never lay an angry hand on a woman or a kid, it just aint helpful.

O.J. Simpson says he’s being victimized by an ambitious Nevada prosecutor pressing an armed robbery case that even the alleged victims don’t want to pursue. Simpson let loose this week in comments to a Fargo, N.D., radio station KFGO. He says he faces trial in Las Vegas on Sept. 8 because of who he is. Simpson says he’s got a dollar sign on his back and a bull’s eye on his front and everybody’s trying to benefit from him.

Lock N Load!

The newest version of the Associated Press Stylebook is available, and if you follow it, “WMD,” “iPhone” and “anti-virus” are in, while “barmaid,” “blue blood” and “malarkey” are out. Those are just some of the changes to its rules for certain often-used phrases and words. There are also new acceptable forms of describing the Sept. 11 attacks, and a different rule for use for “African-American.” I wonder why “all of a sudden” the mainstream press is concerned about items like this, never was an issue before.

America’s favorite Bull Dawger is down in the mount. He reports he has a little hitch in his giddy-yup. Hugh Hefner says he suffers from back problems because he spends too much time in bed “rustling around with friends”. The 82-year-old Playboy tycoon – who lives with three girlfriends at the infamous Playboy mansion in Los Angeles – is renowned for his womanizing ways, but says his bedroom activities have caused him health problems.

He told FoxNews.com: “I have some aches and pains and I have had lower back problems since the 80s. Too much time in bed rustling around with friends! I was raised in a very typical Midwestern Methodist home with a lot of repression. There weren’t a lot of hugs and kisses in my home, and I charted my own course.”

Kind of reminds me of my own childhood. I charted a lot of unfamiliar waters in my youth, and went down to the Bay to wait for my ship to come in.

Unfortunately all the piers rotted out before it happened.


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3 thoughts on “A Shocking Development

  1. Congratulations on being featured by WordPress! That is a feather in your cap, and deservedly so.

    The 30 yr.old in Grand Junction could take lessons from Hef, huh? His first lesson would be put the tazer away and find two other girls to choose from. Having money and a publishing empire are also helpful.

    Thanks LM. I was surprised to see it, I just happened to go over there (checking to make sure the post got published somewhere) and came across it.

    I now understand that Playboy, because of all the readily available “free porn” on the Internet is in decline, and that sales are down. As I am not a big supporter of this type of material, it doesn’t bother me to see it just disappear from the news shelves completely. One thing people ought to remember about porn sites, “there is a reason they want you to come there” and it is not free, far from it, they are loading your mind and your machine with all kinds of nasty stuff.

    It is all by design you know.



  2. RE: The cool news that … “Creative Endeavors was listed as the Featured Blog on 6-27-08 at WordPress.com”… I’m just glad I got into your fan club early. I knew there’d eventually be a waiting list.

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. It’s 38C in the Okanagan today. We just got back from a few hours of tennis and this afternoon I’m cutting my fella’s hair with his brand new WalMart clippers. I’ve never cut his hair before. I hope there are no casualties… like his ears.

    Cup Cake and I went to a reunion with some old high school chums, wrote a post on it, will be out tomorrow, it is entiled “Hangin With Hubba” get here early and beat the rush! Hahahahahahahahaha.

    Good gosh I still hate metrics, what is 32C? I have the same problem when I go overseas to the BBC where everything is in “pounds” and I don’t know how to convert to useless American Dollars as if it would make a big deal. Now I am confused, because on the show “Ice Road Truckers” which is in Yellowknife, and now in Alaska, they always report it as .22F” and not the “32C”.

    I must admit I had a good chuckle on the “missing ears” thing. Men occasionally refer to a haircut as having your ears lowered. You are right on the money there. My dad used to give me haircuts when I was a kid with a homemade set up and I hated it. My wife has offered and I have most graciously declined.

    I am leaving that up to a professional …. I have so little of it to lose.



  3. This is too funny… unless you were the girl of course… but the things some guys feel they have to do…. does it ever work out for them in the end? I’ve never heard of a knight in shining armour outcome from it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Noooooooooooooooo problem!


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