Look Out Boys … Incoming!

Man, we need some leadership in this country, where is Collin Powell when you really need him. What was that guys’ name down in Texas, the one with the big ears, kind of looked like a Taxi Cab with the doors open?

Bush who just two years ago, told us that he was going to do something about our apparent “addiction to oil” so his solution is to go over there and beg for EVEN MORE of the stuff. Yeah, that sounds like an energy plan to me.

It’s almost comical in some respects; we are treating this national malaise like a drug dealer? You need some more, I will get you some more, that is what you need, you need more, you don’t need to get straight, here, let me ease your pain. I will lower the price of your addiction, and then my buddies will start drilling in Yellowstone.

Yeah, that will work.

Kind of like Getz, the New York City subway vigilante, he would look at his victims and say … “You don’t look like you are hurting all that bad to me, you can take another.” And then he would pump another round into them.

You ever heard of a “heat seeking missile?”

These items of High-Tech-military hardware were all over the news at one time; don’t hear much about them these days. Well, it got me to thinking … I am going to develop a “Bi-Partisan BS Seeking Missile.” It will seek out obvious sources of BS and then take them out with the efficiency of a Smart Bomb.

The New Rambo of the Prairie, The Chuck Norris of the Red Lands … Just flick the switch, to the on position, point it in an easterly direction and whoosh ……. What (or who) do you think it will take out first?

So listen up boys! Consider yo’self warned … We now have our own WMD’s in The Heart Land (Hey? They lied about it we can too) …

If you get on TV and say something stoopid like …. “My fellow Amerikuns, don’t go skinny dippin’ with Turtles.” ….

Well look out … Incoming!



4 thoughts on “Look Out Boys … Incoming!

  1. “My fellow Amerikuns, don’t go skinny dippin’ with Turtles.”

    Now that would be one of the smartest things I’d heard from a politician.


  2. Good to see you over here Mike, I go to your site daily, and sure do enjoy it. If you have never read OkieDoke/Okie Bloggers there is a link right over there to the right, check it out, good read.



  3. I follow your blog daily via RSS.


  4. Same here Mike, I like what I read on yours. I cannot get that technocratic blog link or claim to work like yours. I sent them an email about it, but so far, no answer.

    Stay cool.



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