Hungry In The Heartland

Talk about squeezing every penny at the gas pump. Denver police say clerks at a gas station had a run-in with a man who insisted on using $10 worth of pennies to prepay for his fuel on Thursday…. More and more, I am seeing the clerks in the store taking the brunt of this, and it just isn’t fair.

They are not the problem, they do not set the prices, and they get all the ___ . Just isn’t right. People are wound a little tight here lately, so they take it out on the poor slob who is working the counter at the convenience store, and that should not be happening.

Sadly I am reading where more and more people are being arrested for shoplifting food. With the economic turn-down and the high price of motor fuel coming into play, people are getting desperate it seems. And then again, there is the ludicrous. Also read an article where people are actually giving up their “Starbucks” addiction and getting off their lazy A** and making their own coffee at home.

Now that is a sacrifice huh?

The “latte effect” of the go-go years had consumers spending $4 a day on coffee. Now the downturn is forcing them to rethink the wisdom of such habits. The makers of SPAM (not the email kind) are reporting near record profits this year, as American’s try and stretch their food dollars.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Not long ago a 72 year old man was sentenced to 18 months in prison by an Oklahoma City Judge. He had robbed a bank of $560 in cash with a toy pistol. The man told the judge that he had just run out to the end of his string, and he had to do something. He had been taking care of his 90 year old mother, and the bills kept piling up and he didn’t have any money.

He was trying desperately to keep her out of a nursing home and had been taking care of her for over four years, while he himself, lived in a veteran’s home. He had applied to 29 jobs only to be rejected and he finally landed employment delivering pizza, only to be fired, when he failed to locate the address on one delivery. He told the judge, that was the last straw, and that is when he robbed the bank and got apprehended.

You know, it is a sad thing.

We can spend $100 billion dollars a year in Iraq to keep a bunch of vermin in the Middle East alive and basically unhappy. We can spend $3.2 billion to send a probe to Mars and beyond, to take fuzzy pictures and send them back. But an old man and an old lady in Oklahoma, we let them starve too death. Hard times have arrived and printing useless Federal money 24/7 isn’t going to make it go away.

There has to be something wrong here somewhere, y’know what I mean? There is your legacy Dubya, you were wondering, well it too has arrived.


Look Out Boys … Incoming!

Man, we need some leadership in this country, where is Collin Powell when you really need him. What was that guys’ name down in Texas, the one with the big ears, kind of looked like a Taxi Cab with the doors open?

Bush who just two years ago, told us that he was going to do something about our apparent “addiction to oil” so his solution is to go over there and beg for EVEN MORE of the stuff. Yeah, that sounds like an energy plan to me.

It’s almost comical in some respects; we are treating this national malaise like a drug dealer? You need some more, I will get you some more, that is what you need, you need more, you don’t need to get straight, here, let me ease your pain. I will lower the price of your addiction, and then my buddies will start drilling in Yellowstone.

Yeah, that will work.

Kind of like Getz, the New York City subway vigilante, he would look at his victims and say … “You don’t look like you are hurting all that bad to me, you can take another.” And then he would pump another round into them.

You ever heard of a “heat seeking missile?”

These items of High-Tech-military hardware were all over the news at one time; don’t hear much about them these days. Well, it got me to thinking … I am going to develop a “Bi-Partisan BS Seeking Missile.” It will seek out obvious sources of BS and then take them out with the efficiency of a Smart Bomb.

The New Rambo of the Prairie, The Chuck Norris of the Red Lands … Just flick the switch, to the on position, point it in an easterly direction and whoosh ……. What (or who) do you think it will take out first?

So listen up boys! Consider yo’self warned … We now have our own WMD’s in The Heart Land (Hey? They lied about it we can too) …

If you get on TV and say something stoopid like …. “My fellow Amerikuns, don’t go skinny dippin’ with Turtles.” ….

Well look out … Incoming!