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Saudi Arabia said that it will increase production of crude this year if the market needs it. But the vague pledge fell far short of what the U.S. hopes were, I guess Dubya wasn’t that convincing? Back on your knees boys! (There is a related story on page #28 but it is the same old crap) Saudi Arabia cannot keep pumping sweet crude at these levels, they are unsustainable and if they have not peaked, they will in the future.

They are not our saving grace by a long shot.

Remember “the good ol’ days” when your old hoopie would not hold $25 worth of fuel, and now $50 won’t even fill it up. Recently Okie City Oklahoma finished “dead last” (-50) among U.S. cities in a study about areas best equipped to cope with rising fuel prices. I suppose some government agent drove thru town on a Saturday and counted all the Okies sitting on their front porches, some of them wailing softly in the warm summer air.

Rhode Island has recently passed a bill that makes hassling people via Email or threatening people via the Internet a felony. You flame someone on the net in Rhode Island and you could be looking at some jail time. They are calling it “Cyber-Harassment” which is the new politically correct word for “nasty or downright rude.”

On July 1st it will cost more to get married in Vermont. Marriage licenses. which were previously $23 are going up in price, to $45 (almost doubled). Some of the new monies will be used to pay for Domestic Violence, which is certainly a new one, money collected for Heavenly Matrimony is now used to combat not so heavenly home lives.

Marriage is give and take, always has been. When I got married I learned how to laugh and how to cry. When I want to laugh, I just think of my sex life, when I want to cry, I just think of my sex life. And I saved $45 on top of it.  Can’t beat a deal like that.

Alabama’s Governor released the names and sources of $847,000 that he spent on his second inaugural. Must have been some party huh? Most of the money came from big corporations and lobbyists; I don’t suppose this will make a difference to the Republican Governor.

And I thought Oklahoma was bad.

Daddy can I have the jet? Before the tires have even cooled on the Big Bird, Connie now wants it to fly to Asia and Europe. One crew of home-wreckers gets home, and the second shift loads up and heads out, who says there isn’t any efficiency in Government these days.

She is going to Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul and China, her first stop is a Palestine donors conference in Berlin today. We are going to be helped out of our oil addiction by these people who seem to be pre-occupied in burning up a lot of it these days, flying all around the world.

Yesterday some bozo sent me a hurtful Email, don’t look for it in the comments section, I am still in control. I don’t think he would have done that, if he had known the facts. People of my breed (men) are sensitive animals.

Popular culture may paint men as the stronger sex, but from the moment a boy is born, his life is more likely than his sister’s to be cut short. Across national and cultural boundaries, men die an average of seven years earlier than women; the disparity in the United States is approximately five years. We don’t need the aggravation and/or irritation.

In a new book, Why Men Die First, Marianne Legato, a specialist in gender-specific medicine at Columbia University, explains: Men are genetically and biologically fragile to start with, and societal norms that encourage and even demand risky behavior by men put them at risk. Still, Legato told U.S. News, men and their families can push back. She listed numerous reasons why males die prematurely—and several actions they can take to prolong their time.

After reading this book this week, I believe I know what my own personal problem might be.

I wanted to be more feminist when I was in High School, but unfortunately, my boyfriend would not allow it. Now look where I am at? (Are you allowed to end a sentence with a preposition? Important questions and it isn’t even the middle of the week ..  What will I do – What will I do?)

AP is reporting that they have caught a female serial killer in Florida. Eight men. But she didn’t actually kill them outright. She gained access to their homes in the daytime when they were at work, and she hid all their remote control devices, so they killed themselves.

And they wonder why we die first?