Monday – Monday

Open the POD doors Hal … A Massachusetts court dismissed child-pornography charges against Michael Fiola, a state employee. It was alleged that the 53-year-old had accessed the illegal material at work, but an extensive forensic investigationof his computer revealed that viruses and other malicious programs—25 of them, to be exact—were the culprits.

Why would someone create a virus that downloads child pornography?

So other people could secretly view the porn. Fiola’s computer had been taken over remotely by “botnet” operators, who lowered its security protections and may have sold child-porn enthusiasts access to the machine. This enabled people to view illegal images and videos by storing them in Fiola’s temporary Internet Files cache, as opposed to their own computers. Fiola remained oblivious to the tampering because the bot operators made sure they didn’t slow down the computer too much by consuming lots of memory.

Have you checked your Temp. Files lately?

Man, I don’t know about you, but I am tiring of all this Email about Barrack Obama and McClain, it is reaching the point of outright “spammerizim” and I wish it would just go away. (BTW, that is a totally new word I just made up … As Elvis would say … Thank You Very Much!) 

Yeah, click your heels together three times Dorothy and say .. I wish the entire process would just go away. I wish the entire process would just go away. I wish the entire process would just go away.

As Ferris Bueller says at the end of the movie … Are you still here? ( Anyone know how to spell Bueller?)

The Barack Obama presidential campaign introduced a new site last week,, that it hopes will debunk persistent myths about the senator: that he’s a Muslim, that he won’t say the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. The sad thing about people is this, “People are going to believe what it is that they believe,” no matter what. As it has been argued before, restating the myths often reinforces them, no matter how persuasively they’ve been refuted.

“We have a guy sitting in the highest office of the land right now that is a prime example of that.” One other thing, just because the Obammer camp puts up a website, that doesn’t mean the “content” of that website is going to be true or factual.

Mull that one over in your mind for awhile.

We have all these other pressing issues to worry about right now. Why are we so obsessed with Sara Jessica Parker? The lead hottie in Sex and the City, why are all her clothes looking like that, I mean really? Man, I am so glad that I am not a woman. I don’t want to sit around all day wondering if my nose is right, or my hips, rear end, conform to societal norms.

Why I hate my boobies. Why it is that I don’t like myself.

Much better being a guy, scratching parts of your body you haven’t seen in five years, pickin your nose and grunting like some kind of ancestral wild animal from the darkest parts of the Grand Canyon. We got the better deal, except for that facial hair, shaving thing, and that dying at an early age problem, that is a bummer I suppose.

I have another site that I post on, I would like to tell you where it is, but it is secret. I could tell you, but only after a serious session of Water Boarding at Guantanamo Bay because it is classified. (Okay YOU spell it!) The big issue over there was not Home-Land Insecurity but rather service. It appears that I missed the boat entirely.

It has been pointed out that I should have mentioned: Baggage surcharges, Late arrivals, Long ticket lines, re-ticketing penalties, soft drink charges, crowed gates, impersonal ticketing, stuffed overhead racks, tarmac sitting, late departures, surly, knuckle-draggin airline hostess people.

Some of the things I apparently missed.

And y’all want to know why I WRITE ABOUT FLYING and don’t actually DO any flying. These are just a few of the things that I apparently skipped over in my never ending constant crusade to reveal the truth about life and the Republican Party.

So, I missed the boat about flying this week, which is okay, because I am NOT flying anywhere, anytime, anyplace. For one thing, I have an aversion for people who use words like: “Terminal” or “Final Destination” that has a tendency to really bug me.

I did however manage to catch a few items thru the fog this week. It was an interesting week, quotes from our favorite three stooges:

  • We can drill our way out of the gas crisis.
  • No wait, change that.
  • We can tax our way out of this mess (windfall tax)
  • And I, unfortunately, have been to too many disasters as president.
  • And finally …“Huh? What’s zat?”