Ghosts Of My Past

The ghosts of my past came to visit with me last night, interrupting my sleep and causing me discomfort.  I sure wish they would leave me alone, dreaming about those who have departed (the dead) is in my opinion, not a healthy thing for one to do, and I certainly did not enjoy it at all.

This morning, I get up and outta the bed, and I just know, that things are not going to go my way.  Why?  Sometimes life will just get me down, I get tired of getting kicked around, and I just want to check out of this maddening crowd.  I just want to come home to something nice, something quiet, something that has love connected to it.

Today I feel like I have painted myself into the corner again, a tired old feeling returns, and I embrace it because that is the way I am.  I have made better choices in my life, and I am capable of much more, but I run to this.  Like a rock rolling downhill, I just seem to gather up speed and roll on.

Watch your thoughts; they become words.  Watch your words; they become actions.  Watch your actions; they become habits.  Watch your habits; they become character.  Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny.



5 thoughts on “Ghosts Of My Past

  1. Don, Sorry to hear about those “ghosts” showing up in your dreams again. I’m never sure what dreams are supposed to mean but I do know they seldom have a literal interpretation. And I know they can hang with you for a while after waking, but grow dimmer as the day goes by.

    OH! I shudder when I hear someone say: “…I just know, that things are not going to go my way.”

    Why? Because I believe the universe “hears” that. Believing you actually mean what you say, it brings forth the resources that can make it easier to happen.

    I don’t have much to offer you except my friendship, and that I give to you freely. When we “paint” ourselves into a corner, we have two choices. We can make a mess that needs to be cleaned up by walking on the wet paint and brushing over our tracks as we go…


    We can be patient and wait for the paint to dry. Then finish up.

    I suppose we could also just walk away and forget about it.

    But we always DO have options that prevent us from getting stuck. We are never really trapped.

    I hope you soon feel better my friend.

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA


  2. Don,

    So true what you say.

    I just tried to e-mail you but it bounced for some reason. I want to write a series of protected posts on my blog which you may have access to if you wish. Do E-mail me so I can flick it back with the password (without it bouncing)if you’d like access to the posts.



  3. Don,
    I hear what you’re sayin’ about them “Ghosts”. While I’m not a veteran of Viet Nam, I enlisted in the Army in ’83, I am visited by a few of my own. I know nothing I can say will dim the issue, just want to let ya know you’re not alone.

    P.S. Really like you’re Blog. Take Care. RR


  4. Hey thanks for stoppin by, we are always open 24/7 and we appreciate the kind words.



  5. Don & Brother John,

    Hey Don, Russ Roper Here. Sorry it has been so long. I had deleted that blog, so I most likely didn’t get any of the emails. I have a new blog up now, but I have so much going on. I will try to get back to you again later today. Take Care.
    It has been awhile, welcome back.

    Brother John no longer hangs out here, he has taken over duties as a blog designer and co-writer of another blog (The Wright Way) and he has no time for our trivial pursuits.

    His comments and insight are sorely missed. Good luck on your new blog, I will check it out when you get it up too speed.


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