Bad Credit

There is an old saying in business, “Let’s form a committee and pool our ignorance.”  Often that is exactly what happens when a group of diverse individuals get together, instead of radical change, you get the exact opposite, a monumental step backwards. 

The Senate of the United States this week started debates on a new bill aimed at Global Warming, which is being touted as the most comprehensive bill of this nature to ever reach the floor of either house of government.

The measure aims to cut carbon-dioxide emissions to 66 percent of current levels by the year 2050.  It proposes to do this by setting up a system of pollution permits to U.S. Business and by encouraging an auction system on those permits at the same time.  In other words, you are allowed so many pollution permits per year for your polluting of the environment and if you need more, then you can “buy or purchase permits from your buddies who are not as big a polluter as you are.” 

Everyone wins … Everyone that is except the planet.

Now here is the bonus, the real incentive in the proposed program, this could possibly raise as much as $3.3 trillion by the very same year with some of the money used for alternative-energy research.  The bill is not expected to pass in its current form, it still has to be tweaked a little and milked for everything it is worth. 

Personally, I don’t see this reducing pollution levels at all, this is just “another tax on virtually every aspect of our economy” and nothing more.

This so-called anti pollution measure would usher in nothing less that “the largest income redistribution scheme since income tax.”  The auction of emission permits would produce a gigantic revenue windfall for “Congress.” And nothing more.  This would be but one more attempt or vehicle to the members of this club of elite spendthrifts dedicated to the preservation of their system. 

If you think earmarks (special appropriations) are bad now, wait until this goes into effect.  This is just a totally new system of a private economy available to a community of elected, select few.  This is but another pay-as-you-go scheme to rape the planet and pickup a good chunk of pocket change at the same time. 

Only a politician could come up with a gambit as foolhardy such as this.

Something must be done to stop the erosion of America’s economy, something must be done to address the problems of global warming, but this is not the panacea we are looking for.  Legislation like this is repressive and far from the progressive law making that is required to turn all of this around.  This will in the end, send even more American companies rushing across the border or to third world countries, to beat the restrictions in place put here by our insatiable money hungry Congressional leadership.

Why stay here and contribute even more to the tax-trough, when you can go somewhere else where anti-pollution laws are basically non existent.

One more Win-Win deal from our ship of fools.  Everyone wins … Everyone that is except the planet.  If this planet were an apartment, we would not be getting our deposit back at all.

You can debate it until the cows come home as they say in my part of the country, but it isn’t going to do the job.  All this will do is accelerate environmental damage to the planet and in the end, make the world a much poorer place to live.