Easy Money

Three people decide to run for office, so they go around the state(s) and stump for the vote. One night, on a country road, their bus breaks down in front of this Oklahoma farm house. So they walk up the long drive to the home and they knock on the door, and old farmer answers the door. They inform him of their plight and he says, “Well boys, I can take two of you in the house with me and maw, but one of you is gonna have to sleep in the barn.”

So this one, who by trade happens to be a plumber, he says, “I will go out there for the night.” About ½ hour later, there is a knock on the door, it is the plumber. He says, “All my life, I have been around all kinds of things, but I just cannot cut the smell of that barn, I cannot sleep out there.”

So the second man, a butcher, he volunteers to go out to the barn. A reasonable amount of time goes by and then there is another knock on the door, it is the butcher and he says, “I have smelled a lot of things in my life, bad meat, rotten food, but I have never smelled anything like that. I cannot sleep out there.”

So the politician says, “I will do it.” Again a short period of time goes by and then there is the knock on the door, the farmer goes to the door open it, and there stand ALL THE ANIMALS from the barn.

Draw you own conclusions … I guess this is the great thing about the Internet, you can if you want to, enter into the world of some real creeps, without having to smell them.

Let me see if I understand everything that I think I know about all this presidential campaign election stuff.

We elect Senator Obama, Senator Clinton, and Senator McClain to the offices that they presently hold. They in turn are “supposed to do a job” for the people, as elected officials in those offices, and as part of fulfilling their duties, we the tax payers, pay them a handsome salary to perform this service to the people.

In other words, if there is a debate on the floor, they are supposed to be there listening to it, if there is a vote on an issue, they are supposed to be there voting on it. What they are NOT supposed to be doing is getting off a bus in Ottumwa Iowa for a Rotary Club luncheon.

Now they take it upon on their own to decide that they want to run for the highest office in the land, this is by no means forced on them by demands of the people. So they run for office and to do this takes money, so again, counting on the taxpayers, they are paid a nice goodly amount of money (federal monies) as campaign support.

Now here is the part I don’t understand. “If they are not doing the job they were elected to do (performing the duties of their office) then why are we not only giving them money to run for President, but at the same time, continuing their respective salaries and benefits, when they are in fact, NOT doing the job they were elected to do?”

Now before you slam down the phone and yell “Good Mother Of God” or some other expletive, look at it from this perspective.

For a period of almost two years, all three of these people have NOT been doing their jobs, they have been doing this other thing. At the same time, they have been paid handsomely for giving speeches, attending free lunch dates and for occasionally kissing a baby’s rump and we have been paying for it all. Lately their only pre-occupation in life was traveling to every nick and cranny of the Red/Blue/Gay states pandering for the vote.

As much as things change in politics’ one thing is a constant. The outright dishonesty of it. The system breeds it.

Taking money for NOT doing a job is dishonest, it is outright theft. We have a word for it, and it certainly applies here. The word is Malfeasance: mal·fea·sance [mal fz’nss] (plural mal·fea·sanc·es) n (formal) 1. misconduct: wrong or illegal conduct, especially in politics or the civil service. See also misfeasance. See also nonfeasance. 2. unlawful act: an unlawful act, especially one committed by a politician or civil servant. Now whether or not this is “illegal” that is kind of shaded, from a moral standpoint, it is downright thievery in most states.

You want to run for President? Do it on your dime.

Have them suspend your Congressional salaries and benefits until you’re done campaigning, they will save your seat for you until you get back. We, the chumps that are paying for most of it, and will save some coin in the process. This concludes today civics’ lesson on why American’s are not capable of casting an intelligent vote. If they were, we certainly would not allow crap like this to go on, year after year.