Fair Warning

Today I received an especially hateful, mean spirited, profanity laced comment, which was promptly relegated to comment hell (deleted). There have been over the last couple of months over 3,300 visitors to this page, and this was the “2nd” one that had to be deleted simply because of bad manners, good taste and decorum dictated it be removed.

With over 200 posts and just as many comments, I find it amusing that someone would do this, but he did. What makes it even more curious, is what makes a person who reads that “comments are moderated” believe that they can run some piece of rancorous garbage on a page that I write and pay for?

Another curiosity is that they never come back to see if their comment ever received an answer, they hit you one time and move on. I suppose like a fly at a family picnic, to buzz around and annoy someone else. I also note that 99% of the time, these critic’s have no page to refer to, just some anon. email address and that is it. Makes me wonder, where is their stuff?

Unfortunately, because of my viewpoints, ideals, and thought processes, I often find myself in the role of defender. I am often a charismatic catalyst; having a pronounced and well-documented tendency to wander past other people’s mental and emotional barriers which will often successfully encourage them to share.

Often too much, or as my friend John says … TMI (Too Much Information).

Often in the heat of the moment, when the passion rises, they share with me, others, and “let it all hang out.” Sadly, this often leads to a period of time, in the heat of the moment, where the mask comes off, the rubber meets the road, and we see the real deal for a change. Fortunately this is not a democracy, and I can censure out what I deem inappropriate such as today. I simply am not a big fan of profane rambling and basic non sense.

Other people may disagree with my priorities and definitions of “safe, sane, positive and negative” with messy results. If you invite me into your life, your life will very likely change, perhaps in ways you don’t want, need, or expect. I have no intent to harm or damage anyone or any situation, but we all know what road that paves.

Next time you venture into “my world” proceed down the paved road at your own risk.

Most writers do not write to appease the readers, if you are out for fame, fortune or a following, you might find yourself disappointed, and a little bit hungry at the end of the day. From a personal standpoint, I do it, because I like to do it, when it stops being fun, or enjoyable, then I will pack it in. I have no dream of being stinking rich, (wouldn’t mind smelling bad) but that is another post.

What I write is what I feel, think, and in most cases, strongly believe. If you cannot accept that for what it is, then hit the delete button and move on. Not having a multitude of websites, web-pages and only being published once or twice, I do not proclaim to have all the answers to the basic questions of life.

My payday in all this comes when I receive a missive from someone who said “they appreciated it, it was what they needed that particular day, an occasional, it made me smile, feel good.” For me that is good enuff. So I guess, when the other shoe drops and hits the floor, how you feel at night depends on what you said and did that day. I usually feel okay (sp) and in the end … That is all that really matters.

Having said all that, I now consider this issue closed. You see, “I gave it birth, and I can put it to bed.” That is how it works. Not exactly fair to a critic, a wanna be somebody, but that is the system.

Fair warning to anyone who writes or uses a blog: “If you come in chumming the waters …. Then don’t be surprised if a shark shows up every now and then to bite you in your rear.” Don’t be surprised if I should suddenly stand up and defend my stuff, it is my nature, as I am prone to do. Now I will get back to what I do best.

Take a deep breath … and then slowly … Move on.


BS (Business Situation)

I am sitting here and I am looking at this tiny little red dot on the map, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy up thar in Canada that recently showed up.  Looks like it is on the west side of a huge lake.  I am wondering if he/she has to put up with the crap that I have to put up with in this town down here, smack dab in the middle of the lower forty-eight? 

Perhaps it is one of Radio Girl’s ex-boyfriends or school chum, second cousin, I dunno.  It has me curious, makes me wonder … (The tiny dot is on my map to the right, way up there by the Artic Circle or just on the tundra line.  Click on the smaller view and you can see the dot)

Bought a new VCR/DVD recorder thing last month, got it home and found out that it needs a “cable box” in order to work (no tuner built in).  Just my luck.  Anyway, that is what I have been doing lately, dealing with a bi-product of bulls, it is called … uh – uh … You spread it on your flowers and it makes them grow better, yeah that is what it is.

So I trot down to Cox Cable and I inquire about a box/tuner thingy. They tell me that they have them.  I tell them I need a cable box.  They say, gee that is swell, give me the name of your first born male child, and we will give you one.  Yeah, sure.

  • “How much are they?” I ask 
  • “$5.25 per month is what we charge.” Was the reply
  • “Can I purchase it outright, or do I have to rent it.”
  • “Rent it.  No purchases allowed.”
  • “Can I pay for it now?”
  • “We will put it on your next bill” because we are good __________ and we like you! 

(At this point, I highly suggest that you run out the door as fast as humanely possible)

So I get the thing.  I am assured that there are “no other charges” and the amount will be charged to my next bill.  I take it home, I wire it up, it works peachy-Keeno, I am all set.  I am happier than George Bush at an all you can eat free bacon-burger & home fries church social.

The bill arrives.  My $5.25 box now costs $13.88, I am in turn not a “Happy Camper.”  Load up in the old truck and I go down to the Cox Cable outlet near the house, to talk to the “friendly Cox Representative” face-to-face and see if this can be explained.

“I was told this was to be $5.25 a month, how come it is $13.88?”  She tells me that, “You picked up the box ONE DAY after the billing cycle started for that month, so it has an extra month and ONE DAY pro-rated on the bill.” ($5.25/30 = 17.5 cents per day — Knowledge is power remember that.  Hahahahaha) 

So I say, “One month is $5.25 and a 2nd month is $5.25 and even with one day added that is not $13.88 it is $10.50.”  And then it begins … the fun and the games.  “No Don, you do not understand,” here we go again ….. So politely I suggest that she do the math.  Patiently trying to explain to my newest bi-lingual muti-cable enhanced moron friend that seems to have bonded with me and even refers to me by my first name where this simply does not add up. 

It is pretty simple, look … “See. $5.25 + $5.25 = $10.50…….” Which again is answered with … “No Don, you do not understand,” and I am ready to imply that possibly her parents were never legally married in this state or anywhere else.  I do not understand her, or the Cox Cable system of “NEW MATH” and I am starting to heat up.

One more time for the Gipper as they say … “No Don, you do not understand,”  No soap.  Long story short … I have to pay the full amount and then she says “Have a nice day Don.”  To which I reply, “My friends and my family call me Don, to you, it is Mr. Smith.” 

Having the option of “Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right? It is now time to make a quiet decision.”  As I have chosen this year to rearrange my priorities, adapt and learn how to cope without exhibiting my splenetic tendencies, I came to realize it was now time for me to depart.  I choose to be “Happy.”  And I leave.

In Oklahoma, a place with about six million cows there is an expression.  It is called “service.”  A farmer takes his heifer to the vet and he has her serviced.  When you want to mate a cow with a bull, the proper procedure or term for it is “you have her serviced.” 

You transport your cow to the bull and have her serviced.

Next month when you receive your billing in the mail, take a close look at it.  When the telephone company, Cox Cable or any other of these jerk wads send you a bill and you look down there towards the bottom, where it says “It has been a pleasure serving you.” 

Well …. You will KNOW exactly what they mean, wont’cha?

Yeah, like my wife sez ….. “Pay ‘em the two dollahs and move on.”  Bless her heart, but she is wrong.  It is rarely, if ever, “jus two dollahs.” And that still don’t make it right.


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