The Next Big Thang …

I love My Wife!  I am always somewhat amazed by my Cup Cake, she will frequently ask me, “Has anyone offered to pick up your stuff, or any money?” Bless her heart.  She is under the mistaken impression that writing on the Internet or bloggin, whichever one you prefer, will automatically lead to “untold riches, that you will be discovered and people will line up to make you offers on Book Publishing Deals.” More than likely a product of too many afternoons watching Oprah or something, I dunno.

I just smile and say ….. “No, not lately.”  So Friday I took in the front page of the USA Today section and proudly displayed it for her perusal.  “Lookie here baby, they’re looking for me, jus’ like you said!”


(What will it be?)

She was of course … Not amused.

You win a few, and you lose a few, that is what marriage is all about … You might hit a homer and you might not.  Oh well, some of them mother’s are just destined to burn to the gound.  Speaking of losing propositions, check this one out.

A couple of bozo’s in Colorado robbed a convenience store recently and for masks, “they donned G-String underwear!” Now I can see you sitting there smiling and saying to yourself, “Man this Okie is full of it.” But it is the truth.  Here is the link: USA Today the article and accompanying video is on “Thong Robbers.”

Perhaps “Granny Panties” would have been far more concealing?

Over the past two month, hundreds of thousands of airline passengers were stranded in airports nationwide as more than 3,500 flights were canceled because carriers failed to perform required maintenance.  Now they are charging even more for luggage, this is the worst case of “self inflicted wounds” I have ever seen.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, welcome to our flight to nowhere, if there is a sudden cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling.  Please deposit fifteen dollars in the coin slot on the right hand armrest of your seat.  Credit card customers, please have one form of picture I.D, available and wait on the Stewardess.”

At one time, I had considered a career in the aircraft maintinance field, that is, until they started drug testing.  That is how I ended up being a railroader.  The U.S. Navy told me that when I was released from Active Duty, that I could apply my service related skills in the civilian sector.

American Airlines were not hiring any tail gunners at that time, so I went to work for the railroad.

Each day that they are in business in this country, they seem to add new meaning to the words:  Terminal and Final Destination.  Airline travel in this country has reached a point where it is downright deplorable.  When all you have to offer is service and you cannot even provide that, then you are in trouble

One more airplane deal, and I will stop. This past weekend it rained money in Indonesia.  An Indonesian businessman was reported ready to throw 100 million rupiah (about $10,600) out of an airplane over the capital this Sunday as a publicity stunt to promote his new book.  This will prove to be popular in a country that is dirt poor.

“I want to create a rain of money in Jakarta,” author and motivational speaker Tung Desem Waringin said. “It’s a little bit crazy, but it’s marketing.”

This may prove to be a novel approach to publishing.  We have it here, Bush and Co. has been throwing money at us for months now … Trying to get us to buy into the dream.  When it starts raining “gasoline” I will be the first one there with a bucket or a can, you can take that one to the bank.