Pretty Women

Chinese food for lunch today, I am looking forward to it.  Asian women seem to catch my eye, I am into them.  When you eat Chinese food, one of the benefits of this, is of course, a high concentration of Asian women.  You know Chinese wait staff girls are certainly attractive, I noticed that recently.

Asian women are beautiful. Asian guys, well, they are relegated to “tech support.”

Over at the Super-Center the other day and saw this girl, all decked out to the nines, clearly a professional woman.  She was looking so good, and she had two small boys with her, dressed in Soccer Attire.  I thought to myself, “here is a girl who has put in a long day at work, now she is shopping’ for the family, taking it home, cooking it up and taking care of the brood.”

My hat is off to her.  Women work too hard, for too little in this day and age, and they surely have their hands full.  They clearly deserve more credit for what they do in the home …

We went to the Mall yesterday and I started it again.  The younger generation, whatever they are calling them this week, they tend to really bug me.  “I just want to grab ‘em, every one of ‘em, and say ….. Listen, the bill of the cap goes on the front of your face, tie your damn shoes, and pull up them baggy pants, yo’ underwear is showing!’ But Cup Cake reined me in and told me to cool it.

T-Shirt at the Mall:  “I graduated, where is my car?” Yup, that sounds like the American Way to me.

Paper says that I am going to get my economic stimulus check in the first week of June.  Gee whiz, isn’t’ that just peachy cool.  Things must be getting tight, I notice that my neighbor across the street is taking his own lunch to the Indian Casino’s now, must be rough.

Aren’t Y’all (Okie Talk) proud of me, I made it all the way to the bottom of the page, and haven’t mentioned gasoline one time.  It is part of my new attitude adjustment thing I am working on.  I find that nothing can destroy my mood quicker than a trip to the 7-11 for a fill up on one of our trucks.  I can be in a great mood, up and until I pull up to the pump and I look at the price of the fuel.

This is when I discovered a kinky little quirk in my personality.  If you’re normal, you periodically feel little surges of anger that you don’t express.  Which can of course be risky in today’s PC society.

Suppressing your feelings over a period of time, can be dangerous not only to yourself but to bystanders, other people in the area at the time.  I believe the teen-agers call it going “postal.”  So I have found something that seems to work for me.

Before heading down to the root n scoot for fuel.  I go into the garage, close the door and then I throw about a five-minute snot-nosed fit-ritual about twice a week.  My new self induced therapy procedure with no witnesses except the cat, and even he is not sticking around for any of it here lately, I notice he is avoiding me like I have rabies.

For four minutes, you fume, seethe, curse and yell.  You huff, puff, the vein on your neck sticks out!

For the final sixty seconds, you compel yourself to laugh, as hard as you can, uncontrollably if this is possible.  This free’s up all them End-o-morphine things that reside in your body next to your fat cells and hormones.  Immediately afterwards, you load up in the car/truck, rush down and pay for your motor fuel, this is when you enter into the hysterical crying phaseof the process.

We will cover that tomorrow along with locking gas caps, and proper air pressure.

I am now going to devote the rest of this day to some kind of timewaster or cheap thrill.  Such as giving my bologna a middle name, or some other important issue.  I am not, under any circumstances going to mow, sack, cut, trim, sweep, take to the curb or re-arrange anything other than the head pillows on my easy boy recliner.

It’s a tough job … but someone has to do it.


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3 thoughts on “Pretty Women

  1. Shucks, you were so strong in avoiding the gas talk, right up until the end.

    I saw a clip on the news about us consumers getting further raped at the pumps by the heat. The hotter it is, the more the gas expands and the less we are getting for our dollars. The pumps are set to give accurate readings at 60 or 65 degrees. I am left to wonder if I am getting 2/3’s of what I am paying for.

    Let us know what you have named your bologna. :)


  2. Hey Don,

    “Paper says that I am going to get my economic stimulus check in the first week of June”. Don’t be holdin’ (Nevada slang) your breath, my letter said on or before May 30th, well, somebody dropped the ball. Wonder how much the postage for the pre delivery letters cost to send. 200 million letters at say 25 cents (government discount) would be say 50 million dollars, wonder who’s brain fart that was.


  3. [1] BetMe, how is you gurl? Good to hear from you, hot down there, hot here. It was so hot yesterday, I saw a dog chasin a cat … And they were both walking!

    Drum roll … Take my wife!

    Yeah, it was nip and tuck on the gas thing, but I caved at the end, didn’t I? I actually thought I was going to make it there for a moment or two, it had promise, but I folded like a cheap suit towards the end, didn’t I?

    What can I say, it is the talk of the town, everywhere you go that is all people are talking about … The price of gasoline. That is the problem with America, “We know the PRICE of everything but the VALUE of nothing.”

    That make sense to you.

    You are correct on the gas thing too. Truckers have been complaining about it for years, fuel that is hot, loses it’s punch (produces less horsepower) and consquently, less value for the buck. Another thing about gasoline is that it has a tendency to evaporate.

    You are right tho’ it pays to keep an eye on the pump. I always check the pump at 10 gallons, to make sure the meter is right. If it is $4 per gallon, at the ten gallon point, you should be reading $40 if you are not … shut it down … if it is over that amount (less for your money).

    It is reading “less” than $40 I say go for it (more for your dollar) give Big Oil a chance to take it in the shorts like the rest of us. Another full page ad in the paper today telling us “that they are our friends and pleading for more understanding” blah, blah, blah — Yadda, Yadda.


    Have a Great weekend.

    [2] Hello Art … I have not received a letter at this time, they are evidently figuring that Okies cannot read anyway. Hah! (don’t send me any letters) I am lined up according to the paper to be receiving mine on the 6th.

    I don’t personally remember experiencing a brain toot as you put it, but my kids often tell me that I am full of it, that the same thing?

    Have a great weekend y’all.



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