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What do we talk about on this auspicious occasion, I got a full eight hours sleep last night, and I am as sharp as can be.  It has been awhile since I have slept a long, good sleep, I feel refreshed.  I DON’T HAVE THOSE WAKE UP IT’S EARLY, WASH BEHIND YOUR EARS THEY’RE DIRTY, EAT YOUR EGGS AND OATMEAL BLUES …. RISE N SHINE TIME … I REALLY FEEL LIKE I COULD GO FOR IT TODAY.

Turn on the player, and the first tune out of the box is “Brad Paisley … I would like to check you for ticks.” Hard to believe.  Who writes his lyric’s, Jeff Foxworthy?  Like most men, there are a great many things I think of during the day, concerning women, checking one for ticks, honestly, has never been one of them. 

Where do they get this stuff?

After checking my E-mail this morning I am kind of bothered.  Today’s offering concerns the U.S. and the U.N. and how the countries of the world voted against the U.S. and the amount of aid we provided for these countries that are clearly not our friends. 

(Or rather, a poorly detailed list of folks that didn’t see it our way, and voted against us) 

One listing in particular caught my eye, Pakistan.  According to this E-mail, Pakistan received $1.1 billion and some change from us this past year, and consistently voted against us.  Now, as I understand it, we provided them with 22 helicopters for this Afghanistan incursion, not to mention all this other garbage.

These helicopters must have been dirt cheap, to come in at this low-dollar figure.  And of course at the end of the E-mail, there is the obligatory statement, “If you agree with this, pass it on to all your friends.”

Uh, I don’t think so?

E-mail has to be the absolute worst source of news in the entire country, just recently I discovered quite by accident, that Bill & Hillary Clinton did not build a house in their backyard for the Secret Service and were not renting it out at an enormous cost to the taxpayers.  This pass it around stuff, really needs to be looked at, unless you want to risk the opportunity to come off as a complete fool to your family and friends. 

If you agree with any of that, please feel free to …… Pass this on to your family & friends.

Serves your right file.  From way down under, Sydney, Australia.  An unknown man grabbed a bag out of a car stopped at a stoplight.  The car belonged to Bradley McDonald, a local snake catcher.  In the bag was the snake he had just caught, a four foot long, venomous red-bellied black snake.  “It might teach him a lesson” McDonald said.  Who says there is no justice in the world?

When Yosuke the parrot flew out of his cage and got lost, he did exactly what he had been taught recite his name and address to a stranger willing to help.  Police rescued the African grey parrot two weeks ago from a neighbor’s roof in the city of Nagareyama, near Tokyo. After spending a night at the station, he was transferred to a nearby veterinary hospital while police searched for clues, local policeman Shinjiro Uemura said.

He kept mum with the cops, but began chatting after a few days with the vet.  “I’m Mr. Yosuke Nakamura,” the bird told the veterinarian, according to Uemura. The parrot also provided his full home address, down to the street number, and even entertained the hospital staff by singing songs.  “We checked the address, and what do you know, a Nakamura family really lived there. So we told them we’ve found Yosuke,” Uemura said.

The Nakamura family told police they had been teaching the bird its name and address for about two years. But Yosuke apparently wasn’t keen on opening up to police officials. “I tried to be friendly and talked to him, but he completely ignored me,” Uemura said.

Often people miss the entire point.  Yosuke had the right to remain silent. 

Yeah I know, pretty lame.

We have two parrots that own us, Mo & Popeye, the later being an African Grey.  He is amusing, quick to learn, and a bonafied pain the part of you that goes over the fence last.  Last year we took him on vacation with us, in a little cage, right behind me in the backseat, he rode around America in the truck. 

In two weeks that bird learned to say …….. Stooooopid! … Tell me they are not smart.  Just what everyone in life needs … A parrot with Road Rage. 

Parrots are demanding, a life long commitment.  Recently I was discussing with our oldest boy, which parrot he wanted when I died, because the birds in captivity will live upwards of 75 years.  ( In comparrison, on a good day in captivity with the little woman, I am surely not going to make that)  So I ask the kid, which bird do you want?  He thinks about it and then says to me, “Which one tastes the best with a little salt?”  Not a good day to be a parrot.

Glancing at this mornings headlines:  Oil executives are “invited to the hill” (Washington DC) to explain excessive profits.  Now there is a major snoozer there boy and girls.

  • “Where did you guys get all that money?”
  • “Uh, we found it at 15,000 ft when our rig struck a Mayonnaise jar in the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma.”
  • “Oh, Okay, thanks for coming in … Please leave your bag of money at the door on your way out.”

Hard hitting television on PBS last night.  “Depression Out Of The Shadows” a comprehensive survey of the causes and treatments of clinical depression.  It profiled many young people of different ages and backgrounds who have problems contending with the disorder.  Covered the bases pretty good, from a CEO of a major corporation to a gang member on the streets.

Right now I seem to be riding high on the tide, and my depression is in check.  I am okay, but later on I have to purchase some gasoline for my old family truckster, check with me afterwards. 

I find that late in life, purchasing dead hydro-carbon-fossilized-organisms at a highly inflated price tends to drive me to the very brink of insanity and depresses the fizz out of me.  Perhaps it is time to increase my daily dosage of Prozac.

Clearly I need help.

4 thoughts on “Pass This On

  1. Don, Had to rub it in about the 8 full hours of sleep didn’t you? Well… that’s ok. I’ll finally be able to get some rest myself tonight. My project review at 12:00n went well today, better then any I’d even experienced during my working career. So I guess the lack of sleep was well worth it. (I’ll know for sure in December when I’m up for personal review).

    Loved the Barry Manilow parody! This was the first time I played it all the way through. I’ll have to play that for Kathy later.

    Amazing piece on the parrot by the way! What a smart thing it was for his “family” to have taught him to say all that. Also quite a creative way for you to work in a not-so-lame joke. Actually I think you did that pretty well with that. I laughed anyway.

    Are you really suggesting that what I read on the Internet may not be true??? But… but… I thought… you mean the aliens… they aren’t coming?. I’m all packed up and everything…

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA


  2. Yes ….. and I also got a mini-nap during Ax Men lastnight, and a little nooner this afternoon, matter of fact, I may be semi-comatose and do not even know it.

    I have gotten fourteen million pop ups today and I am about to go banannas, right after I learn how to SPELL bananas!

    The parrot thing was interesting, they are neat pets, take a lot of commitment, but in the end, i believe they are worth it.

    Yes, I am sorry to say, most everything that you read on the net is not true, except for MY stuff, although highly exaggerated (I embelish in order to clarify) it is all factual up to the date, and boring ……. Who said that? Who said that?

    I told you, the Mother Ship has landed, if they have not come for you, then you are going into the pot with the rest of happless suckers. (It is a cookbook thing, you might not understand)

    USA Today says we are sending a probe to Mars. I got to thinking, why not? We have already basically destroyed this planet, might as well branch out and get the rest.

    Chaney called said your bird is ready!



  3. Now is that you singing as well? Multi talented huh? Blogger, Poet, – and singer?


  4. No, that was not me. I am not all that great when it comes to singing, I joined a choir once, and the music director says to me “What do you sing?” and I replied ….. “Loud.”

    Neat song huh?

    You want a dancin dog Jan, I’ll send it to ya. I still go bonkers trying to figure out the local time there when you log on here (I am up and usually see you when you drop by) and it bugs me ….

    But then again ….. that don’t take much these days.

    Have a great weekend.



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