Gone Fishing

One of the sites that I read is “Radio Girl” she is a gal up in the Northern Rockies of Canada.  Her webpage is well laid out, interesting.  Some real nice outdoor shots and photo’s, you ought to swing by and take a gander at some of them, they are eye-candy for the soul.


“She reports this Monday that we drove about an hour to a nearby campsite.  We lit a fire, ate smokies (hot dogs in the lower U.S.), drank beer and fished.  I don’t have any good “action shots,” but we did catch one fish that was HUGE.  We finally landed him he swallowed our entire beer cooler, then burped, grinned viciously and belly flopped back into the water.  I all happened so fast.  Too bad we didn’t get a picture.”


It is not so much in the catchin’ of the fish, but rather in the tellin’ of the story. 

 Weather today was drop-dead gorgeous, a good day to go fishing.  Check out the site:  (http://bikininerd.typepad.com/theradiogirl/) or simply click the widget for Radio Girl to the right.