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I just walked into our TV Room (I told you I was Old School, nowadays that is called a Media Room) and found another round of channel changes and for the most part … Open Air. What a serendipitous moment in time that was!

If you elect me, I will …. Blah, blah, yadda-yadda. As I watch this nightly almost comical, farcical circus of performers on the television I am thinking about all these promises and all the voters who actually believe they mean what they say. And of course, UFO’s, Easter Bunnies, Big Foot and Waldon’s Pond.

Last night, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams allotted eighty seconds to yesterday’s momentous Supreme Court ruling that there’s nothing unconstitutional with Indiana’s law requiring a photo ID to vote. Meanwhile, during the same broadcast, it spent over two minutes on the concern caused by photos of teen star Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair.

That would be embarrassing enough for a news organization purporting to be credible. But earlier in the day on the Nightly News blog The Daily Nightly, anchor and managing editor Brian Williams (in a post titled “What Time Is It?”) actually took The New York Times to task for publishing puff pieces.

Just made another contribution to the Oil Executives Retirement Fund. $75 and it still had fuel in it, when I stopped to fill up. Me and the Miss’us spent $135 on gasoline this month, how did you do?Here is the sad part, didn’t go anywhere but to the buffet and the grocery store. No trip to the beach, visit to Grandma’s, no trip out of town to an art show or festival.

When the United States is running huge budget deficits and Americans are experiencing considerable pain at the gasoline pump, does it make any sense to subsidize a country with a huge budget surplus and an estimated $70 billion windfall this year in oil exports? The short, and mostly correct, answer is no.

There seems to be no end in sight to this idiotic saga. I saw some dummy on television yesterday, some paid-for Petroleum Whore who said that gasoline motor fuel was eventually going to $10 per gallon. Now that really hacks me off, “who is going to be able to take me out for Saturday Morning Ice Cream?”

No one.

This is getting serious.


2 thoughts on “Open Air

  1. Here in the UK fuel is already the equivalent of $10 per gallon and some. Most of that is government tax (wouldn’t you know it?) It’s hitting folks like us in rural areas really hard – as we have no alternative travel.

    So I guess, if we want an ice cream on Sunday morning – we’ll be WALKING to the ice cram shack! :-)

    The good bit is – you’ll burn more calories walking so you can have a DOUBLE scoop ice cream!


  2. It is hard to say where it is going, they are talking about a “tax holiday” on purchases sometime this summer, but that is akin to putting a bandaide on wound that is hemmoraging. Too little … Too late.

    Friend of mine went to the movies yesterday and he said there were “two people” in there. It is getting pretty tough anymore, we are now using hamburger-helper in our hamburger-helper!

    That is not cool.


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