Blood Lines

Locking the barn door after the horse has left. Big push on television here to recruit Border Patrol Agents. Now I read where the Border Patrol, is scrambling to hire thousands of agents by the end of the year, is aggressively taking its recruiting efforts overseas to try to enlist military veterans as they leave their tours of duty.

Two teams of agency officers just returned from visiting six U.S. military bases in Germany where they persuaded nearly 100 veterans to apply to join the Homeland Security Department as border agents.

Here is a novel idea … Bring the troops home, and let them protect our borders.

I also read this week where there have been at least two incursions into the “Wall” between Mexico and the United States. In two locations, illegals have cut holes in the thing and come on thru. Fixed fortifications will never work; this policy is and was, fatally flawed from the very beginning.

If your little Skipper asks you for some condoms for a field trip this week, for heaven’s sake, call the school! I read in USA Today of a brothel field trip in Nevada. Thursday’s class trip, which included seminars from the working girls, capped a course on American consumption and “the ideas that consume us.” Huh?

This year’s focus on Nevada started with a professor’s interest in water rights and conservation. It grew to include discussions of the wedding and entertainment industries and prostitution.

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal. Brothels are allowed in 10 Nevada counties, though not in Las Vegas. Best quote: “Not many people get to do this.” Uh duh? You think so?

I am reading the Internet this morning and I notice this strange phenomenon that seems to be occurring with some form of regularity. People are listing their “blood types” when filling out the personal items on their Blogs? Do we really need this? Is this a requirement of good bloggin? Listing your personal blood type. Maybe it is me, but I find that a tad bit over the edge.

Here is another one I find strange.

In the paper, when they are doing a article on a local CEO that made good and all that, they will list what the “ring tone” on his phone might be. Like that is supposed to be an important part of your career or something. Now I know the majority of us were known by the car we drove in High School and all that, but ring-tones?

Everyone around here seems to be dying in alphabetical order, is that weird or what. Got to thinking about that kid with the nose ring and body piercing in the café the other day (Ready To Go 04-11-08), when you go to the airport and they scan you, what about those.

Especially if you have one in uh … uh …. “Private Area” of your body.

A woman in Texas recently was required to remove “nipple jewelry” with a pair of pliers and I read where “she complained about it.” I should hope so. If anyone can provide me with some consistent data on how a “nipple ring” presents a threat to an airline or the nation’s security, I would like to see it.

You come at me with a pair of pliers in your hands; you had best be a plumber from Mr. Appliance!


Truth Or Something Like It

Often the truth (as others see it) can be tough.  It will also not break, like a bubble at touch.  You may kick it about all day, and it will be round and still there at evening.  I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back … the feeling that I could last forever outlast the sea, the earth, and all men. 


That was my truth back then. 


Now I look at the creature in the mirror staring back at me and I don’t like the man in the mirror, beauty is not in the ragged lines of the face, nor the gray in the temples of the head.  It is not in the excess that hangs over the belt, the puffiness of the face. 


It is in the light of the heart. 


My tired old heart is telling me you have just slowed down a bit. Today I will admit, I am tired, cranky, a bit surly around the edges.  I have become my Grandfather, and didn’t even notice.  I sit back and I smile.  It reminds me of an old joke. 


A guy goes to the doctor and he says to him, “I have some very bad news for you.” 

So the guy says, “What is it Doc?” 

And the doctor replies, “I am afraid that you have rabies.” 


So the guy almost immediately pulls out a pen, and a notebook and starts scribbling in it furiously.  The Doctor asks him, “What’s that, your Last Will and Testament?” 


The patient stops writing briefly, looks up and replies … “Naw.  It is a list of the people I am going to bite!”