Monday Coming On

I hear her footsteps in the hallway
The slow shuffle of her tiny feet on the carpet
She is coming my way
Is she going to visit with me
or turn and go to her room?
The door clicks behind her
Another bad ending to one more day in paradise.

Oh well, so much for trying to be prosaic in the early a.m. Monday Morning! I got those wake up it’s early, wash behind your ears their dirty, eat your eggs and oatmeal, rush to work blues!

Huntington Beach California police returned 30 grams of pot to a guy this week, he was a Medical Marijuana patient and an appellate court ruled that the smoke was seized illegally and must be returned. Anyone seen a small brown paper bag floating around … I would like it back.

My neighbor has one of those new Hi-Def televisions, man it makes everything look so crystal clear, it is as if you are standing right next to the polar bear as he consumes the baby seal. I was wondering, if you were to show your family photo’s on that, would the pimples and all that, look really bad?

Wonder how Bad Pitt would feel about this.

Las Vegas City Fathers, finally figuring out that they live in a desert, are now going to a three tiered water system. People who use more water are going to have to pay MORE for it. Which is good news, and bad news. Not long ago, Denver did the very same thing, during the western drought. They told people to conserve water and the population took their advice, cut back and conserved the resources.

Unfortunately for Denver, this created a revenue shortage and they RAISED THE PRICE of water on all the residents across the board. It never fails, you can never satisfy the monster, it just takes and takes, and then comes back for some more. It will happen in Las Vegas too, watch n see.

I read this week that in Florida, at Walt Disney World they have offered politicians and other VIP’s all day “Fast-Passes” (go to the head of the line privileges) that allow them to cut in line a popular rides where crowds might pose a problem. With the average admission price of a family of four, well over $200 per day, do you think this should be allowed to some “servant of the people?”

Disney would not identify the persons who received the passes. While we are on Disney. What is the deal with the duck? Donald always has a towel wrapped around him when he gets out of the shower, but the rest of the time he is running around sans towel …. What’s up with that? (It’s a little brown bag, no name or anything, just give it back, okay.)

In Idaho a State Senator who sponsored a bill to raise fines for speeders in school zones was caught doing just that. Fined $141.50 which is pretty cheap, it is over $190 in Oklahoma City, by the way, his bill passed and is awaiting signature by the Gov. Meanwhile back in Oklahoma, one of the major universities announced that there will be no cold drinks served at the football games this fall. It seems the Senior that had the recipe for ice, has graduated.

A bad week for a hack like me. I have spent most of the weekend in the company of this information processing appliance that gives me very little peace. OPEN THE POD DOORS HAL! Hahahahahaha. As my friend outside of Philly-dephia PA sez ….. Life is tooo short. And he is right.

Where would the garden in life be, if it were not for the weeds.

First it was home mortgages and credit cards, now they say people are turning in the new cars or falling behind on the payments. The lure of a new car seems to have waned across the country. Cash strapped American’s are experiencing a hard time paying for them.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the average age of a car in America has increased from 8.3 years in 2001 to 9.2 years last year. We have a ‘98 and a ‘96, both of them paid for, and we are not contemplating buying anything new. Not until Ford & GM get off their collective hiney’s (okie term) and develop a “fuel efficient car/truck” that is worth the big ticket item price.

With 170,000 on the O.D. it is still chuggin’. I figure to drive my old hoopie until it has 225,000 on it, and then I am taking it to the vet. and having it put too sleep. Realistically speaking, at $4 per gallon, that last 40,000 is going to take awhile. Won’t be any time soon. Presently I am getting about 29 miles per gallon …. 13 mpg in town, and 16 mpg on the road …… Not bad for a big V-8, double-clutching five speed hand-shaker outta Detroit.

Big Time Texan came to Oklahoma to visit some folks and his car broke down.

So this poor little Okie picks him up and is driving him back to town, and the Texan says, “You live around here boy?” and the Okie says, “Why yes, yes I do. This is my farm right here beside the road.” The Texan looks it all over and then says to the Okie, “You consider this a farm? Why back home in Texas I could get in my car and drive all day long, and never leave my ranch!”

The Okie drove a little bit, turned and looked at the Texan and said …. “Yes, I used to have a car like that too.”

Build me something fuel efficient for a reasonable price or hang it up boys.