Ready To Go

As Ronald Reagan said, “Ask yourself, are you any better off than you were this time four years ago?” And the answer is, no, not much. More than likely a lot worse, all of us seem to be passengers on this sinking ship of state that is sliding quickly below the surface and headed for the bottom.

If only the young knew; if only the old could.

Time to move on. King Kong has been on twice this week. First was the “newer version as my neighbor calls it” with Jeff Bridges, and last night it was the 1933 version where director Merian C. Cooper called Kong “the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood.” I liked both. Given a choice, I would much rather watch old re-runs (Encore Performances is what they call them these days) than sit around and watch all of this “Reality” crap.

Mowed two lawns yesterday, the new season is upon me, and such is my case, I am not ready for it. I have said it before and I will say it again … Just something about putting $4 gasoline in a lawnmower that seems so obscene to me.

That is like rubbing Channel #5 on a pig.

No discretionary income available to hire this out and I cannot locate anyone willing to take it on. So it falls on me to do this. So I drag the ozone depleting gas producing mower out of the shed and fire it up. All of my neighbors have mowed their yards, I am the last hold out, I don’t want to mow it. I would prefer it got halfway up the belly of a fat cow, before I had to do this, but I force myself to do it.

I don’t want to be the only stiff around here lowering property values by my apparent lack of yard enthusiasm.

Funny how you seem to avoid outside, strenuous exercise as you grow older. I read this article where a doctor told one of his patients to slow down and take it easy. He saw him about a week later at the Mall.

He had a big buxomly blonde on his arm, and he said, “Hi Doc! Just out taking your advice.” So the doctor looked at him and said, ”What is that advice?” And the old guy said, “Find yourself a hot mama and be cheerful! That is what you said.” The doctor looked him in the eye and said, “No. That was not it. I said, you have a heart murmur, best be careful.”

So it looks like I am elected to perform more yardwork service? I guess I will do it myself, getting harder each year to do this, as the Hour Glass of Time runs out of sand, I seem to follow suite. Most of the time, I find that “my get up and go, has done gone and went.”

Locating a teenager these days seems to be impossible. I would like to find some kid to do it, but they seem pre-occupied with all this gaming stuff, sitting inside the house day after day, drinking slurpies, consuming Twinkies, not motivated enough to come outside.

This morning at breakfast, I did come across one couple. I caught myself studying these two young kids at the Coffee Shop this morning while waiting on my bacon and eggs. The girl had the usual stuff on, black eyes, black finger-nails, black lips, a tattoo. The boy, much the same. Even had some body piercing clearly visible (always makes me wonder … Doesn’t that hurt?) nose ring, and something in his lip.

As I sat there and silently studied them, I thought to myself … “This kid is clearly prepared for marriage.”

He knows pain and he has already bought jewelry. He’s ready to go.