Rainy Day Thursday

Here is something you might find interesting: http://www.slate.com/id/2188409/?GT1=38001, things coming out of China are not going to be cheap anymore. They are now raising the prices across the board, on just about every consumer good known to shoppers. With the fall of the American Dollar, we are becoming the Garage Sale of the Planet, lot of Europeans coming over here to vacation and some business’s even taking Euros now.

A friend of mine in Arizona is somewhat discouraged because he said he could not find a cheap truck this week. He lamented to me, that every truck he looked at on the dealers’ lot had a $600 a month payment associated with the sticker. Man, that is hard to believe isn’t it.

We have been shopping around for a new truck, we are trying to buy a Pre-Owned-Used U.P.S. truck if we can find one. They are lousy on fuel, but I figure you can just about “double park it anywhere in the world” and get away with it. That has to be worth something these days.

It’s about time!

Democrats plan to push legislation this spring that would force the Iraqi government to spend its own surplus in oil revenues to rebuild the country, thus sparing U.S. Dollars. Senator Carl Levin points out that the Iraqi government has accumulated a $30 billion surplus, while we spend $10 billion a month in “borrowed money” to secure their country. Time to pay the piper.

This week, the candidates announced that they are going to “tackle the housing crisis” in America. Good luck, people are moving out of Denver now in droves (USA Today) and things are slowly eroding even more across the nation. Last weekend the wife and I went out and looked at some new houses, we have been considering moving out of the city, too crowded here. We found a really nice house that we thought we could afford; only problem seems to be, getting the dog to move out of it.

Senator Hillary Clinton announced this week that “she was instrumental in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.” Must have missed that one, I will try to pay more attention … We were under fire … Attacked from all sides … Diving for cover! … And then someone closed the door on the campaign bus and it was quickly over.

Fair Warning: “If you receive a telephone call on your cell phone with a “+” before the number, don’t answer it.”

Some ingenious fool has devised a scheme where if you answer up and take the call, you are charged $90 per minute for the call. Big surge of this type of abuse here in Oklahoma, I got one just yesterday. The first one came out of Loudon, Connecticut and the second was somewhere in Minnesota. Be advised.

If you lose a credit card, you are protected by the Consumer Protection Act of 1968, and only liable for the first $50. But if you lose a cell phone, you are 100% responsible for ALL of it, someone needs to change that.

The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman, Ann Bancroft, one of my favorite movies of all time is on cable tonight. Plan on tuning in and making a leisurely stroll back in time. A time when life seemed much better, simpler, and free. But we all know that is just wishful thinking don’t we.

Check your local listings.