Cell Phones

This morning, I received an Email from my friends over at the telephone company. They are now willing to refund me the money I am out on the driver-less Cell Phone I bought this week. Looks like complaining pays off. Like my Grandfather used to say …… “The wheel that squeals the loudest, gets the grease first.”

This is a good thing, but all it does is makes it a little easier to swallow. The entire experience sadly leaves a bad taste in my mouth, doing business in this country is getting more convoluted and difficult with each passing day.

The seven independent companies have merged back into 3 companies serving the US, with one significant difference; Evolution in the marketplace has expanded the phone companies reach from plain old telephone service to Cellular, Television, Broadband, movies on demand, and a host of other services, which brings us back to AT&T once again using it’s monopoly to hurt consumers.

Cingular recently became part of “the new AT&T”, and they make sure to say so when customers call. Prices for Cingular’s Short Message Service (SMS), which enables text messaging on cell phones were raised by 50% recently from 10 cents to 15 cents per message sent or received.

Of course who can blame them, Sprint was the first to make the move to 15 cents shortly after merging with Nextel. Now that the 2 out of the 4 major carriers left in the US charge 15 cents, Verizon has decided to follow suit, announcing plans to increase prices for SMS messages to 15 cents starting in March. T-Mobile, a German owned company, is the only major carrier left charging 10 cents per SMS.

Each merger comes with the promise to regulators and shareholders of a stronger leaner company with new synergies better able to compete in a changing marketplace. In practice, however, it appears consumers are now left with fewer choices and higher prices.

A new survey released today said that 43% of all women respondents said that “they would answer the telephone during intimate lovemaking and/or sex, if it should ring.”

Man, that has to make a guy feel swell huh?

So now it is back to the basic’s for me. Back to hoeing in the short rows and trying to get thru to the day. Thinking about all those important matters in life. For instance: Headaches.

It occurs to me, the best part of a headache, is the point where you recognize or notice, that you NO LONGER have one. That is the best part for me.

This one can be put away until the next time, and there will be a next time, nothing built here or over there (Asia) lasts forever. If you need further assistance, please stay on the line, one of our friendly representatives will be there shortly to take care of you.


Give Up – Surrender.

Lot of emails this week telling me how to save on gasoline, which is fine, but I really need some on how to save on MONEY. That would be appropriate right now. Even got a letter from the Government explaining the Economic Stimulus Package …. At my age, I don’t need letters from the U.S. Government and definitely nothing with the word “Stimulus” in it. It has been so long since I had a charge .. So long, I have forgotten where it is you hook up the Jumper Cables.

Now on this gasoline thing. It isn’t going to work, give up, surrender.

We were talking about it just the other day. Suppose everyone in the nation decides to go home and stay home. Let’s take it one step farther, suppose all the automakers build automobiles that fill up on the same side of the car. Automobiles that actually do provide the high mileage they always claim they will, but seldom do,

Let us suppose that Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonalds, everyone with a drive up window shuts them down and God forbid, you have to walk inside and order from a menu. Let’s say that no one takes unnecessary trips to the farm to visit with Grandma & Grandpa.  No one drives to another city or the beach? That we stop busing kids across the cities of our great nation to enforce equality between the races. A practice that seems to not be working anyway.

Let us suppose, that we do all of these things … Starting tomorrow. We will save fuel, millions and millions of gallons of the stuff. So once again, it will be plentiful and the prices will come down … right?

Wrong. I-Don’t-think-so-dot.com.

The first thing will be our friends the politicians, they will come at us and they will say.  

“People are no longer driving. They are walking inside to order their double mocha lattes, burgers and fries. We are not collecting the gas taxes because of more efficient automobiles and our tax revenues are down. Down … bad … Really bad. why, we don’t know, but it looks lie this might be the first year in a long time, we will not be able to vote ourselves a raise in pay! We are in big trouble, and now we cannot fix YOUR roads and bridges, so therefore, we are going to have to raise the price of motor fuel and increase the taxes on it, in order to do these things.”

Give up ….. Surrender. You cannot and will not win … Unless you purchase a horse, that might work.  My choices being rather limited I am going to purchase a “I will do anything for Ten Gallons” bumper sticker and keep on driving my old paid for hoopie.

If they want me to join in and participate in this economic stimulus insanity, then they are going to have to build me something that gets big miles on a Dixie Cup full of fuel. (Man, a Dixie Cup, if that don’t date you, nothing will)

We are banking our $1,200.00 check, we might want to go to the lake later on this summer, and may need it for a tank of fuel or some lawnmower gas.