Glowin In The Dark

BAD NEWS: The Bush administration announced today that they are NOT going to hand out radiation, fighting thyroid pills to all you lucky people that are living downwind or somewhere near a nuclear plant (10-20 mile radius). A little known law passed about five years ago because of terrorist threats, mandates that the pills be distributed unless the government doesn’t deem it necessary.

If you happen to live down wind from one of these oil producing, or nuke electric plants and you start dreaming about stuff like: Encounters with drunken judges, passive-aggressive meter readers in your backyard, semi-repressed cat people, and co-dependent enablers in your neighborhood.

Don’t worry …… that is perfectly normal, I do it all the time.

Now conversely, if your next door neighbor, who happens to be a recently divorced, Air Force B-1 bomber pilot starts speaking loudly to himself, running madly thru the yard with his weed-whacker in his Michael Jordan underwear and acting in a particular manner.

If the people across the street start glowing in the dark, or if all your fruit trees in the backyard suddenly start humming.

If you find yourself in the local Denny’s at three in the morning, sitting next to some stranger who is sitting on a well worn, rumpled, Valentine’s Card, while writing frenetically on white paper napkins.

You could possibly have a problem.

Then I suppose …. Mr. Bush will then give you the pill …. But I wouldn’t count on it. These are the same people who could not deliver a Hurricane victim a bottle of water when he was standing on the roof of his house in New Orleans a few years back.


Pain At The Pump

More pain at the pump, $3.59 a gallon in Paoli, Oklahoma and the gasoline thing continues to plague the nation and my lifestyle, I don’t know where this is going either. What seems to be especially disturbing is the fact that EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY is tied to oil one way or the other.

From plastics to medicine, delivery or service on goods, it all comes down to that gallon of whatever it is that runs the country. Much like an iceberg, we are only seeing one third of what is above the surface on this, and it is going to progressively get worse as time goes on.

Think about this.

A gallon of milk, $5, a gallon of automotive paint, $125.00+, a gallon of channel #5 about $1,500.00! Aftershave $75 or more, bottled water, about $15 a gallon … When you look at stuff by the gallon, gasoline is, I hate to say it, “cheap.”

What then? We complain, we moan, we groan, we look for someone to save us …. From ourselves mainly. We vote these people in, but we do not have the guts to remove them when they do a sorry job. For the most part, we are reluctant to hold their feet to the fire, we cannot find the courage to stand up and say get your sorry *** out. So we plead with them and hope for the best.

Voter: “Do what is right!”
Politician: “But you will kill me!”
Voter: “Maybe, but do it anyway! I hired you to go to Congress to make hard decisions to help our country. Take your term, do it, and then go home. Kill yourself!”
Politician: “But I have seniority and expertise and I am up to speed on the issues. Replace me and it will be six years before he (the replacement) knows what I know.”
Voter: “Well, maybe we don’t want him to know what you know. Maybe we want someone dumb enough to know what is impossible and brave enough to want to do what is right.”
Politician: “But I love this job.”

The rafters sag … and the house leaks.

America moves on.


Rude Awakening

My daddy used to have this expression he would use, he would say, “One of these days boy, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.” I used to sit around and wonder about that, and of course, why we had Volleyballs, important stuff like that. We have Volleyballs incidentally, because we need a place to store air, I thought everyone knew that.

Here is something else I am dealing with today. What is it about bloggin sites that make ordinary citizens feel compelled to trot out every rancid detail of their miserable lives and exhibit this to the general public. I cannot understand that. I mean “If I am six feet four inches tall, and I weigh in at approximately 224 lbs, I am NOT about to tell everyone in the Free World that my wife beats me up!”

That just isn’t going to happen.

Having slept rather well last night, feeling somewhat refreshed, I came in here this morning and sat down to a cup of micro-waved coffee that was only 16 hrs old and began to browse the net. First one out of the chute is some mother lamenting the fact that this is third anniversary of her child’s death and how it was “all her fault” (as she puts it) because she was not there to protect him.

Never explaining how it happened, where it happened, how it was that “she was at fault” just line after line of pain. (Five rules of Journalism: Who, What, Where, When and Why?) Now why she chose to send this dirge to me, I don’t understand either. I understand her pain, her sorrow, but why share it with a complete stranger and 1.5 million other people on the same site?

Internet blogs irritate the fizz out of me sometimes. Bad grammar, lousy sentence structure, all of it, I can live with. But a constant stream of nothing but “down stuff” tends to drag me down with it. It is getting to the point where I see the name, and I run right on by.

This medium should be a place where one could come and find something uplifting to take their mind OFF of stuff like that. How is a nineteen year old can hate life? At nineteen, you haven’t even experienced life …. not like most of us know it anyway. People should be posting something interesting, lite, humorous, or enlightening, why this compulsion to vent negative stuff? I don’t understand it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Where in the world is Dr. Phil when YOU REALLY NEED HIM. Why is it people want to do this to other people? Now I don’t want to sound unfeeling, insensitive, personally removed or any of that, but I don’t need this ….. YOU ……. Don’t need this.

This is a personal thing; it should be shared with “family or close friends” not total strangers on some website. If my little Billie wants to buy a bra, and have me take him to the Mall for some new pumps, Okay. But I am not going to tell everyone about it. This stays in the closet with all “those other things” we seldom talk about. It doesn’t go on something like MySpace are you outta your mind

Maybe it is just me, but I want to know who is the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest might be (Temb Tasheri of Nepal at age 15) or why it is called the “Department of the Interior” when it mainly deals with things that are outside. Why people yell “Heads Up” at ballgames, when it should really be ”heads down” and stuff like that.

Here is another one …. “I slept like a baby” …. What does that mean? A baby wakes up every other hour for cryin’ out loud, someone sleeping like that suggests to me, that they could possibly have an over-active prostrate, serious stuff.

Why is it so hard to remember how to spell “mnemonic?” (I suddenly have this mental picture of all of you right clicking on that word and heading for the dictionary. Rest assured, I am not going to vent on you today or any other day for that matter.

I am not going tell you that I am depressed or that “my world is coming in around me.” I am just not going to do that. I will tell you that the largest piece of fossilized dinosaur fecal matter ever found in Utah, measured 22”X8”X7.5” or something like that.

I mean, when the doctor comes in, sits down, looks me in the eye and says the X-Ray results are in ……

Well ….. That’s MY business.


Alpha & Omega

Easter is a great time of the year, the Lord has risen, he is alive. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can worship in peace and harmony and not have to worry about it. This was no accident, please hold these benefits and truth, close to your heart, protect and cherish them. Someone paid dearly for your right to do this.

Here is something else I discovered this week. “the Universe has no beginning and no end. It has no center or middle,” according to scientists. That goes along with what the bible says doesn’t it? “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.”

Whew. Learn something new every day.

My imperceptible center is my vital essence and I am appreciating it whenever I can. I do have a beginning and Lord knows I have a MIDDLE (but I am working on that, no honest, really!) and I suppose some day, an end.

Our days on this planet are numbered.

One of the primary goals in our lives should be to prepare for our last day. As I grow older, this very fact seems to take on even more importance. The legacy we leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives. The greatest waste in all of our earth, which cannot be recycled or reclaimed, is our waste of the time God has given each of us to use each day.

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It is the transition between the two that is so troublesome.

Yesterday is a cancelled check.
Today is cash on the line.
Tomorrow for me is a promissory note.
Your future is your task not to foresee what lies ahead, but to enable it.
Lost time is never, ever, heard from again.

Be still and no that I am God.

None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to the whisper that is heard by him alone.

Check Please!


Running Down The Trash

I am in here today searching for a story and I have evidently lost it. Well, those who know me personally will tell you “I lost it a long time ago” but we are talking about the story. It was a nice slice of life, I gave it birth, I gave it a name, and I evidently killed it because it is nowhere to be found. I hate it when that happens.

Stories are like your babies, you nurture them, shape them and polish them, then you trot them out in public and hopefully everything goes well. It bothers you when you lose one like that. I often feel as if a small piece of me is lost, that it has been stolen from me. Today, because I didn’t do a save, it is lost, it is gone.

“Has anyone ever stolen something from you?.”

Pretty heavy stuff I have to admit. Real head scratcher that one. Now if that doesn’t give your “writers block” (and a headache) nothing will. In case you are wondering, yes, it was my Vinyl record collection of “Lawrence Welk Does Woodstock” it was priceless to me. Over the years I have lost some big ticket items. Occasionally, something is pilfered or stolen from me, which I do not care for.

Back in ’87 or ’88, I remember going to the State Fair, and someone absconded with my automobile, now that, was somewhat traumatic. We walked up to this empty space in the middle of this huge parking lot, and the wife sez …. “Where’s the car?” and I point to the empty hole (that at one time had contained my automobile that I just owed four more payments on) and I said ….. “Right there.” Then she says ….. “There isn’t anything there Don.” That was one of those …. My barn having burned down I can clearly now see the moon kind of life moments …. I guess you had to be there to understand.

So many questions in today’s world, and not enough time. Yeah, there is something that has been stolen from all of us, time.

Hopefully, this will be a letter perfect day for me. March makes it especially hard, a windy month on the plains. The wind has picked up the trash container, effectively emptying about 50% of the contents of same into the street, and is now blowing it towards Bob’s house. I like it here … I like it here … You dog-gone rights, I like it here! (This will teach you to install a window in your office!)

Ironic isn’t it.

Things seldom work out the way you have them planned. I had always thought upon my retirement that I would buy a motorhome and go to California, live on a river in the gold bearing areas of the state, and during the daylight and summer hours, dredge the bottom of some river or creek bed for gold.

The San Joaquin, Tuolumne Rivers would work, in the foothills of the Sierra’s. In the cool of the afternoon, we might find me sitting around thinking about profitable gold dredging techniques and untold riches stored in a Once A Day Vitamin jar.

No cell phone, pager, Email, just me an the miss’es, that old dog, a big fuel sucking Motorhome with “Driving Miss Lazy” lettered on the back and lots of chrome. Every testosterone loving sons’ American Dream.

It just naturally appealed to me, the adventure factor being there, the life and the time available to do what it is that you wanted to do. Thoughts of the Golden State of California, exciting, interesting things to do, and where to do it. Unfortunately, things did not work out, and it is just a careless fantasy now, but it was at one time, a dream.

In reality I got what I least expected ….. Running down bits and pieces of the trash of man, which have come out of my very own Big Blue container in Okie City, Oklahoma, in a brisk March wind.

Funny how things seem to never work out huh?


Tree Hugger

Hey! Who put that “User” thing on my account … The 60’s were good to me, no doubt about that. But all the circulars down at the Post Office as far as I know have been taken down … I am squeaky clean.

It reached a point where the ambulances showing up regularly in the middle of the night became a nuisance. Neighbors started complaining … The wife said that all these guys in the living room in the middle of the night yelling 1-2-3 … Clear! Was waking up the baby, so I cleaned up my act. Now, except for an occasional delusion I seem to be doing alright. I am no longer a user, trust me.

As I understand it, drugs have been around for hundred’s and hundred’s of years. They say the Inca’s did drugs. I guess that explains why they were building runways for UFO’s down there. Tonight on Eli Stone, that new show on ABC, they were playing that song, “Who will stop the rain?” and that practically projected me back in time to a semi-conscious drug induced chemically induced stupor right there.

That is a cool song, and a good TV show.

California has just announced that they are going to establish and build roads in National Forests in the Golden State. This to improve logging and to drill for new energy sources, which reminds me, seen an oil rig in the Ponderosa Pines lately?

I guess Ex-Gov. Gray Davis was right when he said: “My vision is to make this the most diverse state on Earth, and we have people from every planet on Earth in this state.”

Check please.

Have a nice weekend, or the legal equivalent if that is still possible.


By The Milepost (prose)

By the milepost
She lunged from side to side
As her whistle pierced the night
Sander’s blowing
She pulled Crescent Hill
Her sparks a flyin’
Saturday Night
Out on the branchline.

Someone told me long ago
Stories about vagabond Railroadin’ souls
Men who spend their days shut in hotel rooms
At the end of the road
Just off the branchline

Someone told me long ago
Stories of Vagabond Railroadin’ souls
Hearty men who ride high upon a ribbon of steel
Rumbling thru at all hours of the night
Shining their lanterns down on you.

But no mention was ever made
Of the price these men have paid
In family,
In time,
As they made their mark
Saturday Night
Out on the branchline.